Aug. 12, 2018

Bit of a funny anecdote. The thing to note about us is that we are super soft swap, limiting ourselves to massage without oral or PIV at this time as we are new to the lifestyle. Mrs B didn't want to go too far so we set the rules for her comfort level.

The evening had gone well. We were at Ozone, taking another couple through a series of massage touches, both relaxing and teasing. The ladies had gone first, with each enjoying a 6 handed massage. We have a 'routine' of light teasing touches, Swedish massage techniques, followed by body ticklers, feathers, and scarves. My wife totally loved the experience. Then it was the guys' turns. He went first through the sequence before flipping on his back to have the 2 ladies tease and play with him. His wife performed oral until he was bouncing on the table. My turn arrived and I must say that having two sexy ladies touching me all over was amazing. When I flipped over, it continued with particular care given to my cock. Eyes closed, I enjoyed all of the sensations, especially when a warm, wet mouth engulfed my knob. I opened my eyes to see not my wife, but the other lady vigorously doing the honours. This seemed off script, but was too good for me to want it to stop, but I was worried about my wife's thoughts.

Afterwards, I asked my wife. Apparently, the lady asked my missus, "Is it okay?". My wife thought that she was asking for oil so she said sure and was taken aback when the lady inhaled my manhood. Fortunately, my missus was surprised rather than upset. Afterwards, we had a good laugh at that bit of misunderstanding.

I still smile thinking of my wife's confusion, followed by shock, and finally blushing embarrassment having realized her innocent mistake. :)