Written by imnewatthis

Feb. 21, 2018

well!! my husband has been pushing me to do this for a long time, i love my husband alot and didnt give in as its just not me as its just not in me to be with another man. I havnt been with anyone else, other than m husband. We have been together for about 10 years now and recently got married. . Sex has always been great, he likes to fantasize about me having sex with other men and i have always given in by playing the part. I would pretend just to make him feel good, i didnt get anything out of it other than just feeling good becuase he felt good. .

One day we went out for a few drinks, and he asked me to wear this real short skirt and mad me show my tits off.. We had a few drinks and he went to the washroom, he was away for a while. While i was sitting there all alone, quite high.. a cute guy approached me and asked me if he could buy me a drink. i thought about it and thought it would be good to play along as it would turn my husband on. So i accepted, we were drinking and talking and the conversation was great! i really liked this guy.. he was real nice! my husband got back and was shocked to see someone sitting there with me. I introduced them, they were both shocked. . we continued talking and drinking. .. time passed and i was quite drunk and the topic moved to sex and blowjobs.. Then i husband said that i was a virgin when he met me and that he had taught me everything i know about handling a man and his dick.. I felt this gush of adrenaline pump through me. I was really horny, my pussy was wet.. i excused myself to go to the washroom, and my new friend offered to give me company.

We got to the washroom and it was full, so he offered to take me up to his room, (it was a hotel we were having drinks at).. I accepted and we went up.. while we were in the elevator, he touched my face and kissed me.. i felt soooo good. i knew i wanted to be fucked by this guy and hard! i grabbed him and stuck my tongue in his throat.. he grabbed my tits and said, i cant wait to see these and to grab them when youre sucking my dick. . we got to the room, i used the washroom. freshened up, got out and he was right there with his dick out.. he was about 7 inches and quite think. my husband is about 4.5 and not very think. .. this was the first time, i had another mans dick in my mouth.. it was hard, harder than my husbands.. i remember sucking him for at least 30 minutes, i enjoyed it! it feels so good sucking a rock hard dick.. i was exhausted from sucking his cock, he could see it in my eyes. he picked me up kissed me and undressed me, we kissed for long while he played with me. . i wanted his cock bad, i mean i was so wet and horny. I told him to fuck me hard, i wanted to be fucked like a whore... so he did, he fucked me missionary, he said he wanted to see me while he fucked me, thats something my husband likes as well.. he fucked me for at least 30 minutes, he was BIG and my pussy was opned up... he came in my mouth and all over my face... i came at least 3 times and felt so relieved. . . after we were done, i fell asleep. i was so exausted. . . i woke up hours later to him fucking me again... i thought about my husband and called him while i was getting fucked, and told him ill be down soon. . He said that he knew i was getting fucked and is waiting for me.. i let him finsih off and left...

This is a true story, it happened a few days ago.. we will definitly try it again.