Written by John & Teri

Feb. 3, 2016

Watching my wife of 22 years going to bed with another man has been a long term fantasy. When I broached it with her about 10 years ago, her response was an outright refusal plus some histrionics about me not loving her. It took me another five years to mention it again and she refused, but without the histrionics. I mentioned it again about a year ago with the same result. Then, about six months ago, after an unusually torrid session in bed, she just blurted out as we cuddled, “Do you still want to see me in bed with another man?” I asked her why and she continued, "Well, asking me before planted the idea and, with time, I've gotten used to the idea, plus there's this married man at work who's been making it plain over the past few months he fancies me. He's taken me out to lunch a few times and he's asked me to go to bed with him. I've been thinking I'd like to do it."

I stared at her surprised and maybe even a bit shocked, but then my cock started to rise with the image of another man between her legs pumping into her. She saw the look of lust rising in my face and reached for my cock. Finding it half hard, she smiled as she wanked it to full size, then said, "Come in me and we'll both imagine its him between my legs." I moaned with lust as I quickly mounted her fucking her hard and deep, the thought of another man between her legs driving me wild. I realized she must be quite taken with the idea of him having her when she called me by his name as she got close to coming, "Fuck me, Frank, fuck me hard! Make me come! I want to feel you coming in me!"

Hearing that spurred me on, pushing my lust to a new height. I pounded into her and she wailed out as she came, "Oh, God, Frank, I'm coming! I'm coming! You're making me come! Don't stop! Keep fucking me!" Hearing that pushed me over the edge and I bellowed out my own climax, jetting my cum deep in her convulsing pussy. When I finished, her tummy and thighs were still quivering in orgasm, which only happens when she's extremely turned on.

When she finished, I said, "So, his name's Frank." When she looked surprised, I said, "You called me Frank when you were coming." She looked a bit embarrassed, then said, "Sorry, but the past few weeks when we've made love, I've imagined it was him in me. Please don't be angry or hurt." I smiled and replied, "Not to worry. To be honest, there have been times when I've imagined you were some other woman I've wanted to fuck. It doesn't mean anything, just made me hotter for you." She thought for a moment, then said, "Well, if we're being totally honest, there have been other times in the past when I've done the same thing."

After we cuddled for a while, she asked, “Are you really sure you're OK with me going to bed with him? Do you really know how you'll react when you watch him put his cock in me? Are you sure you'll be able to handle watching me enjoy it? See and hear me have orgasms? Wrap my body around his in ecstasy as he comes in me? And me beg him to do me again? Have you really thought about whether or not you can handle watching me being like that with another man?"

Her questions hit me hard as I hadn't really thought how it would be seeing her that way since my fantasy was all about seeing him doing her, not about her reacting to it. I said maybe I needed to think about it, so we left it alone for a couple of days until the next time we were making love. She again called me by his name when she got close to coming and when she actually came, but hearing her call out to him just made me hornier instead of jealous.

So, as we cuddled together afterward, I told her we should do it, but it must be only as a threesome with me in the room and taking my turn after he had her a couple of times, and we needed to otherwise remain faithful unless the other one gave permission for an extramarital experience. She readily agreed and then talked to him the next day at work.

Since he was married and his wife was unaware, we met him at a pub close to ours right after work the next day when his wife would be at her monthly club meeting for that week (she had a different one each week). We had a drink and chatted for a short time, and I quickly became comfortable with him being the one. As we talked, I could see my wife looking at him with undisguised yearning and he reciprocated, but not quite so obviously. The sexual tension between them was electric and I had the feeling if I weren't there, they would be hugging and kissing at the table with his hand up under her dress. It was highly erotic to see her so horny for him but, surprisingly, I felt no jealousy, only dismay that he would be the one seducing her. It was obvious that any more small talk would be wasting our time, so we finished our drinks and left.

He followed us back to ours and once inside, she went to the loo to remove her bra and panties as we had pre-arranged. I took him into the lounge and sat him on the sofa as I muted the lighting a bit and put on some soothing music. She returned and sat next to him on the sofa. I was on the matching chair directly opposite. She looked at him with longing, then over at me to make sure I had no objection as she took his hand and placed it on her knee. I nodded my head and she leaned in inviting a kiss when he said, “I’ve never done anything like this with an audience.” She looked over and said to me, “Can you give us a few minutes alone?” I reluctantly stepped out to the kitchen and paced back and forth for a short time, my lust building.

After about five minutes, I returned and saw they were entwined on the sofa kissing hungrily with his hand rubbing her breasts through her dress. They ignored me when I returned to my chair and sat watching my wife being seduced. My own feelings were entirely sexual and detached from her as my wife. In my mind, she was just a woman I was watching about to have sex with another stranger. I watched them deep kissing for several minutes with their tongues in each other's mouth. It was more erotic than I ever imagined. She was already moaning with rising desire as his hand moved from breast to breast, caressing them and tweaking the nipples already hard enough to poke through the thin material of her dress.

Continuing to kiss her, his hand soon slid down her tummy and onto her upper thighs, rubbing into her groin through the dress. He then moved it down her legs and slipped it under her dress. She parted her legs to give him access and he moved his hand up the inside of her thighs. I eagerly watched as it made its the way up into her crotch, his arm moving the bottom edge of her dress up by default. By now her legs had opened even more and she had scrunched her hips forward to the edge of the sofa, with her upper body now reclining against the back of the sofa.

My angle of view was such that I could actually see his hand between her legs fingering her slit. He played with her thin soft pussy hair between swipes up and down her slit. After plundering there for a enough time to get her wet if she wasn't already, he slid two fingers in. I guess she was really wet because he quickly added a third finger. He was sliding them in, lingering for a few seconds as he moved them around inside, then out and back in to rummage inside again. He repeated this sequence several times, preparing her pussy for his cock. Her hips were undulating against his hand in time with his fingering and her breathing quickened into low moans of desire.

He soon was working his fingers very rapidly in and out and her moaning got louder and more urgent. As his fingers had their way with her, her moans of pleasure and urgent hip movements were clearly sending him the message she was ready to be fucked. All through this his mouth never left hers. I had never watched such passionate French kissing, although that's how we did it when we were especially horny.

As his hand became a blur of movement, her body started to tremble with an approaching climax, her hips now writhing under his hand. It was obvious she was going to come soon and my cock was already hard in anticipation of watching her do so with someone else. Suddenly, she broke their kiss and cried out, "I'm coming! Oh, God, you're making me come!" Her hips jerked and twisted, but he kept fingering her as he leaned in and resumed plundering her mouth with his tongue. She grabbed the hair on the back of his head with her hands and violently kissed him back as she worked through her orgasm, her hips bouncing against his hand.

As she came down, he continued to finger her, but at a gradually slower pace until she was finished. She slumped against the back of the sofa, her open legs stretched out before her, feet wide apart on the carpet, his hand still playing with her pussy. He withdrew his hand and sniffed it hungrily, deeply inhaling her womanly odors. I envied him since I know very well how wonderful her juices smell, and I suddenly had a vivid memory of our very early days when she would sometimes be devilish and masturbate in the loo with her hand and then join me in bed running her juicy hand under my nose to see how quickly I could go from zero to a full erection up her pussy.

By now I was so horny I wanted to move this along so I could watch him fuck her. My cock was straining to the bursting point inside my pants. I went over and told him to take her upstairs to our bedroom and fuck her there. He stood her up and led her up the stairs with me following.

By the time she got there, she had fully recovered. I sat in the chair in the corner of the room and watched as they kissed passionately, quickly undressing each other. As pieces of clothing came off, they caressed the intimate parts revealed. I undressed down to my underwear and watched as she urgently pulled him onto the bed with her as she lay on her back with legs wide open. She stared lustfully at his cock as he climbed between her legs. She pulled her knees back, opened her legs even wider, and reached for him with both hands. She was in heat and couldn't wait to be fucked. God, seeing that made me so hot I wanted to jump up and fuck her myself.

He quickly joined her and started to mount. As he did so, she eagerly moved her hand between them to guide his cock into her gapping entrance. I watched her face as he slowly slid his cock up her. As he went in, her face showed concern mixed with anticipation but, when he was all the way in, she smiled, rolled her head back a bit and moaned, "Oh my God! You feel wonderful! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" She raised her legs on each side of his waist with knees bent as he slowly pumped his cock into her, establishing his rhythm. They were staring with lust at each other as they fucked. Right in front of me this stranger was fucking my wife and she was vigorously fucking him back, running her hands up and down his back, and squeezing his bum with rising passion.

He established a steady rhythm and they fucked like that for several minutes until she began making her familiar pre-orgasm moans and groans mixed with words of encouragement such as, "Oh, god! Don't stop! Fuck me harder. I'm getting close. Now! Do it Now!", all of which I had heard uttered to me hundreds of times before. I envied him what he was experiencing. The feel of her sopping wet pussy surrounding and nipping his cock. Hearing her moans and groans of passion hissing In his ears uttered by a mouth contorted with the agony of passion. The urgings of her arms and legs wrapped around him to fuck her faster or harder or deeper, or all three. I knew these feelings so well and it made me unbelievably horny to watch him experience them with my wife - with MY wife. My god, I suddenly felt an overwhelming jealousy, not so much because he was doing it with her, but more because it wasn't me doing it with her.

Luckily, the jealousy was fleeting and quickly replaced by an overwhelming horniness, and I slowly wanked my cock a bit to take the edge off the passion I was feeling as a voyeur. He soon began grunting out a rapidly approaching climax. Suddenly, his bum cheeks clinched as he began to come, bellowing out his orgasm as he violently thrust several times into her, jetting his cum deep in her pussy. He continued stroking into her as he finished and she went over the edge and yelled out "I'm coming! I'm coming!! Keep fucking me! I'm coming!" Her hips thrust up into him, jerking violently with her passionate release. I saw his cum soon appear on the sides of his thrusting cock and around the rim of her pussy as her hips jerked out her own intense climax. I was rock hard watching another man's cock give her an intense orgasm right before my eyes.

After they both were finished, he rolled off and lay beside her on his back. She rolled toward him and lay her head on his shoulder and gently thrust her groin into his thigh, rubbing her clit against his skin in a post-coital prolonging of her pleasure. They slowly recovered like that for several minutes. I was still reeling from the intensity of watching another man fuck my wife and come inside her as she fucked him back. And now I watched them hold and caress each other in a passionate afterglow.

Her hip movements on his thigh soon transitioned from gentle rubbing to deliberate humping as her passion re-ignited. She reached for his cock and had no trouble wanking it into full hardness. She moved on top and straddled his hips. She raised her groin over his upright cock, guided the head into her entrance, and slowly moved her hips downward, fully engulfing his rampant cock. Once she was comfortable being fully impaled, she began thrusting up and down. He soon matched her downward thrusts with his own upward ones, fucking her back.

She soon began riding him faster, varying her hip thrusts and upper body position until she finally shouted out an intense orgasm, her hips jerking as the rest of her body trembled and quivered. He continued thrusting up into her to help prolong her orgasm. After she slowly came down from the intensity of her climax, she collapsed her upper body on him and they lay there recuperating, his cock still slowly thrusting up into her.

After recovering, she rolled off, then cuddled him with her head on his shoulder, an arm across his chest, and a leg over his thigh. They rested like that for a long time before she signaled her desire to continue fucking by again humping her pussy into his thigh. They kissed deeply for awhile as he rubbed her bum, pulling her pussy tighter onto his thigh as she humped him.

When ready for their next bout, he moved between her legs, slid his cock up her with a single long thrust, and began fucking her hard and deep with very rapid strokes. It was almost as if this one was for him alone. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and his hard and deep thrusting quickly pushed her toward another climax. In just a couple of minutes of vigorous fucking, they cried out almost simultaneous orgasms as he again filled her with his cum.

While they recovered from this latest session, I took off my underwear and awaited my opportunity. When he got up to go to the loo, I quickly climbed on the bed, got between her legs and buried my raging hard-on up her, fucking her hard and deep. She quickly responded, fucking me back, and said, "I didn't think you would wait this long. I thought you would re-claim me after I finished being on top." Without missing a stroke, my response was to kiss her deeply, our tongues plundering and playing. I was overcome by pure lust and fucked her hard and deep to my own climax. By the time I got there, her arms and legs were wrapped around me urging me on. She even had a small climax at the end as I pounded and shot my cum into her.

I remained on her with my cock soaking in her pussy. She had her arms around my back hugging me as we kissed intermittently. I looked into her eyes and said, "I can't believe how turned on I got watching you!" She smiled and replied, "I can't believe how erotic it is to have another man in me driving me to an orgasm! And I liked that you were watching us. You were right, we should have done this years ago."

I finally got off her and, as I turned to return to my seat, I saw him sitting there stroking his cock. I said to him, "It's quite a turn on to watch, isn't it?" As he got up to replace me on the bed, he replied "I never realized how much. Now I understand why husbands like watching their wives fuck other men. Too bad my wife won't go for it."

He got between my wife's legs to have her again. As he pushed into her, she raised her legs around his waist and said, I think more for my benefit than his, "I can't believe how good it feels when you fill me with your cock. Make me come again!" With that she began ramming her hips up into him as he fucked her, grunting with each thrust. They came again after several minutes of vigorous fucking. His stamina probably was enhanced by that incredible lust a man feels when he fucks a new woman for the first time. The fact that he was fucking another man's wife probably contributed also.

As they finished that last session, he said he had to leave to get home so he would be there freshly showered when his wife returned from her club meeting. My wife slipped on a short nightgown as he quickly dressed and we walked him to the front door. He shook my hand and thanked me for letting him have her. She teasingly asked him what she got as a parting gesture. He grinned wickedly at both of us and slid his hand between her legs, fingering her as he put his head down to her breasts and sucked a nipple through the nightgown. When she started to moan with arousal, he said, "Hold that thought until next time!", kissed her goodbye and slipped hurriedly out the door.

She turned to me and said, “You do realize I want to fuck him some more." I smiled and nodded 'yes' and assured her that watching her get fucked was an incredible turn-on for me, especially when she screamed out her climaxes, and she could have as many threesomes as she wanted in the future. I then led her upstairs and back to bed. I was still horny and fucked her again. After I came, she said she was finally fucked out and needed to sleep, and we fell asleep in each other's arms soon thereafter.

My wife had him many more times after that, and the development with his wife after she became suspicious is another good story.