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My first bi experience

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Published 7 years ago
Oh, how can I forget that night. It started off, I was sitting alone in my apartment, when I got a knock on my door. I open it up, and it's the tenant's girlfriend, who lives one floor above me. They'd had an argument, and she wanted to use my phone, to get a ride. I let her in, and could tell she both need to and wanted to talk. We did, over some wine. We were sitting on opposite sofas, drinking our wine, talking, listening to music. Then, all of a sudden, she wanted to dance, and then wanted me to join in. I'm all for dancing, at any time, I love music. Halfway through the second song, she got a little bolder, moved closer, and before I knew it, she was fondling my breasts, telling me how beautiful they were, and kissed me. I have to admit, even though I'd never had another woman touch me in that way before, it was turning me on. We kept dancing, and her hands kept exploring my body, opening up my blouse more, to expose my breast to her, so she could suck on them. There is something so totally different from a man's touch, to a woman's touch. That nice, tenderness, the softness all around. My turn to do her, and as I did, she moved her hand lower, to feel what she already knew, how wet she was making me. We decided dancing time was over, and I took her to my bedroom, turned down the covers. We slowly undressed each other, and she wanted to be the first to do me, so laid me on my back. First, kissing me on my lips, then letting her tongue slide down to my breasts, giving each one a nice long suck, then down, down, until she was between my legs, and her face was buried between my V. God, she had me squirting in no time! And she lapped it all up, came back up with a smile, to kiss me. I returned the favor, not knowing what to expect, but knowing I just had to make this beautiful person feel the same experience as she had given me. She wasn't a squirter, but she was a squirmer, and boy did she squirm and moan. A little anal play, and hours later before she decided to go back upstairs to make up with her boyfriend. She never told him what went on while with me, but he sensed something, because of how she acted every time the three of us were together. His only reaction was, damn, he could have been part of it! They have since broken up, but that has not stopped him from wanting to have a night, even a few hours with me. he says it's not just curiosity about that night, but because I intrigue him to no end, every time he sees me, thinks of me, he gets an instant reaction. Who knows, but I do know, I'd love nothing more than to experience the touch of another female, god, what a feeling!

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