Written by yourextraguy

Sep. 19, 2016

Let me tell you about my first times in a threesome. I say first times because I consider there to have been two of them. My first first time was when I was part of a couple and we brought in another guy; my second first time was when I joined another couple as a single guy.

So my first first time was with my girlfriend at university. It wasn't something we'd discussed. We hadn't talked about fantasies particularly. We were just really young and really into each other. And she was beautiful, of Indian heritage and a traffic-stopping body. She was from a fairly repressive family where boyfriends were out of the question, especially non-Indian boyfriends, and I was the lucky recipient of her kicking against that and exploding into the freedom of living away from home for the first time.

One night we'd had a bit to drink in the bars around the city and gone into a club. By one o'clock we were both a bit buzzed. I left her on the dancefloor to go to the bathroom and when I came back she was inevitably surrounded by guys, all trying to catch her eye and dancing as close to her as possible. I took in the scene for a moment and then had an idea.

I edged my way through the dancing crowd and finally got back to her. I put my hand on her shoulder and leaned in to speak. "Choose one", I said. She gave me her best what-are-you-talking-about face, so I made a circling gesture with my finger and said again, "Choose one. We'll take him back to our place. It'll be fun!" She was a bit stunned, but I smiled and raised my eyebrows. "Are you sure?", she asked. "Completely", I replied. "I'll leave you to it", I said, as I turned and went back to the bar.

Fifteen minutes later she came back to me with a guy and we got in a cab and went home. All three of us sat in the back and I watched my girlfriend kiss another man for the first time. It was very hot. The driver was impressed, too.

Once in the bedroom, things heated up very quickly. There were arms, legs, clothes and hands everywhere. We had a great time in a very porny way. It took us a couple of hours to exhaust ourselves completely, but it was an experience that embedded the threesome in my sexual soul.

My second first time was less porn movie, more erotic novel.

I'd been talking to a couple on line for months and we'd really hit it off - made a really strong connection. They had fantasised for a long time about inviting in a third. As is often the case, he was more into the idea than she was but slowly her mind had been turned and they'd set up an account on a swinging site in the UK, which is where I was living at the time. She initiated the contact with me one lunch time while I was idly browsing the site at the office. That evening we chatted some more, and so on and so on almost every day for the next two months. One night we were all on cam and they asked me to call them. As soon as they answered the call I knew they'd put me on speaker and she started sucking his cock while I told them how sexy it looked and how horny I was.

After playing together online like that a few times they invited me round on Friday night. Their place was an hour's drive from mine, so I chose instead to work late at the office which was closer to them. Having booked a room at a nearby hotel, I answered the door exactly on time with a nice bottle of wine in hand. I was greeted like an old friend and I could almost here the energy crackle as I walked into the living room. She looked amazing in a figure hugging blue dress. I loved how her ass wiggled as she walked through the house. Hubby and I sat on the sofa chatting for a few minutes while his wife sorted drinks. It was their first time and I could see the mix of excitement and nervousness on his face.

She soon came back and sat between us. Beyond a quick sip of wine after we'd clinked glasses, I hardly touched my glass again that night. She lent over to kiss me and as I reached up to touch her cheek my hand brushed against her husband's who was already squeezing her tits. She was soon stroking both our cocks through our trousers, alternately kissing me and her husband. He slid his trousers off while she unzipped mine and started jerking us off rhythmically. It was only then that I realised I was still wearing my tie. I stood up to take of my tie and trousers and she lent across to suck her hubby's hard cock. I knelt down on the floor and eased her legs apart, kissing up her thighs and over the lace material covering her pussy. I teased her with my mouth over her panties for longer than I expected to - she really loved it, telling me how horny it was like that. Then she said to her husband "Your cock has never felt bigger in my mouth - why haven't we done this before?" He burst out laughing. The anxiousness had gone completely, and another experience became embedded in me - the pleasure another man can bring to a couple.