Written by jlove_Mr

May 6, 2013

My wife had a glow about her tonight, one that made her even more stunning than she normally was. She had that extra bounce in her step, a twinkle in her eye, and a very moist area between her legs. Tonight was the night we were going to do a "balls deep" anal.

We had made many anal attempts over the years and a few times we even made pretty good penetration. But never was I able to completely fill her ass with my manhood, "balls deep". We had made a bet earlier in the week and if I won she said she would let me get my cock all the way in her beautiful ass, well I won the bet and she was good on her word so we set the weekend as the time to give it a try. We had just been given a new technique to try from a wonderful friend of ours and we had high hopes for the night.

My wife in her beautiful lustre sat in front of me on the couch with her legs spread. I knelt in front of her and gently kissed the back of her neck as my hand slowly made my way from her outer thigh to her hot, wet pussy. I covered her mound with my hand to gently touch all of pussy but not apply too much pressure, just enough to keep her on the edge a little. When my hand finally focused on one part it stopped right above her very, very swollen clit. I ran my fingers in circles around her swollen clit. I could smell her pussy, and the scent was intoxicating. I went to her mouth and kissed her passionately. My circles becoming more and more intense, getting her closer and closer to orgasm. I moved my hand from her clit down over her moist pussy down to her asshole. I generously applied more than enough lube and placed my fingers on the outside of her hole. I slowly inserted one finger and then another...she gently pushed me away and whispered into my ear "Let me get on my knees" I eagerly helped her to her knees and she slowly bent over, exposing her very sexy ass in all its glory. I sat there admiring her beauty and then began massaging her asshole. I could feel her clenching on my finger so I put my first index finger in slowly, then the second index finger. Her moans were driving me over the edge, once I had both fingers in her beautiful ass, I pressed the tips together inside of her and I began to separate my fingers while keeping my tips together. This was the great tip we received from our wonderful, beautiful friend. After slowly stretching her ass I reached in our sex tool box and pulled out a medium sized butt plug. I applied even more lube and started to insert the plug in my wife's hot ass. I pushed it in slowly, twisting it as I went in, her moans were growing more and more intense. I managed to get the plug all the way in her ass and pulled it out and back in a few more times until I was convinced she could take my cock. I then lubed my cock and press the tip of my head up against her asshole. She asked me to stop for a moment and she reached over to grab her vibrator. She put her toy on her clit and that was the signal for entry. I slowly thrust my cock into her asshole and to my amazement there was no resistance. I kept pushing and pushing, in total ecstasy as I felt her tight asshole engulf my cock, swallowing it right up. I pushed it all the way in and told my wife how far it was in and she began to buck back onto my cock moaning deeply. I told her to tell me what I was doing to her, she responded "You are fucking my asshole" I told her to say it again as I started to thrust harder an faster, "You are fucking my ass" then she started to quiver and I felt her asshole clench and milk my raw cock. She then came with me in her tight asshole and I could hold out no longer, I allowed her ass to milk all the cum out of my raw cock. The sensation was breathtaking. We sat there not moving for a few moments then I pulled out of her and as she sat there bent over the couch she told me to watch and I saw her push my cum out of her ass, it streamed out of her ass all over her beautiful pussy lips. It was one of the hottest moments I had ever witnessed.

My wife has now decided to have an anal night once a week! I am a very very lucky man. Now we just have to find a way to thank our very knowledgeable friends ;) I will post a picture of my wife's hot ass with the cum dripping out on my profile page soon.