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"A unicorn kinda night"
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Author's Notes

"This is a true story, all participants featured have given consent to publish, and all names have been changed to protect the innocent. 😉"

I, honestly don't know where to begin. I was obviously smitten at dinner last Tuesday. But dating again, with my wife guarding first base no less, is a whole different ballgame.

I've learned to manage expectations and I did a good job of limiting them this time around.

Body language is an art, and I'm still far from being an artist in the discipline. Discerning between what is incidental, or implied, or overt. It's hard to read a decipher her movements. Reading every adjustment of her glasses, every glance, every shift from left to right. Was her incredibly oversized purse placed between us as...a barrier? Had she thought about that at all? Is she nervous? Is she reading movements, my shifts? I need to monitor my incidental signals, and Ashley's for cracks in the chemistry.

I'm very hard of hearing, and the restaurant was loud, with high concrete ceilings and obnoxious, cheery patrons calling out to their friends. I had to read her lips. Her quiet confidence spilled across them, they moved in a mildly unfamiliar way and drew me to her......powder pink, perfect and spread across a smile that shared a glimpse of her secrets with us both. Her seduction was subtle, and powerful, and instant. A cloud of potential enveloped the 3 of us and flashes of the possibilities darted between us all.

The dinner date ended without confirmation, as so many do. A goodbye kiss leaving a wisp of suggestion to evaporate into the night sky. Could be? Probably not though. She was incredibly well behaved in that public arena. Sticking, mostly to the script and giving only the slightest of hints. didn't evaporate. Confirmation came in the way of a chat message mere minutes later. My heart pounded its approval with every chat bubble. And we were soon planning an evening together. First....maybe in a couple of weeks..maybe next week....and then simply, "I can do Saturday."


The ball in my chest grew with every passing hour. Was I overthinking again?

She said she wanted to play.

She said she loved my rigging.

She said she loved the flogger.

So what was I worried about?

Why was I feeling ..... overwhelmed by the waiting, and the "what if's"?

The realization that she was new to impact play, and new to restraint flooded my nervous system with the adrenaline of responsibility, those familiar fingers of anxiety clutching the gaps of my rib cage. One deep breath after another, one grounding exercise and one distraction after another made the clock tick faster.

We arrived after 7:30.

She appeared in the doorway before we made our way to it. As I rounded the corner I was drawn to her choice of attire. Her Leather shorts were merely an introduction to her beautiful bare legs. The instant I saw her I felt the nervous energy release its grasp and float off my back into a crumpled pile on her driveway.

The obligatory settling in period didn't feel very obligatory. The wine stung my tongue with a familiar, beautiful tartness. Chocolate and blueberries swirled away the tannins. The flames in the fireplace reached across the room and flickered across both of their faces as they chattered about regular life. Kids and dogs and the trappings of routine and comfort. Life's challenges and heart break.

Ashley shot unmistakable flashes of approval my way as I scanned the girls for signals.

Khloe pulled her feet beneath her and embraced her wine glass creating a crease where her leg meets her hip. The beautiful little bits of skin folding into one another pulled my gaze and I found myself staring. Each time I got up to stretch, or visit the restroom, I stole another 6 inches of sofa.

I need to feel her skin. I needed to be closer.i reached out and touched her knee....only for a second. I needed to guage the response, the chemistry. The spark was obvious, and honestly surprised me in it's intensity.

The card game helped to focus the tension and bring it to the surface. It wasn't long before I was laying out the tools.

Khloe stood in the darkened room. Eyes wide and full of passionate expectation.

She looked young.

Too young. It wasn't innocence, or fear...maybe expectation of something unknown? Nevertheless, it filled me with a sense of responsibility again. She was vulnerable and she chose to surrender to me.

I could hear her breath turn, and hitch as I explored her body with my fingertips. The curves of her shoulders, her rib cage, tendons stretching and muscles clenching.....all surrendering to the contours of my hand perfectly.

Her lips parted slightly revealing a small, beautifully fragile string of saliva that I immediately broke with my tongue. Softly... gently, and hard all at the same time. I inhaled her breath and could feel her desperation in my lungs as her hips tilted toward me and pushed against my jeans. I vaguely remember disrobing happened quickly, like they were torn away by some invisible force. I remember sliding my fingers beneath her shirt, and lifting it to the ceiling... unclasping her bra and allowing it to slip from her shoulders revealing a tiny portion of her perfectly proportioned frame at a time.

I watched her nipples reach for my touch and my jeans became tighter as I fought against the denim.

I turned her away and to Ashley.....they embraced and began to explore one another's tongues. A perfectly timed distraction.

I slipped the silk blindfold across her eyes and stole her sight. I wanted....needed her to, just feel. Feel my cotton pinch, feel my fingers pull, and push, and drag across her body.

I chose the black rope.

I'm not an experienced rigger, but her energy guided my hands. Caressing her unbelievably soft skin as I tied, and cinched some of her breath away. It was tight.....but she seemed unfazed. I made a mental note to check her circulation....and I allowed my hand to check for the safety scissors. I focused and stitched, and kissed and felt her breath, her lips....traced her frame back and again for what seemed like seconds and years at once.

The ropes fell away much easier. I couldn't bear much longer. Her pussy was hidden beneath the very rope barrier I had constructed, and I longed for it. I was desperate. Every time her hand brushed my cock, every last bit of air rushed from my chest, she moved and kissed as if it was a carefully choreographed dance.

When I finally took her in my mouth I felt as though I was starving for it. Hungry. She spilled across my tongue and tasted like honey...I had to consciously slow down. Find her tongue slid across and down and back again. I wanted to stay there forever. Her hips moved and pushed into my mouth, grinding and heaving. Her body tensed and her nipples were reaching again. Her hands found my head and pushed again as I felt her wetness fill my mouth. I could barely breath and I didn't care.

Both girls took me in their mouths. I felt the warmth of their tongues swirling. Licking and sucking and hands moving everywhere. I allowed my head to fall back and slip into the now. I was caressing Ashley's back, and Khloe's ass as they pushed me closer and closer to the edge. I could feel the pressure building from the base of my spine. I opened my eyes and saw Khloe's beautiful silhouette moving on me....her lips and tongue working and that string of saliva again. She directed me to her chest as I let go. Her eyes pierced as she finished me.

I hope this is not....the end.

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