Sep. 29, 2017

i had always fantasised about meeting a bi friend or bi couple in my home town..but being a small town the chances of this ever happening were next to nothing oh i m not at my first encounter if you will..but ,,i knew that its a one in a million chance to find someone in your area. well..i put in an ad here...looked up those in my vicinity..and to my surprise there was a couple..looking for a bi guy. my heart raced..beating so hard..i thought it was going to jump out of my body..they were looking for someone that was into exchanging oral between guys..well...i was pretty disapointed..i know its not very accomodating or fair for the other guy but i m just not into giving oral...doesnt do anything for me...well...i figured i d give them a shout anyways..see what happens.....did not really expect a rely i wasnt what they were looking for..but to my surprise i got an answer...i figured a courteous refusal...but no..they wanted to get more info on me...turns out i already knew the gentleman of the couple..always found him to be a really nice guy..agreed to meet him..just to see what was what....but at the exact time i was heading out the door to meet him a friend dropped in....making me late...i was disapointed as i was sure the gentleman i was meeting must have been also....but i took a chance and headed over anyways after my friend left..i went over to him...told him who i was..he wasnt expecting it to be me i m sure...i told him of my likes and dislikes...he of his....and we parted with him telling me he would relay the info to his wife...and get back to me..

well...i couldnt stop thinking about him..and fantasising all kinds of scenarios.. but pretty sure his wife would not go for it..well...go a reply it was a no go with his wife and i could understand her decision..but he said maybe he and i could meet...i couldnt say no to him...he was a trooper for agreeing to this....so the next day i went over to his place..nervous as hell..we went into the house talked a little...but we werent there to talk...we went into the bedroom..undressed..asked me what i liked...we touched...then he proceeded to give one hell of a bj...he was on his knees...then laid on his back in the bed while i fed him...then i straddled his face where i blew my load...he swallowed every drop...he was just amazing...i loved grabbing his ass...and damned if i wouldnt have done something else to it...unfortunately...we havent been in communication since..not sure what happened...but i wish him the best...and my door is always open....