Sep. 28, 2014

Our very private masseur

We knew that he was coming so we had left the door unlocked for him to come in. My wife and I went to bed, naked of course. We wanted to start some foreplay just in between us, but decided to wait and relax as he had instructed us to do. We had some candles and background music playing in the bedroom. We were both laying with our stomach down, touching our hands. I felt drowsy and closed my eyes. I woke up when I felt a shadow coming into the bedroom. He had taken off all his clothes in the living room so he didn't have to make any noise undressing before getting into bed at our feet. He also had already picked up the flask with almond oil from the bathroom.

I heard my wife moaning before I felt one of his hand touching my right foot. She loves foot massage. I never had one until now. I lift my head and look back. In the dimmed light I can see he is naked and sporting a semi hard on. He works with both hands switching between my wife's feet and mine. I see him pouring some oils on my wife's back and then he does the same on mine. He slides his body in the middle in between my wife and me while embracing both our backs. Then he gets on his knees and positions himself in between my wife's legs who had been forced to spread hers a little. He works now with both hands on my wife legs, ass and spine. I watch and smile. He is good, my wife can't stop the moaning feeling his strong hands working hard on her ass.

He moves now up to her shoulder while leaning all his body over my wife's back. I can't see his hard cock but can imagine it touching my wife's pussy. He presses himself against her. This time she moans loudly. His cock and her pussy must have made some serious contact. He doesn't stop massaging her shoulders while kissing her neck. I watch mesmerized how his body moves up and down, his legs pushing apart my wife's legs. He is definitively inside her. She is now pushing up very slowly, her left hand grabs mine and squeezes it. I can't see her face buried in her pillow, but I can see the two bodies moving at the same pace up and down. He is now touching her ears and she moans even louder. Then he increases the speed and she follows. The dancing massage now focuses on her pussy, the tool is his hard cock. He goes now faster and my wife starts shaking, the prelude to her first orgasm of the night. He doesn't stop but moves even faster. My wife finally screams with pleasure, her body reacting profusely to the climatic sensation. Now he slows down, his dick still deep inside her. Then he stops and allows all his weight rest on her back while kissing her neck.

After few minutes of absolute quietness and silence, he lifts himself off her. My wife also moves and turns around on her side looking at me. It's my turn now. He places himself exactly the same way he was before with my wife, kneeling in between my legs, his feet pushing slightly mine forcing me to spread my legs. He starts by putting more oil on my legs and my back. He pours a good amount of oil on my ass, much more than he used on my wife. Then he begins working up my legs. His hands are strong and my muscles can feel their pressure along my legs, first one, then the other. He moves his hands a little further up until they both grab my ass. He does some circling movement while pressing the muscles. Then both hands approach the middle and stretch out both sides of my ass exposing my anus where most of the oil had gone to after he had been massaging the surface of my ass.

He moves a little closer and up my body. I can feel his belly on my ass and his hairy chest touching my back. His hands are now working on my upper arms and shoulders. I can feel his warm breath on my neck. I look at my wife for a second. She is smiling and still squeezing my hand. Then it happened, his hard cock touches my anus sending shivers all over my body. He continues massaging my shoulder and now he is softly kissing my neck. Very slowly he slides his body up my back and the pressure of his cock against my anus increases. He murmurs on my ear to relax my body, to let it happen. I'm afraid, I never had a cock before up my ass. But he gently pushes and I decide to let it in. His cock begins a very slow assault, pushing harder until his dick head stretches enough the whole to pop in. I feel the pain and bite the pillow. My wife is squeezing harder my hand. He asks if everything is ok, it's not, of course, it hurts, but at least he is not moving but waiting static until my ass can expand and accommodate this initial intrusion. At least it's well oiled and the lubricant helps when he slowly move up another half inch. The pain begins to recede and a weird pleasurable feeling take it's place. He slides in another inch and now it hurts like never before. His cock is poking some place inside me which wasn't ready. I manage to muffle a scream but he notices and retreats a little.

He now leans completely on my back and embraces me with an arm around my chest and the other around my neck, his legs keeping mine apart. I can't move, I'm totally at his mercy. He pushes again this time more carefully and then I feel a shiver on intense pleasure. My prostate is now the focus of his treatment. He slowly increases the pace and even when it's still hurting the pleasure I feel from the prostatic massage is overwhelming. I have read that a man can ejaculate without touching his dick just by having his prostate massaged. But he is not willing to take the risk and moves his arm under my body to grab my soft cock. Now he coordinates his strokes, his cock inside my ass and his hand wrapped around my dick. I don't get hard, the distraction on the other side is too powerful, but he has not intension of leaving my cock in peace, on the opposite, he increases the speed of the strokes while synchronizing the movement of his dick against my prostate. Then I feel the build up and the release of load after load and the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced before. My body is all shaking. He presses harder my cock with his hand while the contractions inside my ass set his cock into an explosion of warm liquid filling in my anus, I can feel his orgasm with very inch of my body, his hand on my dick, his chest on my back, his cock in my ass, now I look at my wife and she is watching us with a mix of curiosity and excitement. I lift a little my head to look at him. He has stopped moving at all, his sweaty body resting entirely on mine. I feel his cook getting soft inside my ass, my wife gets closer and embrace both of us at once. We all finally smile and kiss together.