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lap dance

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Published 4 years ago
just a short factual story here. when I was in my early 30's I was working in retail and made a few friends with the warehouse staff. After work on our late evenings we would go to a strip bar and have a few dances each. Each time I went in I for some reason always ask the same dancer to dance for me. Then one time I asked for a dance and she took me away from my friends so we could be more secluded. As she started to dance for me I found she would get closer to me and eventually I reached out to touch her which we all know that's a no no, but I did it anyway. She to my surprise did not stop me and so I continued to feel her all over. While she would dance we would also chat about this and that. I had notice she was even getting closer so I warned her if she came closer I would lick her and she did. So what was i to do but lick her thinking she would pull away and maybe even slap me but no so i proceeded to to lick her with more passion like hell I'm not going to pass this up. The more i licked the harder she would push into me, so i put my tongue to good use and found her sweet clit and sucked on it. Just as i thought she was about to cum she left for the dressing rooms. Well she came back to see me about half an hour later and she had a big smile, kissed me on the cheek and told me i was her favorite customer. Which i thought she said that to all the guys. So after we left the guys ask what was she talking about so i told them what happen. The next time we went in my friends asked her for dances and she just did her regular thing for them .Naturally they did not believe me. The following week we were back at the bar and i told the guys i was going to ask her for another dance. They said we will try and see if you are lying or not. Shortly there after she came over and off we went to our spot, she repeated the hole dance again this time one of my friend did actually see us. This time i held her in place and made her cum right there, she told me she was not allowed to climax in public and that is why she left so she could finish herself the last time. Every time i was there we would do this and she would not do it to any of my friends. Till this day i still have very good memories of her .

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