Written by MelodyToronto

Aug. 12, 2017

The word "sacrament" is seldom in my vocabulary. Nor is "worship." I have never been a religiously observant person. But these are the words that always come to mind when I think about oral sex.

Giving, and receiving, oral sex is the closest thing to a sacrament that I can imagine. Worshiping my lover's sex, giving pleasure unselfishly. Gaining a level of intimacy, of knowledge, that can't be experienced any other way. Such an intense experience, arousing, empowering, sometimes rising to ecstasy.

To be able to exchange a glance with my lover that says, I know you. To know the look, smell, feel and taste of his sex. To know what arouses him, pleasures him, makes him gasp and moan.

To tease and play, to draw out the pleasure, to extend the tip of my tongue to a wet slit for the first taste of pre-cum, to use my tongue and lips to trace wet paths around an erect shaft, a dripping head, soft balls, to moan with mutual pleasure or be reduced to laughter with a mouth full of cock.

To get on my knees and know that he wants to see everything, every nibble, lick, suck and swallow. To lie on my back on the bed while he stands and feeds me his cock, grabbing his ass to pull him deeper into my throat. To lie between his legs and suck his cock slowly, deeply, endlessly. To feel my own arousal, my swollen aching need, my incredible wetness, knowing he wants to pleasure me as intensely as I want to pleasure him.

To sense the urgency, his need for release, know where and how to touch and suck. To lock eyes as the release nears, knowing you both want it. To know that he is going to have an intense orgasm, that I can give that pleasure, to anticipate the delicious swelling of his cock, that stillness just before he cums, that he is going to ejaculate in my mouth, that I want his release and want to taste him.

I want him to say it. "I'm going to cum in your mouth!" I want to know he wants it, want him to know I want it, as I start to suck his cock harder and deeper. When his orgasm grips him, and he starts to cum in my mouth, I don't want to swallow, I want to keep sucking as my mouth fills with his semen, making his cock more slippery, taking him deeper, making him shudder in my mouth and letting me feel and share his orgasm like I never can when he is inside me. I suck more softly, more gently, as his orgasm fades, swallowing his semen and gently licking his cock clean until he is too sensitive to stand any more.

And bless the men who want to pleasure me as much, who want me to spread my legs for their fingers and their tongues, explore my soaking sex, make me explode on their tongue again and again, getting hard while they do, and fucking me senseless afterwards.