Written by WCT

Aug. 26, 2017

I slide my cock out of your ass, lick up my cum as it runs down your pussy, flip you over and kiss you as my hands reach for your tits one last time. It's almost 7 and you 'have a date'... so we hurriedly collect ourselves and head for the city. We're 15 minutes late but you text the guy while we walk, holding hands and snuggling in the cool December air. You're standing by the bar with him when I come in a little later. He's actually pretty hot! Main stream... wearing a suit, but a well tailored one. Good build too. Fit. He's flirting pretty hard already. Standing real close and touching your arm. I can see how much he wants you and how much you love that. I get a drink settle into the seat next to you at the bar. He's a little put out when you turn and offer me cheeky smile. His hand moves to your hip and he wins back your attention but I know you can't be fucked talking. You just want to make him cum. He leans forward to whisper something in your ear and you kiss him instead, stroke his cock under the bar, and walk off to the restrooms, but not without looking over your shoulder... when I enter the next stall I can already hear you sucking on him. I hear you moan... he must have had a nice cock because you have decided to let him fuck you. Bent over and pressed up against the door, your fingers gripping the top of the stall. You feel him go rock hard inside your pussy. His legs stiffen as his cock slides deep inside you. You push back, hard with your ass catching him off balance. He falls back onto the toilet seat and before he can catch up with himself your have his cock back in your mouth. You taste yourself on him and start rubbing your clit. His cum explodes into you mouth and mixes with flavour of your pussy. You swallow most of it at first, but there's plenty more, 2 or 3 big squirts that run out of your mouth and down around his cock and balls as you cum, and keep sucking him, biting down a little on him as your orgasm takes you... He zips up and asks if you want another drink. "No, I have other plans". I lock the cubical door behind me. Your sitting down, legs open, fingering your self. I drop to my knees and take over, licking and fingering you until you cum again. Your legs squeezing my head and push my tongue into you. I stand up and you wrap your lips around my cock and cup my balls in your hand as I fuck your mouth. It doesn't take long for me to blow. This time you take it all. My hot cum fills your mouth and rushes down your throat. You gag and some runs down your chin but you keep sucking until I'm empty and going soft. I pull you up by your hands, lick my cum off you face and kiss you hard on the mouth. "How about that drink?"