Aug. 29, 2018

As the door clicked closed, he turned, and she was there, in his arms, the two of them colliding like cars, out of control, their passion hungry and immediate. Her lips pulled at his, urgently, and he returned the kiss with a ferocity that surprised her. His hands slid down her back, pressing her waist against his, then sliding lower, cupping, lifting her against him. Her initial pounce had pushed him back against the door, off balance, and he remained there, leaning back, feeling the weight of her body against his, loving it, feeling that familiar warmth as his body responded, growing, pressing back against her.

She moaned, then, feeling him pressing to her tight, his arousal pushing her higher yet. Her hips tilted, as she lifted one knee, circling his leg with her own, pressing more tightly still, grinding herself against him. Her hands tangled in his hair, nails prickling his scalp as she teased her tongue between his lips, finding his teasing back. He pushed up from the door, then, hands sliding lower, lifting both her legs up, wrapping them around his waist to lift her, carry her, lips still locked, to the bed that was the only furniture of note in the room. He laid her back, lowering almost slowly to the waiting sheets, until his weight pressed her down into the mattress, his hips grinding against hers as their passion grew. Her hands slipped to his waist, tugging his t-shirt up, over his head in an almost violent move, her hands back to slide into his chest hair, while he held himself above her, his arms shaking slightly in excitement. He pulled back, then, for a moment, and she looked up into his eyes, questioning, but he was only pausing to take in her beauty, the glow of her skin, the flush in her cheeks, the way her lips were parted, breathing heavy, wanting. He smiled, then, and she shook her head slightly, "Idiot..." whispered jokingly as his head came back down, lips finding hers again.

She pushed to the side, then, urging him to roll, and he did, bringing her atop him. She pressed herself up, hands still on his chest, grinning as his fingers began loosening buttons down her blouse. In moments it slipped down her shoulders, and she tossed it to the side, relishing the look on his face as he saw she was bra-less, her nipples hard, beckoning. With a growl he lifted, gently suckling, loving the feel of her firmness under his tongue. As he did, her own hands slipped down, and she flattened one hand to slide lower still, feeling his hard length through denim. He groaned in response to her squeeze, lips releasing her nipple for a moment as he gasped in pleasure. She pushed him back then, with her free hand, and as he lay back she released the button, sliding his fly open, noting with a certain glee that his tip was visible over the edge of his briefs. She pulled the jeans free in one quick movement, taking the briefs at the same time, then, as he laid there, chest heaving, she rose, standing, sliding her own slacks free. As she did, he lifted up, sitting again, surprising her as he pressed his mouth close between her legs, hands coming up to cup her from behind, pressing his tongue deep, tasting, holding her tight as she gasped, her hands flying to his head, fingers once more into his hair, pressing him tight against her. He pulled her back down, then, without releasing her, bringing her to hands and knees, then lower still as he worked his tongue into her, sliding up, then, separating, teasing, finding her pearl, her eyes closing, lips wide, a silent scream of pleasure escaping as he feasted. He held her tight that way, for minutes, his fingers moving, delving, while her legs widened, her hips pressing down, moving, grinding against his lips he brought her closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. Then, with a cry, she was over, falling, an explosion of light and feeling that left her shaking, shuddering above him while he held very still, letting her ride it out.

After she quieted, she lifted herself to slide down his body, pressing herself against him as she slid lower, until finally finding him, ready, and as she looked deeply into his eyes, impaling herself on his length. A deep moan broke from his chest, as she took him fully, taking a deep breath herself as he filled her. He began lifting his hips, pressing, releasing, as she rolled hers back against him, moving together, finding that perfect rhythm that she knew would trigger his release. His hands again cupped her ass, holding her, lifting her; she loved the strength she felt within them. Finally she could see the look of urgency in his eyes, his breathing rapid now, labored, she knew he was close. She kissed him, then, gently, teasing her tongue between his lips just at the moment she knew he was peaking, and he groaned loud, shaking, a wordless cry breaking from his throat as he pulsed within her, heat blooming as he filled her, again, again, his hands holding her tight against him. She lay, then, relaxing slowing, resting her weight upon him as she squeezed him, inside, grinning at his reaction, a moan of pleasure with each squeeze.

They lay that way for long minutes, savoring the feeling of each others' bodies, and the linked flesh they shared, trading soft kisses, and the looks that only lovers know.