Written by me4uall

Oct. 7, 2016

My ex-girlfriend (let’s call her Jane) is an RT, and she works with a lot of hot women at the hospital. Every time I picked her up from work I would see all these hot young nurses, and RTs with their scrubs on and most of them not wearing panties (whenever I see a woman with a nice ass, I always check it out to see if I see the panty outline). My ex is shy and hot. She stands at 5’2, with medium size tits, and a bubble butt. She’s not skinny, but not big either. She has long auburn hair. She’s half Caribbean and half Scottish so she has that olive complexion, dark brown eyes, and a nice set of full lips that suck a mean cock like a porn star.

Her best friend from work (let’s call her Jill) is a hot young French Canadian girl. She’s tall and slender, with brown hair, blue eyes, nice pair of 34C fake tits and a very nice bubbly ass.

Jill’s boyfriend was away for the summer visiting his parents in London, England and she was hanging around with us quite a bit. From time-to-time we would have some drinks, and if she had too much to drink she’d stay the night over. At times when she was a bit buzzed, she’d take off her shirt and pants and would dance to music in her bras and panties, just like a wild French girl. In my previous relationships my ex’s would not have allowed that, so the first time this happened I just looked at my ex with a look saying “what’s going on here?”. She would just shrug her shoulders and smile. This happened a few times within a span of a month or so.

One Friday night we had a work gathering downtown Ottawa. I invited my ex to join me later that evening. To my surprise, she showed up with Jill. They were both looking hot, and all my work friends would stare. I work in the IT field, so most of them are not very social with women. Jane and Jill loved teasing them as they got a kick out of their reactions, and it was good for my co-workers’ self-esteem as well.

The night went on, we had quite a few drinks and we finally decided to call it a night. It was about 1:00AM that we got to our apartment. We decided to pour ourselves some more beverages and dance a little. It was a hot summer night, and we didn’t have AC. Jill decided to take off her clothes and dance with just her panties on. I was half drunk, and the girls were worse than me. The music was a little louder than it should have been, so I got up to turn it down. When I turned around, I saw Jane and Jill grinding on each other, both only with panties on. Instant hard-on!

I sat on the couch shocked, but enjoying the view…so they start making out. They headed towards the couch where I’m sitting, and they both started giving me a show. I’m sitting there with a rock hard-on, not knowing what to do. I’m thinking “is this a test my girl is putting me through? Am I dreaming?” But it was real.

Jane sat on my lap and started making out with me. Jill sat beside me massaging her ass and sucking on her tits. As Jane was making out with me, and grinding on my cock, Jill started undoing my pants. Jane moved up a little to give her room so she could take it out. Jill moved to the floor, and situated herself between my legs. She took my throbbing shaft and with one gulp she swallowed it…one shot. I ass tightened, it felt like my balls moved up all the way up to my stomach, and I let out the biggest groan. It seemed like that turned on my ex even more because she kissed me even more passionately.

After a few minutes of playing with my cock, Jill decided to moved Jane’s panties to the side and feed my cock to Jane’s pussy. I had had it many times before, and I knew how wet she got. My cock slid in nice and easy. As Jane rode me, Jill stayed there enjoying the view, slapping Jane’s ass, and licking her cum from my shaft and balls. From time-to-time she would pull my cock out swallow it, and put it back in.

Jane got off me, and moved to one side of the couch, Jill moved to the other side of the couch and they started sharing my cock. At times they would feed it to each other, and at times it felt like they were fighting for it. I stood up, asked them to kiss and as they were kissing I starting fucking their lips from the side. They sucked one side of my cock each, as I moved back and forth feeling their wet lips and tongues on my shaft.

I asked Jane if it was ok that I fuck her friend, and Jane asked Jill if it was ok. They both agreed, and I was in fantasy land.

I’m thinking to myself, “I’m going to do every single thing possible with these to because this is a once in a lifetime chance”. So I place Jane doggy style on the couch, and her friend (because she was taller and had long legs) right on top of her (both asses one on top of the other). So I started with Jill. I’m sure all you men out there know what it feels like to fuck a new pussy. Well I almost came with the first few thrusts, so I pulled out right away and started eating them out. The moans of two sexy women is just…I don’t even know how to explain it.

I slid my cock on Jane this time, and fingered Jill. I kept switching pussies as much as I could. Then I took Jill doggy style as she ate Jane’s pussy. After I while of pumping her hard, they switched. I was like a fat kid in the candy store. I was surprised I lasted that long.

One thing Jane told me was that she would be the only one that would make me cum. No exceptions. So I laid her down on the floor as her friend sat on her face and started fucking Jane missionary. I felt the intensity rising and burst on Jill’s ass. Cum dripped down on Jane’s chin as she kept eating Jill’s pussy. We fucked, sucked, and ate pussy until 5AM.

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