Written by Ms Sigmet 007

Mar. 4, 2017

It was a hot summer. Temperatures were breaking records. There had even been a tornado sighting in northern Ontario. Our company Druid contracting had been hired to re-roof the duplex where mainly single moms lived. Our foreman allowed our team to take longer on a job where these moms enticed us with music and other temptations. At one apartment, we encountered a recent bullet exit damaged area from the roof and the woman who lived there knew we would know this and came out and explicitly explained with a brazen nonchalant attitude that it was an, ‘accidental discharge.’ She wanted our attention as being risqué and dangerous. We knew that it had not been an accidental discharge. She knew that we knew and this seemed to excite her. She was not a lemonade and cookies provider type of woman. A classic brunette beauty she had long hair and slightly more than a handful of breasts. Her ass was beautiful and heart-shaped, She had a natural ‘s’ curve to her physique. She did undeniably catch our collective attention as she went jogging every morning coming back hot and sweaty; we would pause and watch as she reentered our line of vision and appreciate her loveliness. All of us wanting to take turns licking the sweat off her body. She played her music louder on her stereo than our radio – but she liked the same rock radio station and in her free time, when she was not coming and going from school and work she liked to tan in her backyard pretending to be unmoved by our observations. But if one watched her for more than 3 minutes, she moved from the bottom half of her body with a little stir of restlessness that whispered that she was more than just a little horny. She was early-thirties with a recently toned and medium honey tanned body – curvaceous with long slender legs and she rocked her white and black striped and block pattern bikini and knew it. One of our fellow roofers, Rob, was infatuated with her and could not concentrate on his work but he had the balls to ask our team lead to speak on his behalf and express his interest in her.

So, even though I was married and would have done her too, I asked her, “Hey, I’ve got a guy here who’s interested in taking you out on a date, would you be interested?”

She answered in a snotty way, “Who? And why does he not have the balls to step forward from amongst you guys and ask me himself?”

I was quite taken aback at her response and so were all the guys who observed this as it was asked of her in front of all us guys, the whole team as a matter of fact and I was very surprised by her show of bitchiness as she had not indicated this at all. I briefly fantasized about whether she wanted to do all of us in a gang bang. I took a breath and then, I signaled to Rob and he stepped forward.

She actually scoffed and tossed her hair out of her eyes, lifted off her sunglasses and asked with a direct stare, “How old is he?”

He answered for himself 31.

I had to repeat it as she could not hear me

She said with an unveiled contempt, “He looks a lot older than that. Why would I go out with guy who looks older than me?”

After that things cooled off significantly and we wrapped up the job quickly.

Now I will hand the rest of the story off to Rob himself.

A few years later I hooked up with this same woman via a dating site; Lava Life.

We met at Seattle Coffeehouse and I recognized her immediately. She was even fucking hotter than before – time was treating her well. She dressed sexier and her hair was darker than it was before. She now had her mid-thirties sexual peak bloom going on. I wanted in on that. It took her an hour to remember me and then she said, “You remind me of a man I insulted a few years back. And I have always wanted to say that I am sorry for the way I treated him.” She proceeded to tell the story. I never acknowledged that that was me; I wanted to keep her guessing. There was chemistry of a forgiveness fuck in the atmosphere between us. This was an interesting challenge for me. “Do I simply fuck her and then leave her hanging?” is what I thought.

I actually formally dated her and took her out to a movie and then to dinner. Now, I have always been a really laid back kind of guy, not very forward or aggressive and it takes me more to get going sexually than the average guy, but once I do look out. So, when we went back to my place, I had no idea how my coolness, my non-reactivity was driving her crazy. Maybe I did it on purpose to tease her, to torture her for what she had been missing out from years ago. We hung out 2x, watched movies and listened to a woman cumming loudly as she was fucked in an apartment in the right angled wing of the apartment complex that was adjacent to us. She commented on that and asked me if that turned me on. I was shy about answering her question and redirected her question into neutral territory.

My extreme patience, and aloofness made her assertive in approaching me. In late day summer sun, I sat alone in a wicker chair beside my patio glass doors with the white sheer curtains open and gently blowing in on me. She came up and sat on the floor beside. me. She sat there for a moment contemplating or creating tension or deciding what to do, I really don’t know what she was thinking. She said that she liked the feeling of us being watched. She then proceeded to firmly unzip my pants and while I still sat there and she gently drew out my growing cock. She was mesmerized by watching it expand and soon she knew I was a grower and not a shower. She carefully took my cock in her mouth and wrapped her warm full lips around my rim while she deftly handled my trunk stroking in rhythmic motions. She seemed to know my tempo and when I was bone hard and ready, she asked, “Are you ready to have your world rocked ..?”

I nodded dumbly. She pulled me to my feet and lead me into my bedroom, seeming to know the way. My erect cock involuntarily followed her gorgeous backside that swayed provocatively with her dancer’s hips. She then stripped me aggressively fast and hard and pushed me back on my white sheeted bed. (This was two decades ago folks - she was ahead of her time I think) She tore off her clothes without any grace or elegance and just left them where they fell with complete abandon. Her body was not perfect. It had imperfections of having given birth but I liked the realism and her raw naturalism. She snaked onto the bed and while I was laying on my back and she did not look in my face or eyes but she mounted me and I felt her pussy tight and wet inch its way from tip to base with a very snug fit. I even said, “Oh my god you are so tight!” She smiled and remained silent. As a matter of fact she was silent the whole time. After a first round, I tried to get up to escape her hunger and get a bit of a breather, but she followed behind me and pulled me close to her against the wall. She wrapped her left leg around my hip and stood on one leg, thrusting her pelvis out so I was trapped in her vise like grip. Suddenly, I surrendered to my desired release and I was balls deep pounding in her so damn hard. Feeling an inevitable avalanche of desire, a firewall of thrill that threatened to consume me if it was not quenched. I abandoned myself to the pleasure of our joined bodies and no longer cared where she began and I ended. Her noises other than silence were so exciting, deep moans of pleasure, no cute little kitten like sounds from this woman.

I knew that I wanted her to cum like she never had before. So, I turned my jackhammer on her. And I allowed the beast within me to emerge. She was so wet that her juice flowed down her thighs to her calves. When her body tightened even more I knew that she was close to cumming and I brought us to our end game. I made unknown sounds to me and then when I’m cumming, violently and explosively I called out loudly, “Oh my fucking God!” All fight gone out of us, we both collapsed right there at the base of the wall, laughing at our ‘power sex’ and then laughing even more as we noticed that we had damaged the drywall and left a ‘body’ dent. Best sex of my life and I told her that she was the ‘wildest woman I had ever been with.’ My revenge for her insult came when I was able to walk away from her and her offering of best sex ever saying, “Not bad for a so-called old dude, hey?” She knew then that she had been used as a revenge fuck, when I had finally acknowledged that it was yes me that she had insulted and she smiled graciously and said, “Yeah, it was worth it, still.”