Written by Julie

Oct. 12, 2015

The 'dirty 30s' hit me when I was in my early 30s. I was married and getting plenty at home from a well endowed hubby whose cock stretched me nicely. Didn't matter - it got to the point I wanted it from any decent looking bloke I saw whenever I was out and about. At the height of my bout of the dirty 30s, I would have one or sometimes two 'adventures' every day my husband was at work, always with newly found strangers.

I didn't have any difficulty attracting men since I'm good looking with long dark blonde hair, a slim but curvy figure that includes small firm breasts with nipples that are always hard from rubbing against the material of my blouse since I never wear a bra. In addition, I'm told I have the look on my face of a woman available for an extramarital adventure. Between that look and my visibly hard nipples topping small but good looking breasts, all sorts of men were attracted to me and I had my choice.

The best hunting time was the afternoons and my best hunting grounds were hotel bars and lobbies, although supermarkets and shops also worked well. In the latter, a favorite tactic was to strike up a conversation with the man behind me in the checkout queue, although contacts were also easily made when shopping or browsing the aisles.

In hotels, it worked best to let men approach me as I lingered over a drink at the bar or in the lobby. The secret there was the initial eye contact. When I noticed a prospective candidate looking at me, instead of quickly looking away, I would hold the look for two or three seconds, smiling warmly, and then slowly look away. Worked almost every time as men read this sequence as showing interest, and they would invariably make the approach. After that it was easy. All I had to do was play along with the flow of their conversation and, at the end, acquiesce to the inevitable suggestion to visit their room.

In browsing supermarkets and shops, it was easy to engage a man by either commenting on something he was going to buy, or asking his assistance in selecting an item to purchase or reaching for an item on a top shelf. Commenting on a proposed purchase worked also in other shop queues, although any inane comment such as the weather also worked if the man was a player. It usually didn't matter what one said as long as it was said in a friendly manner and with a somewhat shy, but inviting smile - emphasis on 'inviting'.

The venue for sex in hotels was easy - the man either already had a room there or would engage one. For other than hotels, it was up to the man to provide a suitable venue fairly close by, such as a nearby flat, private office, or some such. The latter sometimes proved interesting as, on at least one occasion, I was fucked from behind as I leaned over a stack of boxes in a storage room with my coat and skirt just pushed up out of the way over my bum.

I think my 'dirty 30s' started the evening I was to meet my husband in the lobby of a local hotel where we were going to have a celebratory dinner for my 32nd birthday. I was early and he was late, so it turned into an hour wait. About ten minutes into it, I ordered a drink and was sipping it while looking around and noticed a very attractive somewhat older man staring at me. I'm not certain, but I think I may have inadvertently given him what became my formula come on look and smile, for he immediately approached and started a conversation.

Since I knew my husband should arrive at any minute, I responded with my own smile instead of shutting him down. He soon sat opposite and, before long, we were deep in a very pleasant conversation. He was handsome, personable, and had a sexy but reserved way about him. He had asked about my husband so there was no invitation to his room, but I was shocked to realize I was fantasizing about going to his room to have sex with him. By the time my husband finally appeared, I knew if I were alone that evening, I probably would have gone off with this stranger.

All during dinner with my husband, I was wet and horny thinking about being with my fantasy lover. That night in bed, I had two mind blowing orgasms fantasizing I was fucking the man from the hotel. This whole experience was so erotic, it was all I could think about the next morning, so much so that after we again had sex and my husband left for work, I masturbated several times thinking about what could be. Afterward, before fully realizing what I was planning, I was bathing in preparation for returning to the hotel.

Arriving around lunch time, I sat in the lobby sipping a drink and casually looking around. Incredibly, I noticed that same man looking at me while standing nearby with several colleagues. I gave him a smile of recognition, then looked away as the impact of what I wanted hit me and my stomach started to churn. While looking down trying to calm myself, I sensed his presence. I looked up when he greeted me and asked permission to sit. I stammered my approval and he sat, then looked at me a bit puzzled.

He commented on the coincidence of me being there and asked if I was meeting my husband. I replied I was not and. as I did so, I made the decision to proceed. As my excitement rapidly built, I felt my nipples tingle and my groin become heated, so much so I squeezed my legs tightly together as I told him I was there hoping to see him again. He looked at me for a few moments with surprise, then calmly asked if I would like to accompany him to his room. When I nodded, he stood and led me to the lift.

As we entered, he gently took my hand into his and we conversed politely as we rode up to his floor. Just standing next to him and feeling him slowly massaging my hand as he held it, my passion rose and the heat in my groin became almost unbearable. I felt my breasts getting heavy, my nipples becoming overly sensitive, and my tummy churning with desire. I wasn't even in his room and my body was ready to be fucked.

Once inside, I stood looking at him with longing on my face. Recognizing my look, he pulled me into his arms, quickly brought his face down to mine, and began a kiss. I pushed my lips against his, opened my mouth and kissing him hard, pushing my tongue in. He pushed his tongue against mine and we kissed deeply and with passion, our hips grinding together. Within seconds we were dry humping each other.

Our mouths plundered wetly as our hands urgently explored, his down over my bum, then up onto my breasts, massaging and thumbing my nipples through my blouse. My hands probed his muscular chest, then plunged to where his cock was straining in his trousers. He said he had only a little over an hour before he had to return to his meetings and asked how long I could be with him. When I told him all afternoon, he groaned with disappointment.

We pulled away from each other and threw off our clothes. I quickly undressed down to my panties, but seeing he was already sliding his boxers off, I followed suit. We came again into each other's arms and resumed our deep French kissing. I could feel his cock pushing against my mound and, running my hand down, slid my fingers along it. It was of good size and heft and I slowly wanked it,

I felt his fingers slide along my feminine groove, exploring and caressing. Soon his fingers slipped inside my pussy and their stroking inside my sopping wet cavern made me forget everything except getting his cock inside me. I grasped his shoulders as his fingers plundered my pussy. I lost myself to the wonderful feeling emanating from my womanly center as his fingers quickly pushed me toward an early climax.

I was moaning with pleasure as I pushed my groin against his hand, urging him on. Rapidly approaching the edge of the cliff, my hips rolled with passion against his fingers. He suddenly rammed his fingers hard several times into me, pushing me over the edge and I wailed out a long and hard climax, my groin trembling and vibrating as the orgasm rolled through me. I gripped his shoulders to avoid my body collapsing from the intense feeling. He continued stroking my pussy as I ground out my orgasm and the subsequent coming down from it.

When I was finished, he led me to the bed and I lay down on my back, momentarily spent. He lay next to me and held me while I recovered, kissing me softly. But I was eager for more and urged him between my legs. I raised my knees and opened my legs for him. He brought his face to my groin and began tonguing my slit. I put my hands on the back of his head and urged him to increase the pressure of his mouth on me. He began paying more attention to my clit with his tongue and I felt my passion rapidly rising. My hips were soon rolling upward pushing my slit harder against his tongue. He got the hint and increased the pressure of his tongue along my slit, then sucked my clit hard, sending jolts of electricity to my very center and I wailed out another intense climax.

Without waiting for me to come down from this previous orgasm, he quickly moved his body between my legs and pushed his hard cock into me with a single thrust. I grunted loudly in response and he paused to let me get used to his size as he stretched me nicely. As he began thrusting in me, I responded by placing my legs behind his thighs and wrapped my arms around his back, pulling him tighter into me.

He was soon fucking me with vigor and sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room. We quickly rode up the slope, then raced to the finish. When my climax hit me, I screamed it out, biting into his shoulder. He pounded into me, drawing my orgasm out, but he didn't come. He rode with me through the beginnings of my come down, but resumed fucking me before I finished. He stroked me quickly to another climax, then another, giving me a string of serial climaxes. I hadn't experienced this before and knew I had to ask my husband for this in the future.

It was getting late in the hour he had available so he came when I did during the last of my serial climaxes and flooded my pussy with his cum. After finally coming down from this final climax, I was wrung out and just lay there panting in recovery as he lay on top of me also recovering. When he finally rolled off, we hugged each other in appreciation of the wonderful session we had, then got up and quickly dressed.

When I got home, I relived the incredible experience through masturbation, then showered to get rid of the smell of sex on me and the residual cum in my pussy. When my husband came home I was still so hot for sex, I met him at the door, told him I was horny, and led him to our bedroom where I fucked him silly This established the pattern for the next five years or so. I would go out during the week while he was at work and get laid one or two times, then fuck him silly when he got home.

A few weeks after my first 'adventure', as hubby and I came down from a great session and lay in each other's arms, he asked me if I was getting some during the day while he was at work. He quickly added that, if so, it wasn't a big deal, he just wanted to know if he was right about my sudden craving for sex as soon as he got home from work. Not expecting the question, I was stunned into silence. He again said it wouldn't change anything, he just wanted to know, so I admitted it all to him, especially the part about it being only with strangers and no repeat performances. He said it was alright under those conditions so long as the pattern of him getting fantastic sex when he returned home continued. I told him that was no problem at all as I loved doing it with him.

My 'dirty 30s' continued for about five years, the addiction gradually reducing on its own during the last two years. These days, at age 41, I'm almost back to normal, but still get that craving every few months or so when I can't help myself and let some handsome bloke get lucky and have an afternooner.

A new cock refreshes me and my husband benefits when he gets home from work. He'll see that telltale gleam in my eyes as I greet him at the door and eagerly lets me lead him to our bedroom. Once there, as he engulfs me in his arms, he'll say, "I see you've had an 'adventure' today", and we begin what always turns out to be a long and extremely hot session.