Feb. 16, 2019

I've been working at the same place ,with my now wife ,her and another lady would walk by a few of us guys on there lunch hour ,us guys would always comment with one another,like guys do ,on which one would be the better in bed or best fuck ,some choose the other woman I choose Andrea,just the way she carried herself when she walked I had a good feeling not to mention she was really good looking and dressed hot ,I so wanted to fuck her ,I was married at the time and so was she .

Finally I got the chance to flirt a little with , approaching her and a couple of woman she was sitting with outside in the summer at a picnic table,I eat sat down and made idle chit chat ,but it didn't seem to get me anywhere with her ,so I thought at the time ,then I got the chance again and that went over a lot better ,we flirted pretty steady until the day came she was getting layed off and I caught up to her on the way out and planted this cheesy line on her ,I had to cum up with something,,,,,,so I asked her 'how did you sleep last night',? She replied 'all right I guess 'then I told her 'well you didn't get much sleep last night in my dreams ' and asked her out for coffee sometime?she agreed with an awesome smile ,fuck I thought first base ???,so we agreed on an evening awhile after that conversation but would chat on the phone now and then .

The night came it was the first referendum vote in Quebec,so I told my then wife I was going to the bar with a bunch of guys freinds,,,,but with alternative motives,,,,,I know bad ,but I so want to meet Andrea ,she wasn't just good looking but very personable and honest , really genuine,and very smart ,I so wanted to know how it would be to kiss her ,?but my wife showed up at the bar and put a kygash to my plans,fuck Andrea was not impressed but I smothed it over and set up another coffee date ,she was also still married,but taking a night course 15 minutes from where I lived.

So the night came I found er car where she was taking her course and placed a note on her windshield,I think I waited at Tim Hortons for her and liw and behold she drove up as I watched and came in ,she sat we chatted a bit ,so I suggested we grab a coffee to go and meet up at the marina,it was plowed in the winter ,so I grabbed a couple of coffees and she followed me in her car ,I'm not sure if I got in her car or she got in mine ,but none the less after what seemed like an eternity I moved in for a kiss ,and what an awesome kiss it was ,hot tongue filled passionate kiss and nice long one ,my fucking cock was stretching my jeans ,with one arm around her shoulders my other finally started to explore mmmmmmmm slipped into her shirt softly carressing her nice tites ,big nipples,but her hand was on my crotch,fuck it felt good , moans were escaping her hot little mouth,short gasps ,fuck I thought she is a horny little girl ,and my zipper went down she fumbled a bit and unbuttoned my jeans ,my cock was throbbing and leaking cock juice,her soft talented little hand slipped into my underwear down to my balls mmmmmmmm was all I head coming from her mouth as we continued to kiss ,she slid her hand up coaxing out even more cock juice ,as her hand hit the base of my very throbbing cock head her thumb talentedly made circles around the tip of my cock head working my big load of precum all around ,,,,,,fuck that's nice escaped from her talented mouth ,as I was just about to discover,she lowerered her head pulling on my jeans hungrily, getting them down to my knees and that very talented soft mouth and lips and tongue went to work on my very hard throbbing leaking cock ,holy fuck she is good ,she definitely loves sucking cock ,my seat was right back now layed as flat as possible,eyes closed enjoying every lick and gentle suck ,she would slid her tongue and lips from my balls up my shaft to my throbbing cock head a few times moaning,mmmmmmmm before taking my cock deep into her mouth while her tongue swirlled all around it,back down after I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth slowly to softly suck on my balls ,holy fuck I wasn't going to last long .

I think it was only minutes but my cock hard started to swell even more ,and she knew I was going to blow my load ,she had time to say ,,,mmmmoh yes and I came and she swollowed and I kept Cummings and she hornily kept swollowing and coaxing more tasty cum out ,some escaping her hungry mouth but she kept on milking me ,and when I finally stopped pumping cum into her hungry mouth ,she went to town slowly licking and slurping up every drop , sucking on my deflated balls to my very satisfied shrinking cock ,holy fuck I thought what a fucking mind blowing,blow job , after she was satisfied I was all cleaned up she made her way up hand still stroking my semi hard cock to my lips where we locked into another long slow tongue filled kiss , tasting my own cum from her hot horny little mouth wasn't bad ,,I so wanted to slide my hand into her pants but she said next time ,I needed to regroup anyway,we chatted a bit before kissing good bye ,her husband she said was heading out of town for week in about a month ,fuck another hot story hope you all enjoy ,

More people should write about there true hot encounters???why not isn't that's why we are on this site? David