Written by Candy

Jun. 23, 2018

It's late at night...I am awoken with a throbbing in my clit...I hear you lightly snoring behind me. I feel your hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass. I gently turn over do as not to wake you. I push you just a bit so you will roll over on your back. I slide my hand under the blankets and caress you chest. Moving slowly towards your now rock hard cock. Not knowing if you are awake or not...I move my hands slowly up and down . Circling the head of your cock. I feel it twitch under my touch. You let out a soft moan. A small drop of pre come sneaks out and I smooth it over the head of your cock. Moving down..I squeeze your balls gently...rolling then in my palm. I rub the spot between your balls and ass. You moan again and say " hey baby". Moving on top of you...I miss your lips...neck...and suck your nipples. They harden with my touch. I slide down your body so that my mouth is just hovering over the head of your cockI take your head in my mouth..Give it a slight tug..flick me tongue back and forth. I then plunge you deep in my throat...you are awake now. I resume taking you slowly and deeply in my mouth...I can taste the saltiness of your precum. I flick and lick my way to your balls...sucking each one . I have your cock in my hand and I am pumping you ever so slowly. I nibble the skin between your balls and ass cause I know you like that. Run my tongue between your balls...following your shaft all the way up to the tip. I take you fast and hard in and out of my mouth while I am running the spot under your balls. Every once in a while giving them a tug. Feeling your legs twitch...I know you are close...I suck harder and faster moving my hand up and down your shaft in rythem to my mouth. Your say you're close....I stop....climb up on top of you...slid you inside me...I'm wet and hot. I feel you twitch inside me. I tell you not to move and don't cum yet. Not till I do. I start moving with you deep inside me. You reach up and start playing with my tits...gets me off Every time. I slowly grind on you as you fondle and suck and tweek my nipples. I feel my climax coming...now you can cum I say...as you start moving under me....I trip the wall as I am overtaken by orgasm...still moving I feel you...you are about to cum. You empty your load deep inside me. Out of breath...I roll off of you...curl up by your side with my hand on your chest and peacefully fall asleep. You lay there catching your breath...feel me nuzzle in beside you. Kiss my forehead and drift off as well.