Written by Claire

May 11, 2015

I love my husband Tony, but he likes to make out he is a man of the world. For quite a long while he's gone on about how his fantasy is to see me fucked by another man while he watches. This is where Tony's best mate Alan comes in. He's well over 6 foot, trim and handsome in a rough sort of way, and very muscular. For grown men, the two of them act like kids and talk crap a lot of the time.

One weekend several months ago, my husband and I were having sex and he tells me for the umpteenth time he would love to see Alan fucking me and it would be easy to arrange. I was finally so angry he would throw his wife at another man I told him OK. The look on his face was a cross between shock and excitement. I honestly didn't think he would go ahead with it do I didn't mention it again.

Alan comes round regularly and the next time I could hear them whispering and giggling like kids talking about me. Tony tells Alan that it would be funny to call my bluff and how I would never go through with it. Tony will get me to wear next to nothing and Alan would try it on expecting me to run a mile.

Sure enough, the next day Tony gives me a list of what I should wear and how Alan will come into our bedroom, undress me, and then fuck me with Tony watching. The very next weekend evening before Alan comes over, Tony gets me to wear a pair of thin bedroom shorts and an old almost see through blouse with no bra knickers, as I have quite firm breasts with large nipples and the blouse is a bit small and would give Alan an eye full. I asked Tony if he was sure he wanted me to fuck Alan and reminded him this was his idea and he can't sulk afterwards. A look of uncertainty came over his face, but he brazened it out and said he would love to watch Alan's cock sliding in me.

Alan arrived soon after as I was in our bedroom wearing that old tight see through blouse and the sleeping shorts without a bra or knickers. In they walk and Alan's eyes popped out of his head seeing my big nipples plainly outlined against the fabric of my blouse. He looked over at Tony who stood there looking a bit uncertain as it seemed I was going to go through with it. I asked him if he was sure he wanted Alan to fuck me and he just looked at a loss for words. Alan wasn't sure if he should go ahead, so I asked what he was waiting for as I walked up to him and started to unbutton my blouse.

Alan again looked at my husband who looked too embarrassed to stop him, then put his hands on my breasts and began stroking them. Alan's hands were soon doing a great job caressing my breasts and my sensitive nipples. When he rolled my nipples between his fingers, it caused bolts of arousal to shoot down through my belly and into my crotch. As he unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor, I put my hand on his cock through his trousers and felt it was quite hard and seemed bigger than my husband's.

Tony started to leave, but I told him to sit down and watch since he was so eager to see another man have me. While sucking and biting my nipples, Alan ran a hand down into my crotch and fingered my groove through the thin fabric of my sleeping shorts. I unbuttoned his trousers, pulled his cock out, and explored it with my hands. I immediately could tell he was a lot bigger than I expected, being an inch or two longer and quite bigger in girth than Tony.

After wanking Alan's big fully erect cock for a few moments, I slipped off my sleeping shorts. Alan gasped in delight seeing the sparse light colored hair on my mound and below. I went onto my knees as I looked over at Tony to give him a chance to stop me at this point. He looked uncomfortable but didn't say anything, so I took Alan's cock and put it in my mouth. I could only get my mouth round the first couple of inches. I started to suck and lick it. As I did, Alan slid a hand down over my mound, slipping his middle finger into my slit. Finding it swollen and wet, he said something like 'you're really wet and ready', loud enough for my husband to hear.

His fingers sliding up and down my slit felt wonderful and I gave out a couple of low moans. At that, he pushed a couple of fingers into my sopping pussy and began stroking them in and out. When I began rolling my hips against his hand, he stroked deeper and faster. I was so wet with arousal, we could plainly hear the squelching sound of fingers fucking my pussy. My passion built quickly and, as his hand picked up speed, my eyes closed, my head lolled back, and I steadily moaned out my pleasure, humping his hand. I felt an orgasm approaching and, without further warning, it hit me. I wailed out a couple of 'OMG's' and came on his fingers. He kept fingering me for awhile as my hips jerked with my climax.

As I recovered while Alan held me, I looked over at Tony to give him one last chance to stop me from fucking Tony, but he looked incapable of saying anything since he was in the final throes of wanking his cock. In fact, when I looked over, his cock was shot out a last bit of cum onto the floor. I was so angry at him, even though my seduction by Alan felt fabulous, I thought, 'fuck it, he wanted this so bad, I'm going all the way and hope it kills him to watch me get fucked!'

I returned my eyes to Alan's face and saw a look of pure lust. I reached up and put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down to me. He got the hint and put his lips on mine. Since I love deep wet kisses, I immediately opened my mouth and met his tongue with mine. Within seconds our tongues were dancing and sucking, then deeply exploring each other's mouth. As we kissed, he again rolled and pinched my big hard nipples and more bolts of arousal shot downward, this time directly into my pussy.

After a little while, Alan guided me onto the bed and I lay on my back. I looked over and saw Tony just staring at us, slowly wanking his cock, and I thought 'the fucker doesn't care about me as his wife, he just wants a porn show so he can wank off; so fuck him, I'm going to enjoy this!'. Alan was like a kid in a toy store and, quickly getting rid of his clothes, stood at the edge of the bed and stared with lust as I opened my legs and raised my knees for him, slowly rubbing my cunt with a wickedly lustful smile on my face. I think that sight of me was almost too much for him since he uttered something like 'oh, fuck!' and wanked his cock a couple of times as he climbed onto the bed. His firm stomach, bulging arms and long thick cock almost made me cum right there.

He kneeled between my legs, leant down and put his face in my wide open groin, and ran his tongue up my slit. The feeling of his tongue licking my slit and flicking my clit was like electricity! He tongued me for only a minute or two before I humped my groin hard against his face and gasped as another climax hit me. He had to hold my hips tightly since they were jerking around so much he had trouble keeping his tongue in me. I moaned out the rest of my orgasm as he continued licking me to prolong it, my hands pulling at the back of his head to help him remain in contact with my trembling pussy.

After I finished coming down, he continued licking my pussy, and I felt another orgasm building, He tongued me through that one to my wails of intense pleasure. He started to take me on the road to a third one, but I stopped him and told him I wanted to feel his big cock stretch me, and I deliberately said it loud enough for my husband to overhear. Alan moved up over me and I guided his thick cock to my entrance. Over his shoulders I could see Tony staring at us and wanking his cock and, as the thought of him casually tossing me into bed with another man, my anger at him hit me again and I thought, 'fuck him, I'm going to be a totally wanton woman fucking his best mate!'

Alan slid his cock into me by stages a little at a time. I had never been stretched like that before and I almost came there and then. It wasn't his length so much as his girth that made his cock feel so fabulous. When he got seated all the way up me, he gave me a few moments to get used to his size, and told me loud enough for Tony to hear that he was going to fuck my brains out and have me screaming so loud the neighbors would complain. I had heard that big cocks were better, but never really believed it since my husband never had any problem making me come. But the feel of Alan's big cock stretching the walls of my pussy was something else. When he started moving it in and out, the intensity of feeling inside my pussy was much greater than I had ever experienced. And the longer strokes due to his greater length added to it.

I had an amazing time as Alan fucked me so hard I was almost pushed off the bed. Alan's big balls slapped against by bum with every thrust and in only a minute or so of hard and deep stroking, I shouted out an enormously intense climax, my hips thrashing around beneath on the bed. He slowly stroked inside me as I came down, then speeded up and quickly gave me another climax. He slowed down again as I recovered, then speeding up and give me yet another one. This went on for maybe a quarter hour more as he fucked me through at least 4 or 5 more orgasms. I had never been so well fucked, usually getting only one or two comes with my husband, and I had never before experienced a string of consecutive orgasms.

I collapsed with exhaustion under Alan's body and lay there holding him loosely while murmuring my appreciation for my string of intense orgasms. Alan told me what a great fuck I was, much better than he expected and, looking over at Tony, asked if he wanted a turn fucking me. Tony blanched at this and just stared back obviously stunned. Tony turned back to me and said something like 'I guess he's not interested - let's fuck some more!'

I readily agreed and urged him onto his back. I straddled his hips, dropped my pussy onto his cock, and rode him hard. I loved the feeling of my breasts swinging as I rode him upright, getting his cock as deep into my pussy as I could. I enjoyed him caressing my breasts and tweaking my nipples. He shoved his cock hard up into my pussy on each of my down strokes and when I shifted into just rolling my hips on his cock, he arched up his hips so his cock reached deeper in me. I soon came hard, gasping out a strong climax while my hips jerked with the intensity of it. After less than a minute of come down, I resumed rolling my hips on his cock and soon experienced another orgasm, then another one a minute ot two later.

I was insatiable and had never before fucked so much in so little time. Alan's thick wide cock was enabling me to a have fantastic strings of climaxes, one quickly after another. I looked over at my husband who was now looking with regret at setting this up, but I didn't care as I was still angry with him. He had pestered me about it for so long, he would have to watch as I went out of my mind with his best mate's big cock up me.

Alan soon then flipped me onto my back, quickly got between my legs and slid his cock up me in a single thrust, and we fucked hard and fast. He was like an animal. We made so much noise I'm surprised the neighbours didn't complain. As Alan fucked me, we shared deep wet kisses using a maximum of tongue. I found later that such kisses are a fabulous turn-on for him also. He gave me a series of climaxes with my arms and legs wrapped tightly around his body. Each time I came, I couldn't help shouting out my intense pleasure as my body thrashed around under him.

After the last one, he started to pull out, but I begged him to climax in me and, when he finally did, my own orgasm was immense. I came and came for what seemed like forever. At the end, my muscles were so tired from all the fucking, my body just collapsed under his. His stamina was fantastic as this was his first climax in over an hour of almost constant fucking. This was the performance of a couple in their teens, not in their early 40's like us. He pumped me so full with hot cum that a flood of it immediately pushed out around his cock and made a huge puddle on the sheet below my groin, not to mention the big smear of it around my groin and what remained in my pussy.

We lay there exhausted, but wrapped together with our arms and legs entwined, languidly hugging and kissing. My husband quietly got up and went down to the lounge. We continued laying there for a while, then Alan got concerned about Tony's reaction. He told me to lay there as he got dressed and went down to talk to him. He returned a few minutes later and said there was a problem. Tony didn't want to ever see him again and was very hurt by me enjoying it so much. I got angry all over again, put on a robe, and followed Alan back down to the lounge.

When we walked in, I didn't let Tony even begin to say anything. I lit into him with a scorned woman's fury and told him that HE caused this, that HE threw a loving wife into bed with another man, that HE had created this situation and would just have to live with it because, now that I had a taste of Alan's big cock, I wanted more, and WOULD have more as I intended to bed Alan every chance I had.

Tony sat there stunned into silence as I continued by telling him he was a fool not being satisfied with a sexy wife who had, for over 20 years, fucked him anytime he wanted and who had been satisfied with the orgasms his cock gave her! But no, he couldn't let well enough alone. Well, now that had changed. I would still fuck him, but I now also wanted Alan and, if out of some kind of loyalty to him Alan refused to bed me, I would just go out and get it elsewhere. Caught in the middle of this storm, Alan said a quick goodbye and left.

To make a long story a bit shorter, Tony and I are still together and enjoying an active sex life, and I still have orgasms with him. But I fuck Alan whenever we can get together as I still can't get enough of his big cock, but I have no desire to branch out with anybody else. Tony seems to have come to terms with this whole situation, maybe because I treat him better than before in many different ways, including making sure he knows I still thoroughly enjoy our sex life and that I'm not going to leave him for anyone else. I think that over time his hurt will pass and he might even forgive Alan.

The saying 'let sleeping dogs lie' has never been so true.