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16 Aug 2017



2 minute read

It has been said that a friend is someone who helps you move, but a good friend is someone who helps you move a body. What do you call someone who invites you for an afternoon of wild sex and…brings a friend? For a few years, I have been calling him the Fuck Fairy. He recently proved it - again. After fading out of each other’s lives for a while we reconnected recently. I jokingly sent him a cartoon of a naked lady in a room full of naked men. The caption read: But will you still respect me in the morning? He asked: Fantasy? Because I have a friend… Well, I had never…But what self-respecting woman could say no? FF introduced me to Lovely Gent on line. Acquaintances, and plans, were made. At different times, both gently sounded me out on fantasies, limits, and whether I would have an issue if there was a little Bi action between them. That surprised me - and aroused me. One more thing to share! I have to say, it is men like this who make me thankful I’m a woman. Relaxed, playful, extremely sexual, giving, demanding, and just damn fun! With 4 hands on me, 2 cocks to enjoy, I am pretty sure I was gushing before my panties hit the floor. Really strong, gushing orgasms are so draining, all I can do when they finish is lie there and laugh helplessly. I think I was either laughing or screaming for more than an hour. All of it was a turn on - sucking them both, spreading my legs hot a hot tongue with a mouthful of cock; sucking LG while FF fucked me from behind; having LG lick us both while FF kept fucking me; sucking first one, then the other, only to have another hand and tongue appear each time to join the fun. Holy shit! It was more than the mechanics, it was the attitude, the entire vibe. So sexual, so open, so dirty and so fun. Warren Zevon said it best: Well I met a man out in Hollywood Now I ain't naming names Well he really worked me over good Just like Jesse James Yes he really worked me over good He was a credit to his gender Put me through some changes Lord Sort of like a Waring blender… Here’s to Lovely Gents and Fuck Fairies - you know who you are!

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