Aug. 29, 2018

You feel the bed shift as I slide closer. You pretend to still be sleeping as I gently pull the sheet down, and you feel the cool night air against your skin. The room is still dark, though, so you don't feel too shy, knowing I can barely see your nakedness. But I can feel it. My fingertips move over your skin lightly, just barely touching you as I slide my hand over your curves, your shoulder, your arm, down to your stomach, then up, following the line that leads between your breasts, up, grazing your clavicle, before flowing down again, this time toward an exposed nipple. You can feel the edge of my fingernails, so light, and your breath catches for a moment as I nearly touch your nipple, but instead circle around it, teasing.

My hand now slides down, pulling the top sheet lower still. Fingers slip over your belly, then lower, your hips, finally across, and I feel you shift, your legs sliding apart, one knee bending as I feel your pelvis lift, every so slightly under my touch. It's getting more difficult for you to pretend sleep now, I can feel your core pulling at me, wanting my attention, but my hand slides up again, over now trembling stomach, around, circling closer. This time I do not tease. My fingertips lightly circle your nipple, feeling it firm, proud, and now my lips pull your other nipple softly in a kiss, and I smile in the dark, amazed that you are able to remain quiet. As I suckle, my tongue softly circling, my hand moves down again, this time arrowing directly to your center. My hand closes over you, my middle finger pressing inward, finding you wet, and it burrows an inch into you, before curling up, softly circling, to find your clit.

There is now way for you to remain quiet now. As my touch sends electric jolts of pleasure through you, you moan, finally, gasping as I slide my finger fully into you, your hands lifting, fingers sliding into my hair as you pull me close. I can feel your hips lifting, your legs spreading wide, and I'm sliding down, now, trailing kisses over your skin until my mouth replaces my hand, my tongue pressing deep into you, licking upward, finding your little button with my teeth, lips, tongue, and as I taste you, your head arches back, your hips lifting, pressing against my kiss, opening yourself to me in the most intimate way possible. My hands slide up, our fingers linking, as I lick you again and again, suckling, teasing, and the wave of pleasure you feel drives you closer and closer to that moment when all control is lost. In moments I feel it close, your fingers tighten around mine, your body suddenly spasms, and you freeze, a cry of release breaking from you as you are overwhelmed by the waves of your orgasm.

When finally you come back to me, I am moving up, my hips lifting your legs higher, wider, and as I kiss you, you taste yourself on my lips, at the same time feeling the firm heat of my sex pressed against your cleft, your stomach. Your legs come around me, as you open yourself to me, and I slip lower, letting my crown nudge between your now wet folds. Rocking gently, we trade passionate kisses as I slowly impale you, one gentle thrust at a time. Inching into you, I find you gripping me, both your legs and body, driving my desire to even higher levels. Longer strokes now, as I slide ever deeper, until now I'm fully half way into you. And find I cannot hold myself back anymore. The next thrust is full, deep, and I bury myself in you, my body pressing do deeply you can feel the base of me rubbing against that special place. My arms encircle yours, hands holding your shoulders so that I can pull you down, impaling you fully, our bodies now moving as one. Your legs feel wonderful around me, the way you move with me making me gasp in pleasure as I feel your passion rising with my own. We trade hungry, desperate kisses, and now I feel my own release looming. I whisper that I have to slow down, that I'm too close, but you don't let me... your body moves beneath me, milking me, and that quickly I am lost... an explosion of light and emotion, passion and release, and you feel me pulsing inside you as I moan loud, gasping your name in a choked cry of joy. Your own climax is close, but it's all right... you know this is just the start.