Oct. 4, 2018

This happened about 20 years ago when Sophie and her girlfriend went to Great Keppel Island (off the coast of Central Queensland) for the weekend. I was at a sporting carnival. Each year I would play tennis and Sophie would go to Keppel. Often, she went alone but sometimes she took a friend. When she went alone, it always ended up as a weekend of sin and sex … and, of course, a hot story for me when she got back. On this occasion, she went with her girlfriend, Karen.

Karen was a trim brunette; pretty, with a mischievous smile. Sophie was the one who attracted attention though, being 5’ 10” with great legs, DD tits, a beautiful face, flowing blonde hair and a lightly tanned Scandinavian complexion. Both were in their late 20s.

Sophie and Karen were in the nightclub on Keppel and got talking to John, the duty manager, at about midnight. He was mid-30s, handsome, and cheeky. After a few drinks, while Sophie was at the bar, he asked Karen if they were both married. Karen replied, “Yes, but not tonight.”

At 2am when last drinks were called, John suggested they go and have a look in the resort rooms and that they could stay there if they liked. (They were camping, so it seemed like a good option).

They went into the resort and had a quick swim in the pool. Sophie said she flirted with John in the water but didn’t let him get too close. Then John suggested they go up to the room. When they got there, John ran a hot bath. Sophie got in – she had her body suite on. John stripped right off and got in.

By this stage, Karen was asleep in front of the TV – too much to drink.

After a little bit of tootsies, Sophie put her legs over his shoulders and he unclipped her body suite. He then began to lick her pussy. Sophie, after a little while, began to suck his cock. Then Sophie straddled him and slid onto his cock and rode him.

However, the effects of the booze were such that he couldn’t cum. So, they went into the bedroom and fell asleep. About two hours later Sophie said she felt him rubbing her and she got on all fours and he slid into her and fucked her. After a short time, he groaned loudly and nutted inside her. Then they drifted back to sleep.

She woke at about 9am with John pressed up behind her, fondling her tits. She lifted her leg and he entered her again. He fucked her for about five minutes, then moaned, and spurted another load of sperm inside her. Despite the hangover, Sophie said it was a relaxing way to wake up. Then they got up and had a shower.

Karen said later to Sophie that she could hear the noise they were making in the bedroom, and they had a good chuckle about that. She said she was disappointed she fell asleep.

Sophie recounted all this as I was lying on the bed and she was riding me. It was very exciting. I wish I had been there. For a promiscuous hotwife, Great Keppel Island was definitely the place to go!

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