Written by leblond16

Jan. 2, 2017

The weekend was upon us and so we headed over to our local. Started chatting with our friends and then the question of what was everyone doing for new years eve. We did not have any plans so we asked our bartender which band they were going to have and she shocked us by saying there was no party. It had just blown away all of us, no one knew what to do.

A week had gone by and well there we were again still no thoughts. Then a friend that we have played with a couple of times came in. So we asked him what he was doing, he said that there was a bar near his place that was having a party and asked us if we wanted to join him as he was going solo. We agreed and he said he would get us the tickets and let us know.

During the following week my girlfriend spoke to him and everything was all set, we were to stay over at his place as drinking and driving is not a smart thing to do. So as the time approach my girlfriend went shopping for a new dress of course and new shoes. I was not allowed to see the dress until that night which usually meant it would a hot little number. Also it was arranged that we would go straight to his place and dress there, then walk over to the bar.

Once we arrived we had a couple of drinks then got ready. We each took our turns with my girlfriend being last of course. Then he and I sat back with another drink and waited for the big reveal and let's just say we were not disappointed. She came into the living room wearing a silver sequence number that was short and her sweet cleavage though not big but very nicely displayed and we just sat stun. She was so beautiful, she told us in no uncertain terms that we are not to touch.

Off to the bar we went and once there it was a full house, the band was very good and the service was great considering how busy they were. We both took turns dancing with her to fast and slow dances. We were all having a great time when a stranger came over to our table and asked her to dance and she accepted. So off to the floor she went again and stay for several songs. Then a slow one came on, so I look around for her and found her still dancing but with another fellow. After that song she made her way back to our table.

Now that we were back sitting together we checked out the time and it was only two minutes away. So as we waited our friend told us about this place we were in and then it was midnight , we all cheered with a glass of champagne, handshakes, kisses on the cheeks. We stay for another round then went back to his and as we walked we flirted with her all the way.

Once inside he served us another and told us that he was happy we took him up on his invite. Then he went over to sit next to her put his are around her and said now I can give you a real new year kiss and proceeded to kiss her for a while. As I sat there watching naturally my cock started to hardened, they brock their kiss and he kissed her neck and I could see she was getting excited. I new from experience that he is a one timer so if we were going to go all night as I wanted then I need to cool him down and that's what I did by saying my turn i'll get our drinks and my girlfriend said she would go and change.

He has an open house concept where you can see out into the dinning room and living room and as I went to retrieve our drinks she got up to use the washroom. As I stood fixing our drinks I was looking out and seeing that he had been holding her to him kissing her again, I found this just so fucking exciting I thought I would cum in my pants. She finally broke away and went to change. She did take her time but it was well worth it.

As she appeared once again we were speechless she had on the most beautiful two piece outfit. She touched up her makeup and look so damn sexy. As she came over to us I held out my to her and we sat together and my friend now sat facing us. We both told her how good she look how sexy she looked and how hot she was. I handed the drink I made for her and we all cheered to the good friendships. I then kissed her with all the gentle passion I could muster up and slowly slide one side of her gown off her shoulder. Then started to play with her beautiful nipple and leaned forward took it in my mouth for a minute then stop.

I looked over to my friend and asked him to join us and he said you guy's are crazy and I said you can't refuse this can you. He just jumped up came over knelt down in front of her and said I'm going to get some of this as he pulled down her panties. I looked at my girlfriend and she was wearing a great big smile and so I proceeded to kiss her and play with her tits, and she grab my cock through my pants, needless to say they were off in about a minute. While I was removing my clothing I noticed he was already naked. So I asked why don't I take this top off and did so. As I did that he stood up and had placed his cock in front of her face so as she opened her eyes that was all she saw. Instead of sucking his cock like he was hoping, she suggested we go into his bedroom which we did.

Upon entering the room she was playfully jumping on the bed so we had to grab her to stop her from falling off. She did come close a couple of times but did not fall. Then we sat her in the middle of us and she took hold of both our cocks and started to stroke us nice and steady. We took turns kissing her and playing with her tits then we started to finger her, she was warming very nicely for us. Our friend went back to eating her sweet pussy and I continue to play with her tits. Then she laid back on the bed and told me to put my cock in her mouth which I did quickly. I could tell that our friend was doing a good job by the way she was moaning around my cock. Then it happen she had her fist orgasm and we switched places and I gave made her have her second. After a few minutes of rest and some of her drink she started to suck our cocks one after the other. Then after we both came we all took a break.

We went out to the living room sat down and chatted a bit, we were all seated on a long sofa and his hands started to wonder. I decide to let him have his fun and just sit back and watch. He started to slide his hand up her thigh and I watched her spread her legs for him, that made me so fucking hard there is nothing as hot as that. Knowing she spread them for him on her own. He then asked her if he could fuck her and she said yes please, so he got between them and that's exactly what he did he just plain old fucked her for everything he had. He went at it for a good ten minutes and I then put my cock back in her mouth. And then came his big finish, he went jackhammer on her and blew his load.

After that he laid down next to her and we thought he was just relaxing but then we heard him snoring, we looked at each other said oh well. We went into the bedroom to have our fun and just as we ere getting into it he returned all refreshed, we started to laugh. After another go round we all called it a night and all went to sleep.

The following morning we all went for breakfast and said our goodbyes.