Written by One time watcher

Jun. 26, 2017

I first posted this on the UK Swinging Heaven site about three years ago. When I found the Canadian site, I thought I might as well post it here as well. I hope you enjoy it. It still makes my wife and I horny when we reminisce about it.

My stories took place in the early '80's in Toronto. My wife Karen and I were close friends with Mike and Brenda who lived across the road. Our kids were the same age, the ladies spent lots of time together, Mike and I played squash at least once a week, and we just generally socialized a lot together.

Karen and I had a great sex life, and after ten years of marriage we were comfortable sharing our fantasies. Inevitably they got around to either swapping with another couple, usually Mike and Brenda, but also other friends and neighbors. That's all they were...fantasies, although I did enjoy telling Karen about Mike's massive cock which I'd seen many times in the locker room after squash. Neither of us had any intention of actually doing what we talked about to make each other horny.

One summer weekend we got our parents to look after our kids and the four of us went to a nice lodge. We had cabins beside each other in an isolated area of the property and after dinner on Saturday we went back to their cabin to play cards and have a few drinks. Karen and I left after a couple of hours, and as we got ready for bed Karen realized that she'd left her purse in the other cabin and asked me to go get it for her. I threw on a robe and walked back over, feeling some relief that a light was still on so that I wouldn't have to get them out of bed. As I walked by the window, I saw that their curtain had a gap in it and took a quick peek. There was Brenda flat on her back with both legs almost vertical while Mike ate her out. This was a bit of a dilemma. I couldn't very well knock and ask for the purse, nor could I go back and tell Karen that I couldn't get it because of what I saw...or could I? I went back to our cabin and told her to put on a robe and follow me. She had no clue what she was about to see. Quietly we stood outside their window, no more than ten feet from a new scene, that of Brenda kneeling on the floor giving Mike a blow job. I looked over at Karen who was awestruck, but wasted no time opening her robe to play with her cunt. I started jacking myself off as well but whispered to her that we should probably leave before they saw or heard us. We went back to our cabin and had some of the horniest sex we'd ever had. She couldn't stop talking about Mike's cock, that she'd had boyfriends in school that were better hung than me but that Mike's cock should win a prize.

Fast forward two years, and Mike had received a promotion that meant a move to Vancouver. Karen and I had them over for dinner one evening just before they left, and it was a happy/sad occasion. Mike was moving to a great new job in a beautiful area of the country, but we would all miss each other a lot. Our kids were at Karen's parents, and a neighbor's daughter was looking after Mike and Brenda's. None of us got drunk but we all relaxed with several bottles of wine talking about old times. Brenda finally said that she should leave so the baby sitter could get home by midnight, but told Mike to stay and relax with me. Karen said she was ready to pack it in as well so left Mike and I chatting in the living room. I heard Karen come back into the kitchen a few minutes later so went to see what she was doing. She had on a robe, which she opened up to reveal her naked body...beautiful tits, and a nice black bush. Karen looked at me and said "should I give Mike a going away present?" I must have looked stunned by the question but she said she was serious and wanted to do it. I was so horny at the idea that I said absolutely and that I was going to watch every minute. We walked into the living room, her robe tied closed again, and she stood in front of Mike who, judging by the look on his face, wondered what was going on. Then Karen opened her robe, dropped it on the floor, stood there naked in front of him, and reached down to grab his hand and guide it onto her cunt. Mike looked over at me with a bit of a worried look but I just nodded to him that this was all fine with me. Karen spread her legs and I could see Mike's finger going inside her then rubbing her clit. Karen was almost purring she was enjoying it so much. She got Mike to stand up and helped him out of his clothes, sort of pushed him back onto the couch, knelt on the floor and started sucking his cock, I was nervous, jealous, excited, and horny all at once, and got my clothes off too. I can't remember ever having a hard on that felt the same as it did that night.

After a few minutes of trying to get as much of Mike's cock in her mouth as she could, she stood up, straddled him, reached back and guided his cock into her cunt. What happened next is the best part of the story, Mike didn't fuck Karen, she fucked him. She moved up and down on his cock slowly, almost letting it pop out but just holding his knob inside her before slipping slowly back down. He was reaching around her, grabbing her ass and pulling her cheeks apart. I had to get involved so got behind her and started licking her ass. She started moaning so I knew this was working. When you're that close to a cock and a cunt (someone else's cock and your wife's cunt(, some things are hard to resist, so I started licking Mike's cock and balls. Now I've never touched anyone else's cock before or since, but this all seemed so natural I didn't think twice about it and Mike seemed to enjoy it too. Mike was getting ready to shoot his load inside her so I watched as his muscles tensed, and he started pushing his cock hard into Karen's soaking cunt until he came. Then I watched his cum leaking out of Karen's cunt and around his still huge hard on. When they finally finished, Karen stood up, grabbed him by the cock and led him up to the bathroom, where she washed him off, and told him he couldn't go home to Brenda with his cock smellimg like her best friend's pussy.

Mike and Brenda moved out west that week. We kept in touch for years, and always got together whenever they came back here to visit relatives. The subject never came up between him and me, and Brenda was none the wiser, bot here I am more than thirty five years later reminiscing about the best night of sex Karen and I have ever had.