Written by Michaelmas12

Dec. 24, 2017

It started innocently enough. Online chat, a little playful banter and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a nubile 18 year old would be interested in getting together with me, a man 3 times her age!? Connecting again a few days later, seeing we were on line at the same time I sent a guick note just to say hello. I get, "Hey...

She was the one who suggested getting together! Explaining her situation, going to school, living in residence with a roommate that was "a bitch" she wanted to meet. Could she come over? My first reaction, is this for real! Apparently it was! She offered to walk over to my place and knowing the distance involved I told her I wouldn't mind picking her up. She gave me the address and I said I could be there in 15 minutes! Jumping in the car still thinking this was a put on, I arrived at the corner where she said she'd be! There she was standing on the street corner, wearing the jean jacket she described!! Even then, sitting in my car, I was thinking how brave she was meeting a complete stranger this way. I opened the door and she climbed in, sitting beside me.

Pretty young woman and nobody's fool! Telling me she was in PreMed at school, I heard a little of her background. She has a boyfriend, not living here and as it turns out, is constantly texting him as we talk and I drive. Not long getting home, once we are inside together we continue talking. Feeling each other out, we are both a little uneasy as would be the case with any two people meeting for the first time. I asked what she would like to do and without hesitation she asked to be taken to my bedroom! Not so much shocked as I was amazed how open this young woman was and how quickly we relaxed together. Conversation was easy as we walked up into the bedroom and she immediately climbed onto my bed, slowly taking off her clothes. Tight blue jeans off! Shirt off! There was this beautiful young lady leaning against the headboard of MY bed wearing nothing but a bra and panties! Looking down at her soft young body I took one hand and ran it up the length of her leg! Feeling the soft flesh of her thigh my hand moved over and cupped the mound of her sex! Not shy, she parted her legs a bit wider and I could feel the warmth radiating from her pussy! She looked very pretty, even with my attention focused on attending to such a sweet looking girl, I couldn't help noticing she was constantly texting her boyfriend!

Not a distraction for either of us, I realized pretty quickly the little lady was not only texting her boyfriend, she was sending him pictures as well as video of our encounter! That by itself was a real turn on for me, knowing that this sweet young woman was letting her boyfriend view what we were doing! Live phone sex to a strange fellow in another part of the country put a whole new erotic twist on what we were doing!

Slowly pulling down her panties and removing her bra she was now naked on top of the bed! The phone always evident, she held it over her pussy as I pressed two fingers into her, she snapped off a series of pictures! I gently tickled her clit feeling her warmth, feeling too that she was starting to get wet! Obviously she was getting as aroused as I was! I hadn't taken my clothes off, I was simply enjoying the presence of her body. At the same time I wanted to please her. Climbing up on the bed and laying down between her soft smooth legs I placed my lips against her sex. She opened up under my touch and I pressed my tongue into her. She did moan softly. I could also hear the phone clicking off another series of pictures as my lips pressed against her warm cunt!

She was warm and wet! I was aroused and hard! Getting up from between her legs I stood next to the bed taking off my clothes! Not much said between us as I knelt in front of her! Taking her phone in one hand I offered my cock to her! Without hesitation she took the tip of my erection between her lips! I asked her to stop and hold that position! I brought her phone into play myself and took a few close ups of her soft lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I slowly pressed my cock into her mouth and she eagerly took the length down her throat. I didn't stop taking pictures until she had done! A few pictures of her pretty face sucking my cock and I pulled back! Taking the camera from me she quickly sent off the series of pics to her boyfriend! This was getting very arousing!!!

After that I asked her to roll over on her stomach! Her beautiful smooth bottom and lovely toned backed laying there for me to stare down at! I slid my hand between the cheeks of her ass, between her thighs, my hand pressing against the underside of her soft belly. My wrist and forearm pressing against her sex. She seemed to enjoy that and started to grind against my hold on her! Phone still in hand she rolled around slightly and brought the focus of the camera down on to her bottom and snapped off a couple of pictures of herself riding my arm! She told me she was about to cum, which she gently did! She clamped her thighs around my wrist and I could feel her climax against me!

At this point I was about to climax myself as I held onto the young lady. I flipped her over on her back pulling her to the edge of the bed. Standing on the floor I had her wrap her legs around my waist as I guided my cock into her pussy! Not wanting to waste a great photo op I had her hold me in place. My cock deep inside her! I moved a light I had next to me around, so it was shining down between her legs! I had the phone in my possession again! As I slowly fucked this "sweet" young woman I kept taking pictures of my cock sliding in and out of her sex. Her pussy wet and warm, my dick very slowly slid in and out! Taking pictures with each stroke until I came. There is a great close up of the head of my cock resting on the entrance of her pink pussy! My cum oozing out of her sex!!! What an erotic evening...

In hindsight I thought, this young Lady's boyfriend put her up to the encounter! I know that he was sent some great video and saw some lovely pictures of his girl friend making it with an "old man"! I think too that she wanted to experience some things that she had never done before. Telling me she had never sucked on a man's cock while driving in a car! Who was I to say no as I drove her home!