Jun. 21, 2016

Hi all.

This is a real story that happen just this week gone by. It is my first real story I have posted about myself.

I am Bi, not in a relationship and am over 40 years old. Recently I have had this kinky thought of doing younger guys. Such as over half my age! I hear that a lot of guys learn about sex this way and I have a couple of other lady friends who have had the experience, so this is my story on how I arranged it and what occurred. I was not aware of just how easy it was to 'lure' a young man into this situation. Needless to say I enjoyed every moment of it and I do hope you enjoy it too.


I had talked a young man, approximately 18 years old lad into mowing my lawn. Truth be told, the lawn did not need mowing, it was me who needed the taste of cock in my mouth. So I devised a simple scheme to get a lad to mow my lawn for me, whereby I would reward him with a blow job, and possibly more.

This young man came by last Saturday morning, and I had the lawnmower and fuel all ready for him. I showed him what I wanted mowing, and all the while was feeling myself becoming aroused at the thought of taking this young man on. In the back of my mind I wondered if he had even had a sexual experience before today.

While the young man was mowing I changed into a t-shirt and short skirt with no underwear at all. I went into the lounge room and put on a porn DVD with the sound down quite a way, so if needed you could hear the lady moaning, but not enough for someone to complain. My pussy was wet from watching the first few minuets of the porn and I couldn't help but touch and taste myself for a few moments to help pass the time.

Once the young man finished mowing the lawn and came inside, I gave him a cool glass of water and indicated that after mowing the lawn he really needed to take a shower. Amazingly he agreed. I am glad he did as this was the starting point of the sexual experience!

I showed him where the bathroom was and informed him that once he was in the shower, I'd bring him a fresh towel. He got into the shower, I went and got him the towel, however, I took all his clothes and put them on the washing machine (not in them) and started a new load (not with his clothes).

The young man came out of the shower, with the towel around his waste, asking about his clothes. I put on a really nice smile and informed him that the clothes needed a wash and it would take a while until they would be ready. Until this job was done, I suggested he go and sit in the lounge room for a bit, and that I would join him in a bit. I had no idea how he would react to the porn, but hoped he was like most guys at that age, reacting with an erection.

I waited outside the lounge room for a while, listening to hear if he was doing anything, but I really couldn't tell, so after about 3 minuets, walked straight into the room. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! There he was, cock in hand aroused and in his hand, tossing off to the movie. My smile just could not be hidden.

'Oh Hello' I said. 'What have we got here?' To be honest I really wanted to get down on my hands and knees and blow him off there and then. But I didn't want to scare him off too soon. He started to apologize to me, which I told him not to be silly that all boys of his age did what he was doing, and that it was wonderful to see it happening in my lounge room.

I asked for his permission to sit and watch, which he was happy to do, but I didn't just sit there, I parted my legs and started to masturbate myself off too. Right alongside of him! I pulled up my t-shirt exposing my largish breasts, and I gently rubbed them. He took one look of my breasts and didn't want to take his eyes off of them. I smiled and asked if he would like a feel of my breasts, which he indicated he would and so I guided his hand to the closest breast.

With one of his hands on my breasts, I naturally reached out for his cock, took it in my hand and squeezed it firmly. "Oh" I said. 'your cock is so dry. You really need moisturizer when you get off. Would you like me to get you some?" I asked. Again he nodded. I looked around but there was none in the room. What a shame ;) "Oh sorry, I don't have any." I said to him, making it sound like a bad thing. "Oh, don't worry, I have another idea that would help if you like." Again he nodded, not knowing what I was about to do.

In one swift movement, I knelt down on the floor in front of him and proceeded to give to him a mind blowing blow job. God he tasted so sweet. His pre-cum was incredible. I sucked like I hadn't had cock in months, or maybe a year, because to be honest, I hadn't. I just needed cum in my mouth. I kept sucking and twisting and to be honest at that point it wasn't about making him last, it was about getting as much out of him as possible as soon as possible. I needed that protein shake badly and nothing was going to stop me from having it.

He started to moan and react to tell me that he was going to, BAM! It shot out all right. Two or three good sized spurts erupted out of him and straight into my mouth. I was in the moment. He tasted great and I savored it, every little drop.

I looked up at him and smiled. I licked my lips and said 'Mmmmm, very, very tasty.' He kind of smiled back, though I could tell he was half in shock, half amazed and as maths is not my strong suit, half blown away (pardon the pun) to what was probably his first blow job. His cum slid down my throat very easily, and was most rewarding.

I went and got him his clothes, which amazingly were now dry and available for him to take home with him. I have also arranged for him to come back in three weeks to mow my lawns again, which he said he wouldn't miss and would like to be the guy that mows my lawns.

Perhaps next time we could try something else. :)

Thanks for listening.