Written by Horny Wifey

Jun. 28, 2016

It was my first time stepping out of my marriage. I've been talking to a man that has also stepped out of his marriage (he has been for years) and conversations were going extremely well and getting really hot and heavy for a while so we decided to meet in person. When we met we said our hellos and we both agreed to leave where we met and go somewhere more private and discrete. We drove to a private spot and I hopped into his car. The atmosphere was filled with sexual tension. I was unbelievably nervous and couldn't believe that I followed through with stepping out of my marriage as I've always been faithful. Once I sat in his car I could immediately sense he wanted to jump my bones as did I. We chatted for a few seconds and then all of a sudden he grabbed the side of my face and kissed me ever so gently. I was already wet as this was all I had been thinking about. Then we started making out and he took one hand unzipped his shorts and whipped his big thick cock out. I was so nervous I couldn't seem to look at his cock as I haven't been with another man other than my husband in almost nine years! Then in my head I said screw it! I had to look at that big thick cock of his. It was rock hard and just looked so delicious it made me even wetter. It started getting really intense while making out. He started kissing my neck and that just drove me wild and got my pussy more wet and more turned on. We kissed harder and then I grabbed his hard cock in my hand and started stroking it ever so gently as the precum was dripping down his shaft. All I wanted to do was wrap my lips around his thick cock and suck him. I started kissing his neck and I could hear him breathing a little heavier then he desperately wanted my nipples so he pulled my tits out grabbed them nice and hard and started sucking my nipples and nibbling on them rolling them around in his mouth. I started panting and breathing heavier. I stopped stroking his cock and let him do his thing. He kept trying to reach for my pussy under my dress but I wouldn't let him touch it just yet. He stopped sucking my nipples and started kissing me again then i pushed him back and ran my tongue down his neck over his chest down onto his nipples and gently sucked on them. He started breathing heavy again and hearing him breathing heavy and knowing he was that turned on made me wet again. I could feel my pussy throbbing. It was aching to be played with. I then stopped and went down to his cock and kissed the tip of it then kissed up and down his shaft down to his balls licking them then slowly sliding my tongue up one side of his shaft to the other just teasing his big cock. Then i went back up to his lips and kissed him and then back down to his cock again and took his cock in my mouth sucking it hard and slow. Then i started sucking him faster and harder and I looked up at him so he could look at me as I had his cock in my mouth. Oh god he was moaning and I could feel my pussy driling in juices my panties soaken wet right through. I stopped. I then said to him "Grab the back of my head and fuck my mouth". Well he listened and he started pounding my mouth. (I love my mouth being fucked!!!) He was moaning and groaning. Oh god did it ever feel good to have his cock in my mouth fucking it. I stopped and went back up to kiss me. Then he fucked my mouth with his tongue and then grabbed my tits again only this time he was more rough and started sucking my nipples back and forth harder and harder biting them and then rolling them in his mouth with hos tongue. He managed to hike up my dress and slide his fingers deep inside my pussy pushing up against my gspot. I was moaning like crazy I couldn't contain myself any longer. It felt so good! I never had my gspot hit ever. He started finger fucking my pussy hard and deeper I thought I was going to cum within seconds so I held back and while I was moaning in pleasure I started begging for him to fuck me. "Shove that cock deep in this pussy, I want that cock in me. Please fuck this pussy!!" He ripped his shorts off climbed ontop of me and shoved his cock near my hole. He started to push it in, he was pretty thick and big so it was uncomfortable so I shifted the opposite way and it was like it just slid right inside my pussy. He pumped my pussy nice and hard and deep making me moan louder and louder I grabbed his ass while he was fucking me and I moaned out "Oh my God yes I can feel your cock hitting my stomach" that just set him off. He started pumping me more and more and I started moving my hips back and forth wanting his cock to really hurt my pussy. He cam deep inside my pussy as I cam at the same time. He got off of me and we kissed again. Then we said our goodbyes until our next meeting. On my drive home all I could feel were my panties soaken wet in juices and then my dress was soaked too! I cannot remember the last time I was that wet or if I ever was at all! So glad I stepped out! No regrets!