Written by Busting Virgins

Dec. 14, 2016

We were two virgins when we married and never entertained the thought of a threesome. We traveled with a roadshow from one mall to the other. Each day we would close the mall and go to the nearest bar for food and drinks. We found one bar that we kept going back to every night and got to know the staff pretty well.

One night we had a lot to drink and I noticed my wife staring at the young hot looking cook. I just asked her strait out if she would like to suck an Italian cooks cock at our hotel room. She looked at me, liked her lips and said "sure". She had said this in a dare so I know she was shocked when I called him over for a sit. I asked him strait out if he would like to come back to our hotel room to have my hot wife suck and fuck him dry! They both looked at each other in shock but trembling in their shoes said "sure". He said he only read about this happening in Penthouse and I noticed my ladies nipples were rock hard.

We closed up the bar, threw his bike in our van and brought him back to our room. He was ordered by me to strip and with a nod from me, my wife went down and started sucking his cock like it was mine. I started fucking her and before long we were switching back and forth while she enjoyed her only other cock ever.

Imagine the two of us enjoying a threesome as the first time with someone else. Finally I watched him as he fucked her pussy hard. I reached out, grabbed his balls and ordered him to come. He blew a long load into her pussy and as he pulled out I could see his come drain out of her well used pussy. I gave him a choice to be polite and lick her clean or to blow me. He smiled and gladly ate her clean. He then told us this was his first such as his girlfriend only gave him blowjobs. We then said good night to the young Italian cook and as the door closed, I got the blow job of my life.