Written by Eilsel Tellig

Jun. 9, 2017

It was still a secret…to most people. She had a busy course load at university, he was on the road managing a large territory and a couple hundred customers. Neighbors at first, then friends, always watching each other from arm’s length as they had other people in their lives now.

She got the text mid-morning, Room 112. She gasped a little at the thought of playing hooky to go to a slutty rendezvous at a hotel in the middle of the weekday. It took a moment for her to commit to the act. A fast shower and change of clothes to something a little less functional and she was on her way. Pulling into the parking lot she saw the patio door to the room was open. The pussy juices started to flow as she hid her truck in the back-parking lot and walked up the sidewalk, trying desperately to look casual. A tiny moment of fear stabbed at her that she might have the wrong room and walk in on a stranger. As she stepped through the doorway, she gasped. “Fuck he looked good enough to eat” she thought.

It was a tryst for both. Their lovemaking was still new and exploring, learning about each other. He always took the time and effort to make her cum and that was so refreshing. Each encounter was a new angle, deeper depth, more animal thrusting…. She felt like she was 22 again. Today would be no exception to the rule. What new surprise had he cooked up?

The first ice cube was a delicious shock as he trailed it down her spine. Shivers of pleasure rippled into her pussy. Her shocked gasp and “O” face told him everything he needed to know as he pressed the ice cube, somewhat slender now from her body heat, into her anus. That ice cube was simply water now. The foreplay continued forever it seemed as he teased and tormented her senses. A warm breath on her neck, his tongue on her nipples, his fingers with the ice, his teeth on her ear, his words mind fucking her and the eyes. “Oh, my Sweet Fuck, the eyes!” she thought. She had never had a man simply consume her with his eyes. Even while around other people he would find a moment and stare into her soul with those blue eyes like a voracious wolf, hungry and wanting. He took the deepest of satisfaction in triggering her wetness in public settings by looking at her with the look only they knew…

They continued to fuck all morning like animals. Primal, violent, passionate hunger that was unable to be quenched. After 3 hours of carnal feasting, they lay panting. “And of course,”, he said “now it is time for a little after care.” With that he produced a tray of cut fruit and some wine. Clearly, he had prepared for this fuckfest. He had booked a room, prepared the food, brought the massage oil, and not forgotten the wine, corkscrew and glasses. After some wine and fruit to replenish the fluids he had fucked out of her, she started to turn her attention to his hard cock. She was still marveling at his ability to get hard at the drop of a hat and stay hard. Even if it was a while since they had each other, and she took him in quickly and in the first 20 or 30 minutes he could still fill her fuck hole with his load and then keep fucking, back to full hardness and keep plunging into her until she returned the favor and bathed the shaft of his cock with her orgasm. But as she reached for the throbbing prick, he pushed her back down. “Not me”, We are focusing on your pleasure today.” With that he began massaging and caressing her from head to toe.

When it happened, she was completely stunned. She had never experienced this sensation before or even fantasized about this play. He had selected a cold piece of honeydew melon and slid it deep inside her pussy. That cold sensation was replaced almost immediately with the hungry heat of his insatiable mouth, as he literately ate the honeydew out of her. To have someone revel in her pussy without reservation was invigorating. He always loved her taste and loved the smell of her essence that clung to his nostrils hours afterward, reminding him of the delicious feast of passion. In all her experiences, she never had someone focus so completely on her pleasure and take so much arousal from pleasuring her. It was so liberating. A deep kiss exchanged the pussy soaked juices, mixed with the melon taste in a very erotic way. Her womanhood pulsed into overdrive and her back arched as she drove her pussy against his face with urgent hunger. She grabbed the back of his head without shame or reservation and rode his chin, face fucking her pussy like a wanton slut. His tongue drove deep inside, his teeth grazed across the delicate, tender flesh of her clit which was engorged to the point of bursting. She rode until she could stand it no longer and let loose a guttural scream that pierced the quiet afternoon, finally rewarding his efforts with a deep, flowing orgasm. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and sucked every delicious drop of her cum, which of course was mixed with his previous loads, in a delicious cream pie.

As she shuddered to a gasping stop, her quivering, pulsing twat finally ended its contraction and they drifted into a hazy doze with the afternoon sun streaming in through the gap in the curtains. Clearly, it was getting late and they had to return to their respective lives, without giving away the animal hunger that they had fed. He led her to the shower and gently washed her top to bottom. The hot water streamed down their bodies as hands roamed all over each other, exploring every crevice. As he washed her slightly bruised and tender pussy, she moaned and gasped at the pleasure. Overwhelmed with hunger yet again, he pushed her under the stream, against the wall and stepped in behind her. She was happily surprised to feel his rock-hard shaft as it split her ass cheeks apart and sought out her tender hole. She loved that they could fuck standing up in the shower. That was probably her favorite position so far with him. His curved cock hit all the right spots and combined with the hot water splashing down her back and his hands commanding the pace of her hips she always came more quickly then she thought possible. Even after the 7 or 8 orgasms she already had, this shower was no different and her body bucked back against his cock with ferocious hunger, driving her final orgasm for the day. They clung tightly to each other as the hot water sluiced down their bodies and she softly wept on his chest with the depth of passion and love she felt for him. Uncontrollable emotion poured out of her from having her pent-up desire so thoroughly satisfied. This was a man she would love for the rest of her life.