Jan. 3, 2017

We had been sexting for several weeks. Each sext got a little wilder. I guess I was getting carried away. One evening, no response. I waited – one day, two, finally a week. I texted back, “Hey, something wrong?”

And she responded, “Look, I'm truly interested. I get excited about having sex with you, but can we back off the over-the-top dialogue? It's been a while for me. How about something ‘normal’ for our first time?”

“May I propose the gentler kind of intercourse?” I wrote back.


“Well, the overture implies sufficient foreplay, especially kissing you with my lips and tongue, touching your breasts, rubbing your nipples between my lips or fingers, cupping your vulva, gently applying pressure on your clitoris and labia. I would watch to be aware that you are wet and are willing to have intercourse. You will probably instinctively know, but I can tell by gently inserting a finger, feeling the dampness and watching your reaction. Your vagina would be engorged and bright pink from clit to labia."

"If you are not wet, we would continue the foreplay, kissing, caressing, and stimulating your labia and clitoris. In a pinch some artificial lubricant works just as well. Of course, I would love to apply it."

"At some point, we would spoon each other. You would turn on your side facing away from me. I would move in close to your back and take you in my arms if we both want that. "

"I would spread your legs, gently holding the top leg slightly up in the air above us. You would reach back and find my penis, making certain I’m hard. If not, a bit of stimulation would be in order. Holding on to my penis, you would move me toward you so that the tip of my penis nudges gently against your pussy lips. As I move my hips forward, I will enter your vagina. At that point, your leg could return to a normal position. "

"I would go slowly at first, letting you adjust to me. I might have to angle myself away from you a bit so that the angle of my penetration lines up with the depth of your juicy opening. You too can move your body at an angle that allows better penetration for you, the penetration that you might want. Some women like just the head of the penis moving in and out, others like to feel the penis reaching in and down for the cervix. You will decide."

"You can lie still or move in rhythm with me, or each of us can take turns insuring the penetration and rapidity of my penis in and out of your vagina, pussy lips sliding gently over the glands of my cock."

"I will be able to reach around you to fondle your breasts and nipples, to insert a finger in your mouth, to use my hand or finger to play with your clit. Your butt and back are also accessible, whatever turns you on."

"Stimulating your clit and lips could bring you to orgasm while my penis is buried deep inside you. For g-spot-orgasm lovers, this is incredible. Are you one of those women? Or is clitoral orgasm enough? "

"You may want me to cum inside of you. I’d love that. This adds lubricant and juiciness to the sex. I would be happy to oblige. If not, I can cum onto your ass, or on your tits (as you once suggested). No danger of getting pregnant at our age, and no possibility of disease given our periods of celibacy."

"As my cock’s hardness subsides and your pussy’s orgasm dims, we could continue caressing each other, kissing, taking it all in. We could try this approach after about an hour. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you came again. I would like to try that with you."

"Finally, we’d shower together, get dressed, hug and kiss and look forward to our next meeting. We’d sleep well that night.”

And so, we confirmed a “date” for the very next night and it was an 4-hour long evening of slow, gentle, romantic sex. I’m looking forward to our next encounter.