Sep. 28, 2014

His erection is back on. That's the signal for the second round to begin. We are still embracing together with him in the middle. My wife smiles at me with that special face expression that makes me shiver in pleasure. She grabs our heads together for a three way sensual kissing. She likes kissing both of us at once with our tongues interlacing together. I gently touch his balls and move my fingers up until they firmly frame his throbbing member and slowly begin to stroke it while he moans with pleasure. My own dick is pressed hard against his leg. His right hand moves to take mine and cup it together with my balls. His left hand is now on my wife's wetness in between her legs. The play is definitively on.

I stand up and release from under the bed the restraining kit we had recently bought in the sex shop. We have already mentioned it to him and he said that he would love to try it. While my wife is still kissing him, I attach the Velcro straps to his ankles spreading his legs in wide but comfortable angle. Next I tie up his wrists and finally place over his eyes the blindfold. He is now our private prisoner in bed, totally naked, exposed and unable to resist our advances on him. This is the ultimate trust, being tied up and blindfolded, placing his body at the mercy of a couple, a woman and a man, for both of us to do whatever we want to him. This is also our common fantasy, to share him as we do with a tasty main dish in a succulent buffet.

My wife does the first move and mounts him straddling his face and placing his pussy right over his mouth. He can now smell the sweet essence of a woman in heat. I can see his cock pulsating against his stomach. I touch his feet, massaging his soles and toes while listening to my wife moaning, his warm tongue surely exploring her wet insides. I move in between his legs and without hesitation encircle the head of his cock with my lips and gently increase the pressure, with my tongue tasting a drop of saltiness on the tip. My wife looks backs and makes eye contact with me. We both smile with the certainty that we are ready to give him the pleasure he deserves.

I move my lips down trying to accommodate his hardness within my mouth while cupping his balls in one hand and the other caressing his stomach. Now he is the one moaning loudly forming a synchronized chorus with my wife who is slowly moving her pelvis so his tongue can reach the most sensitive parts inside her. His breathing gets faster. I slide my lips up and down his shaft stopping for seconds at the head to let my tongue play with a sensitive spot I discovered right under it. I feel the tension building up within my mouth. I slow down the pace and finally move my tongue down again towards his shaved balls, taking one at the time in my mouth. Then I go even further down under his balls. I feel his legs shivering with pleasure when my tongue reaches the entrance to his back door. I can hear his muffled moaning, my wife's pussy blocking most of the sounds. My tongue works slowly it's way in wetting the entry channel and playing with the many nerves that exist on the walls. Next I place my index finger together with my tongue in position and gently push it inside while letting his muscles relax. I now let only my finger moves in and out very gently and his moans increases every time I touch the delicate membrane separating his prostate from the rectal channel. I continue massaging his male G-spot with my finger while I take back his hard dick in my mouth, my tongue sliding back and forth along his shaft.

He can't talk, he can't said a thing, he is under our spell, a wet pussy blocking any sound from his mouth, a finger locked in his insides exploring and slowly driving him crazy. I increase the pace of my mouth working hard and consciously on his stiff and hot pole. Now I encircle the base with one hand and start stroking it faster with my mouth focusing on the upper part. I feel he can't hold it any longer. It's my decision to let him explode right now or wait. But my wife is the one who goes first with loud moans and shivers all over her body. I decide to not wait any longer and grab his wet dick with one hand and start to stroke it faster, my mouth buried in his tense balls and my finger feeling the contractions inside him. He explodes like a fountain of pleasure, my wife pressing harder against his mouth to muffle his wild screams. That moment seems to last forever. Once it becomes too sensitive for him, I gently let my finger out from him and place my warm mouth on his still throbbing member. I'm also ready to shoot my load. I'm kneeling in between his legs and I use my right hand to stroke mine while my left hand is resting flat on his stomach. The tip of my dick is brushing against his pulsating ass, the sensations are overwhelming, seeing my wife still saddled on his face and his dick deflating slowly inside my mouth. I can't last any longer and explode covering with my juices his balls and in between his legs.

My wife moves out and falls at his right side. She gestures me to come to the other side. I do that and look at his face. His smile says everything I need to know. We both kiss him at once and his smile is now even broader. I remove the straps freeing his ankles and wrists from the attachments. My wife removes his blindfold, his eyes seeing us for the first time after the most intensive orgasm he confesses he ever had. He grabs each of us within his arms and the three of us embrace together forming an unscramble entangle with our naked bodies, legs and arms all over each other. This time nobody talks, we allow the silence to reign only bothered by the soft background music playing in my iPad on the night table.