Written by jim

Oct. 31, 2017

Bare with me I'm not an author, the first woman I fell in love with made my reasoning for waking up each morning, we spent nearly a year together, we both lived at home so I would pick her up and go for a drink and drive when we would wank each other off, we often went to the cinema and she had no problem being touched in a public place, this as time passed turned me on more when I saw a man watching us, her dress was up just above her stocking tops, I said we have an audience do you want to stop.

Only if you do, I carried on and she opened her legs so I could move her knickers over and finger her till she came, after our experience in the cinema we went to many places , like parks beaches and other public places where we could touch each other, she was happy sitting if she knew men could see up her dress, she had a great way of telling me about men looking in between her legs while she wanked me off.

She had moved into a one bed flat, that needed a redecorating and her girl friends helped to get it together, so I didn't see her for a while, she got in touch and I couldn't wait to go around. I arrived with a bottle of gin and some tonic, her favorite tipple. The place looked great and so did she, she had a white dress on and dark stockings, I poured us a drink and we sat down, she looked nervous, what's up she said she had met someone new and our relationship was over, tears fell the thought of never seeing her again was overwhelming, but I love you, I know, I'm sorry.

I sat not knowing what to do, she poured us another drink, and I swolled it immediately, and poured another, I was now quite drunk, has he fucked you while we've been together, yes in here and his car, I know had a hard on, fortunately I'm not a violent person but imagining her being fucked by someone else really got me going after the public groping we've always had.

I asked her to stand up she stood with her back to me and I unzipped her dress as it fell to the floor, she stood just with her bra on a waist petticoat which I could see her stockings and knickers through, I unclipped her bra and it fell to the floor, her petticoat came next and we sat down, she sat topless with just her stockings and knickers on, I knelt in front of her and slipped a finger past her knickers, she felt quite damp, I love to watch my fingers sliding past her knickers and hear getting wetter, (its a fetish of mine and she's got used to it).

I soon started to fuck her, how I was lasting this long I don't know. My mind was all over the place,I knew she was close to Cumming will you tell him about tonight, no.Would you meet me again and tell me your experience with him, you know it's only sex, I wouldn't expect more, she nodded, she came with in seconds, I pulled out and came over her legs, I pulled her knickers off got dressed and put them in my pocket, I left shattered but upset not expecting a call, about three weeks later the phone rang and we made a date, they had split up. Let you know