Written by Jules

Aug. 7, 2015

I was always interested in trying out swinging but my wife, Anne was having none of it. She often fantasised in bed with me about sex with someone else but that was as far as it went until she had a chat with our neighbour Val. Val confided to Anne that her sex life was non existent, her husband preoccupied with work as a manager of the local factory. Val had been on line and found a swinging site and she asked Anne her for her thoughts. My wife admitted that she had fantasised about a younger sex partner so she told Val to give it a try. So Val took the plunge and enquired about a swingers sleep over party. One of the stipulations was that it was open to mixed sex couples or threes and as Val was unable to discuss this with her husband, there things remained for a while.

About a month later Anne told me all. After another one of our on the bed fantasies Anne one day told me she would like to help her friend. I immediately agreed to accompany them both and Anne told Val and a date was arranged. My wife was 30 years old at the time, still very attractive with a good figure and shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. Val was 28, skinny but pretty in a homely sort of way with short mousey hair and beautiful eyes.

The day of the party both girls got ready at our house and dressed and pampered themselves upstairs. I can remember them both giggling and talking incessantly. When they came downstairs in their finest they were a sight to see. Anne wore a summer dress and Val a tight pencil skirt and white top. Arriving at the party we were welcomed by the hosts and shown through to the hallway of a very large house. After being served with a glass of bubbly the female host Jenny made an Introductory welcome then an announcement that to make thing easier for newbies like us everyone was to undress down to at least their underclothes before we were encouraged to mingle. Anne started to fret a bit but with Val's encouragement calmed down. It wasn't long before two young guys approached us which threw the girls into fits of laughter as both were naked with large erections. It was so embarrassing for me as these two good looking guys started chatting up the girls. One of them asked if they could get to a bedroom but the invite did not include me! Anne asked me if it would be ok and a little reluctant I agreed. The taller guy took Anne's hand and led the way upstairs. The other guy followed with Val. Anne run back down to me flung her arms around my neck and kissed me. I could see that Anne was so turned on and her eyes were shining. The last sight I saw was Anne disappearing into a bedroom.

I went and had a drink or three at the bar.

Anne told me all about it when we got home. I wanted every detail. She told me that the guy, Chris had pushed her on the bed and pulled off her knickers. Anne took off her bra and laid back with her legs open. Chris did not waste time and entered her?she said he fucked her hard and fast and within a few minutes she climaxed with him deep inside her. I asked her if he had cum inside her and she just smiled!

Anne wore a cap so thought that there were no conception problems but later on she guessed that her cap had been displaced by his long thick cock. When we made love Anne would wet patch the bed but apparently Chris's cum had stayed inside. Next morning I drove her to the surgery for a morning after pill. That night my wife complained of a sore fanny and admitted that in the two hours she had spent with Chris he had cum inside her three times. Chris contacted Anne and he became her regular boy friend and it lasted for over a year! It was a relief when finally I got my bed back.