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MMMF hotel fun

"Met a couple and extra guy"

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Exchanged a couple texts with a couple looking to celebrate the females birthday. I sent a couple pics and she liked them. They told me area and time and she said she would give more details after they checked in. She also asked if it was ok for another guy to join. Who am I to say no? She got back to me later on and told me the hotel so I was on my way. I asked what she drank and got her a few drinks and some shooters. A while later I was there and went to their room. The other guy wasn't there yet so we sat and chatted for a bit. We did a shooter and then waited. The female told me before she had a Brazilian wax done so I was eager to see it. I gently touched her leg and didn't receive much response.

After probably 10 mins the other guy showed up. We all had a drink and chatted a bit. I now moved my hand tp the inside of her thigh and gentle brushed her smooth pussy. She didn't really respond so I took it as she was ok with it. She was still sitting in between her bf and me. The other guy was standing up. I kept touching her and next thing the other guy started to get undressed. I took this as my cue and got naked too. The action started quickly after that.

I forget who started but I believe I got oral from the girl first. The other guy didn't waste much time and before ping he was on the bed with her on top. I started feeding my cock to her while the other guy was fucking her from below and her bf watched on intently. Whe we chatted before she said she is into anal sometimes so I figured why not give it a try. I put on a dome and slowly inserted a finger into her ass then too. You could tell it was intense for her by her moaning. It was kind of strange I could feel the other guys cock inside her when my fingers went in her ass but she was enjoying it so that's all that really matters. I then went inside. It was tough getting the position right. This went on for a bit until the other guy came and went to wash up. I took my cock out and got some more oral from her. She was cramping up from all the excitement. I cleaned up and decided to go home. Overall it was a fun experience. My 2nd MMMF.


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