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My blonde princess inseminated by a trucker

"Daddy issues made her look for older men to fuck"
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Published 4 weeks ago

This happened about 10 years ago when I was at university, I was about three weeks into my second year of a four year degree, and walked in to one of my classes late at the start of the semester a bit late, the second I walked in I noticed her. She looked up at me and I could not believe how beautiful she was, she wore all black, had a stunning face (the sort of face that you just want to cum over, with gorgeous dimples) and very long ever so slightly curled blonde hair. Her name was Megan and during the semester we were put into groups together and became close, by the end of the semester despite her having a boyfriend I was fucking her regularly. However we quickly feel for one another, she dumped her boyfriend and we started a relationship. 

Over time I started to realise She had father issues (her father was not around for much of her childhood) that went back many years, these issues led her to be attracted to older guys, Whenever we went to bars or nightclubs she always enjoyed the attention they paid her, especially when she was dressed up. She always wore this unbelievably sexy outfit with a low-cut black top top just about covered her small firm tits, and a very short pleated satin soft black skirt. I would regularly make her wear it whilst I was fucking her and found nothing sexier than watching her bent over something with her beautiful pussy glistening and ready to be fucked. I would grab her long blonde hair which went below her arse and pulled it hard as I pounded her from behind. 

Over time we began to start talking about her attraction to much older men, and I revealed to her how exciting I found the thought of her being fucked by a stranger. I can’t possibly describe how stunning she was, whenever we went to a party or even walked around a store every man would doubletake and you could see them looking out the corner of the eye, and she knew it. For an older man to fuck her would have been an absolute fantasy for them and I was starting to enjoy the thought of men using her like a piece of meat. 

Initially she was very reluctant to look online or pick up random men in stores as she felt that could get tracked back to her, so we decided to go and visit a highway rest stop, she liked the idea of fucking a trucker who would never see her again. One evening on a Tuesday night in January we started to get ready, the plan was she was going to put on her sexy black outfit, when she came out of the bathroom my jaw dropped, her firm small tits pushed out as much as possible, a little pleated black satin skirt set just covering her bum and had long blonde wavy hair running all the way down her back. I knew someone out there I was about to get very lucky. 

Though damp it was not raining, maybe a bit of drizzle in the air, it was about 11 pm at night when we pulled off the highway to rest area that just consisted of picnic tables and a dimly lit toilet block. My cock was tingling with excitement, it at this point suddenly occurred to me that we had absolutely no plan. When I asked her, she just said she wanted to be fucked over over again as many men as possible, which I already knew. It really got me off how she knew what effect she had on men and that she just wanted to be the centre of attention and passed around like a thing. But despite her having done things like this before, she was reluctant to tell me exactly how she did it, saying she just ‘goes with the flow’. We have decided that I would wait in the car and she would describe everything that happened to me when she got back, but I had to keep an eye on roughly where she was going to ensure she was safe. She got out, stood by the car for about 10 seconds then just walked into the woods. I asked her later if she was freezing but she said the adrenaline was running through her so much that she couldn’t feel it, she just wanted to be fucked. 

I saw her walk towards the picnic tables until she eventually disappeared out of site. At this point I heard a door slam and a very tall bearded guy with a baseball cap walk towards the woods, I guess she had spotted someone looking at her. He seemed exactly her type, very tall but rough looking older. At this point sadly I could not see anything else but here is what she told me. 

She was standing by one of the picnic benches at the edge of the woods, when she heard the door slam she leaned against the bench opening her legs a little bit (she never wore underwear). The guy walked up to her and then stopped when he was about 6 feet away and just said “do you want to play?’. She just nodded. He walked up to her and roughly pulled her tits out and started sucking on them, hungrily slurping away which I knew she loved, he must’ve felt like Christmas had come; after a Few seconds he started to feel her arse and pussy, fingering her pussy roughly. She was in heaven, she knew how hot she was and she loved him slobbering all over her and enjoying her body. He then started to undo his jeans pulling an impressive 8 inch cock out, just looking at her he said ‘suck’. She loved being told what to do and just fell to her knees And put it in her mouth, she has definitely sucked a lot of old men off in her time so knew exactly what to do, going Deep Throat and sucking the balls. She said he was scrunching her hair up and fucking her face which she loved even though it made her choke. This is something I loved doing, she had a face remarkably similar to Cameron Diaz, that I just loved to fuck and cum over. At this point the guy roughly pulled her up, Pushed her body down to the picnic table, pulled her skirt up, made her white in her legs, he put his cock at the entrance to her pussy and just pushed it all in at once. She gasped loudly saying it was both painful and heaven. At this point he pulled out and then just started smashing in and out of her fast and hard, reaching forward to pull her hair with one hand and holding onto her  hip on the other hand. I knew that they were fucking because I could clearly hear them from the car. As he began to speed up, he pulled her back up and turned her over and laid her on her back, forcing her legs open wide and saying “I want to look at you whilst I am doing this’. He then pushed his cock back in her pussy and furiously pounded for another 90 seconds before holding on the hips and pushing in deep in her hole as he came, wave after wave of spunk shooting into her bare pussy. At this point she said she started to come (A guy coming inside her always starts her off). As the guy started to slow down he pulled out of her, zipped up and walked off without saying a word. As she composed herself she left the woods and started walking towards the car, however a truck door opened and a guy jumped out going to be honest he looked very similar to the first trucker; as the first trucker walked back to his truck he just shouted “she’s all yours, she’s nice and tight’. Almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world she walked towards the second trucker who still had 1 foot on his cab step and held his hand out. She didn’t even look at me, I could just see a skirt was still a bit hitched up. I really wasn’t expecting to go with another guy I was definitely ready to fuck her against the car on the same bench. As I saw her disappear the door slam I waited. When she got into the cab, she was initially on the passenger seat but instantly noticed there was another guy in there, they had obviously been sleeping. The other one looks at her, look at his mate I had pulled her up into the cab and just said ‘a college girl, nice’ not even acknowledging her. The guy that pulled her up into the cab just smiled and said “are you ready to suck some dick sweetie?’ And she just nodded and said “You can do anything you want’ which is something she regularly said to me. He pulled her into a large area behind the cab, cleared the laptop off the bed and pushed her it onto it. It was at this point she noticed that both of them are probably in their mid 60s, which she seem to absolutely love; Both taking off their genes, then later on her back, the third tracker that she had yet to speak to went up to her legs and spread them open, feeling her pussy he said to the second trucker ‘this is where the party is tonight’ And started roughly pushing his fingers into her, telling her what a dirty little slut she was, and how he was going to fill her full of his hot spunk. At this point the second trucker walked over to her mouth and started slapping her with his hard cock round her face and shouting ‘suck’. At this point she took as much of it into her mouth as possible but said it was another big one comparable with he first trucker. He started to manoeuvre round and fuck her face again, which I have noticed always tends to be the theme for her, she just has a face that you really want to fuck. She said he was much rougher than a fast track and she could feel his cock at the back of her throat and was coughing and her eyes were watering, he was just telling her to “shut up and suck’. In the meantime the third track it started angrily sucking her pussy saying how much he loved college girls, it was at this point he got up and she’s so yet another huge cock, possibly even bigger than the other two, he placed it at the entrance to already fucked hole, and pushed it in, she let out a scream of pain and pleasure and just shouted ‘fuck me’ so this was my fault as she had trucker 2’s cock in her mouth. He then started to pound her hard, telling her she was a ‘princess’ was getting what she deserved, telling her that this is all she was good for that he was going to make her pregnant. After a few minutes of pounding away he started to come inside her and as usual she started to scream at the same time, again it was at this point I could hear them. She said she could feel it squelching inside of her as he fucked every last drop deep inside her as he could. The second tracker pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked around the legs, she had now shut them and was lying pretty exhausted on the bed he roughly opened her legs again saying “don’t you dare shut your legs bitch, I am having this pussy’. Without any delay he pushed his cock deep inside of her and started roughly pounding her, pulling her top down to reveal her little firm athletic tits. He started to suck on them which sent her over the edge and she started to have another orgasm shouting as loud as she could “fuck me fuck me’. At this point he said she would be having his baby and  came hard and deep inside her pussy his cock as deep as it would possibly go and holding it there. He kept it there whilst every little bit spunk was draining out of his cock then pulled out. 

After a couple of minutes I’m just laying there they asked her for her number and said that they regularly pass through she just said no thanks as she can get cock whenever she likes. They then told her to fuck off so they can sleep and roughly pulled her out and pushed her out the cab, That’s the door slammed we both heard them laughing and cheering. 

Another cab door opened with a man standing there, she looked at him as he back in for her to come over and she just said “another time“ and got into the car exhausted. 

We have had many many other adventures since then weirdly I am very in love with her. Also enjoy watching her be shared. We started coming to the same place more often but started going to have a rest stops as we saw people who had already fucked her on some occasions, and she had a real desire to have new people every time she said she wanted as many men as possible to enjoy her body as she felt it was her responsibility to share it. I have never met a girl like her since, someone who seem to do it out of 10 odd combination of the long held fire shoes and a desire to be of service she knew what men wanted to do to her, I loved being able to give it that to them. It’s funny because nobody would’ve guessed that’s what she did when the Sun went down. We did start to go to a greater variety of places to ensure there was always new people, a few men took her into the toilet block on one occasion, Pushing an object in front of the door keeping her in there for at least two hours in the middle of the night you could hear the screams and grunts of pleasure. As she came out the toilet block she looked absolutely dishevelled, covered head to toe in dirt and spunk, spunk on my face, s spunk on her tits, and coming out of her pussy. Towards the end of our relationship we started to travel to neighbouring towns to pick up older men in bars, after 12 at night it would usually be a case of taking her round to the bins at the back and bending her over, often guys lining up to just have two minutes fucking a college girl before they get home to their wives. On some occasions, two in particular, landlords have even let customers borrow the room out the back in exchange for them being able to fuck her. 

Sadly I had to move away we decided to break up and I have a slightly more normal life now I’m in my 30s, we are no longer in contact but I hear three friends she still regularly wears her “fuck me“ outfit. I don’t have any many other stories, but I will always remember that first one. 


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