Nov. 22, 2017

It was the beginning of May, 2014 and we were on vacation at a luxury resort on the Mayan Riviera. Our resort featured swim-up suites and a swim up bar. We had a swim-up suite, right across from the bar. While we were at the swim-up bar, we were chatting with a couple from the UK. Will and Kate (not their real names, of course) had been married for only a week.  It turned out, their suite was on the second floor directly above ours. Will and Kate were 28 and 29. Our youngest son was 31 at the time.

In the course of our chitchat, C told them that I was always pestering her to vacation at the nudist resort next door. Will took me aside and asked why I wanted to go there. I told him I was interested in getting an all-over tan (Lie) and making some naked friends (Truth). He then confided that they had hoped to meet a couple to have an erotic adventure with while they were on their honeymoon in Mexico.

C was chatting with Kate at the time and was not aware of our talk. I whispered to her that they were interested in fucking us. It was not unusual for me to talk like that, but she thought it was just my overactive imagination again. Will and I continued suggestively talking and I told him that we were going to grab some dinner. If he wanted to get together later for 'drinks' he should just hang her panties over the railing as a sign, if he wanted to us to come up.

C and I went to dinner by ourselves and I mentioned it to her a few more times while we ate. When we returned to our room, I asked C if I should call them and invite ourselves up for a drink. She said "If you like..."  So I called them. I grabbed a bottle of Bailey's and before we could get to the door there was knock, and they met us wearing their Resort-issued robes. Kate seemed shy about coming in first, so Will entered first and she followed. Of course, C and I were not quite that ready, we were still wearing our clothes. Kate sat on the edge of our king-sized bed. C was on the couch chatting with her while I poured a few drinks.

Will and I stepped out onto the patio and discussed the plan, inhibitions, etc. He said they had never done it before, although Kate had a few years ago. I'm thinking, hmmm.... no condom necessary. I told him the things that C loved… neck kisses, a hard cock against her ass, doggy style fucking.

We returned to the room and Will sat down on the bed beside Kate, rubbing her leg.

I was standing, moving about nervously. I could see that from where C was sitting, she had a clear eye-level view of Will's cock and balls. I figured to get things moving, I went into the washroom, stripped naked and put on my robe and rejoined them.

C was still nervously chatting with them. I suggested she put her robe on. She continued chatting until Kate said she should put her robe on. C said ok, got up and went into the washroom. The washroom was laid out in such a way that she had a clear view of the main suite and the bed. C took her time changing into her robe, and watching the action in the room.

Will was sitting on Kate’s right, while I sat on her left. The three of us on the edge of the bed. Will kissed Kate and rubbed her thigh while slipping her robe open. Then she turned and kissed me, sliding her hand under my robe to find my rock hard cock.

She had such soft kisses, the kind of mouth you feel you can melt into.  I began to caress her other thigh and moved my hand up to her gloriously shaved and wet pussy.  Will put his hand over mine, pressing my fingers into her. She leaned her head back so I had a lovely view of her beautiful young breasts, which I wasted no time in kissing and sucking. As she parted her legs wider, I moved down and began licking her sweet young pussy.

C was becoming very aroused as this real life porno unfolded in front of her viewpoint in the washroom. She returned to the bedroom to join in the fun. Will took her hand and stood to caress her. He turned her around so that he was behind her and she was facing Kate and me. He pulled her robe apart and rubbed his hands on her shoulders, kissing her neck as her robe fell to the floor. Both hands caressed her tits as he pressed his hard cock against her ass. Good boy, you remembered what I told you! I watched as one hand slid down and his fingers probed her neatly trimmed cunt. I could tell he was pressing her ass against him and sliding his rock hard cock up and down in the sweet folds of her ass. That was such a huge turn-on for me.

C turned and kissed him passionately, Will was gripping her ass and grinding his hard cock against her pelvis.  While I was kissing Kate, feeling her wet pussy, C was feeling Will's hard cock. She dropped to her knees and fulfilled my long-awaited fantasy of seeing her take another man's hard cock in her mouth.

Kate was obvously excited by this as well, as she expertly wrapped he supple lips around my hard cock and began to manipulate me with her talented mouth.

Kate and C then faced each other and locked in a passionate kiss, while Will and I licked their pussies. Will had 3 fingers in C's pussy and he was finger-fucking her fast and hard, almost violently, bringing her orgasm after orgasm. Kate then went down on C, licking her pussy.

In turn, C got to fulfill her fantasy of tasting another woman, as she went down and began licking Kate's shaved pussy. The girls explored each other as Will and I caressed their highly aroused bodies. Kate said to me, "Your wife is very wet" I replied, "so are you”

Will remembered me saying that C's favourite position was doggy style. So he turned her over and was preparing to plunge his big, bare cock into her hot wet and waiting pussy. He did not object when I took the opportunity to grab his cock in my hand and rubbed the tip against her wet, waiting cunt. It was the first time in my life I had ever touched another man's cock. It was so erotic to hold it, feeling its hot thickness, and guide it as he pushed it, parting my wife's pussy lips, hearing her moan with orgasmic pleasure as he sliding it deep into her.

Kate lay back on the bed and my cock found a strange and exciting new place to play as I thrust it deep into her. I was so turned on as I got to experience the joy and excitement of fucking a hottie more than half my age. Tasting her sweet lips, feeling my cock slide in her wet cunt, and making sure to look over to see my wife of 41 years being expertly fucked by a man half her age. His cock was so hard and so wet and glistening as he thrust it in and out of her.

Kate was an amazing fuck. I can’t say enough about how delicious and sensual she was, but I honestly believe watching Will fuck my wife was the most exciting thing for me.

Kate was riding me as I lay on my back. She slid back and then went down on me, again wrapping her lips around my hard cock. I was in pure exstacy , when I heard Will say, "I'm going to cum!" and he started to pull out.

I said “No, go ahead and cum in her!" He said "Are you sure?" I answered “Definitely"

C and he groaned loudly as he came deep inside her.

This was way too much excitement for me. Kate was sucking my cock and could feel it swelling as I was about to cum. She knew I was about to cum, but she continued expertly sucking and sucked until I exploded into her mouth. She kept sucking and milking me until I couldn’t cum any more. Then I watched as C took her lover's spent cock into her mouth and cleaned all the cum off of it.

Kate sucked me dry and then the girls embraced each other. C asked her if she wanted to taste her husband. Kate said do u want to taste yours? And they shared a deep and passionate kiss. Kate pushed C to her back and went down on her to taste even more of her husband's hot cream. When they kissed again I went down on C and tasted what was left of Wills load.

We said good night to Will and Kate and they left our room. No sooner had they gone, and we were back at it. Then twice the next day, and many times since. We still talk about it to this day, and it always ends up in us having hot sex. 

Unfortunately, our vacation was at an end and we had no opportunity for a repeat encounter.

We both agree that Kate was a great kisser and had a very tasty pussy. C has said she really enjoyed it, much more than she thought she would. She was surprised at how much she enjoyed the girl on girl portion of the evening. And having me there by her side made it so much better for her.