Sep. 22, 2019

I watched her walk down the beach to sea. The beach was white talc sand leading to the glittering turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. We were on a tiny paradise island a short boat ride from the main island. It wasn’t deserted but people were few and far between. We were both on an adventure package holiday that was mainly made up of singles of various ages. Brooke had first caught my eye on the flight so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was with my group. We were only 5 nights in to the 3 week trip. The night before the island trip Brooke and I had fucked after a night of rum and dancing.

She stood facing the sea, back to where I sat some 20 meters away. Her body was killer. I’d never had better, and watching her stand there in a combination of string and material that just about passed for a bikini was a sight to behold. She was tall, slender, tight bum, huge boobs that were so perfect in shape that you could easily think they were false, but they were all natural. A shard of light pierced through the gap at the top of her thighs. Perfection!

The rest of our group had stayed back on the main beach about 10 minutes walk away where the small rum bar was. Our tour guide walked past with a local boy young enough to be her son. Good for her!

I got up and walked over to Brooke and stood behind her. She didn’t move. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” She said. I didn’t answer. We stood there for what seems like an age before I reached out and put my hands on her hips. She didn’t move, she just sighed. It was hot and humid, silent without a breath of air. Just the gentle sound of waves licking the white sands. I kissed the back of her neck and pulled her against me. My hands stroked up and down her body, cupping her spectacular breasts. She reached behind and rubbed my cock through my board shorts. My hands drfted down her flat belly and into the front of her bikini bottoms and down. First a feather of hair, just a perfect little strip, then down between her legs to where her sweet fruit was already slippery. Using one finger I stroked between the lips, stopping to gently circle her clit with her own lubricant. She signed and her head fell back as I imagined what I would do to her back in the hotel.

Brooke turned around and kissed me. It was a long, slow, delicious tongue tangled kiss. Without warning, Brooke reached down, took out my cock, bent over and wrapped her lips around it, immediately sucking it while holding the base in her hand. “Oh my god, is this happening” I thought. I was on a public beach, with a woman I hardly knew, and she had my cock in her mouth and anyone could appear at any time. This was unexpected and I didn’t know how to respond. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but I didn’t fancy a spell in the cells in this country. I reached down and stroked her head as she worked her tongue along the length of my shaft, stopping to circle the head and lap the precum that was now drooling out of me. “Oh fuck, Brooke, that feels amazing”. I think it was the shock or the nerves but it seemed to take me a long time to be fully erect. Then something even more amazing happened. Brooke stood up, turned her back on me, leaned forward just a little, pulled her tiny bikini bottom to one side, reached for my cock and guided it into her. I leaned into it and sank deep inside her body as she gasped. I put my hands on Brooke’s hips and she leaned over as if to touch her toes and I started to fuck her. Slowly and nervously at first, checking over my right shoulder to where the main beach was, then the left to where our tour guide had gone with her boy. Brooke straightened up again with just her pert ass pushed back a little. She kept a hand on her bikini bottom to keep it to one side and without any words spoken I fucked her harder and faster. She expertly maintained her balance as my thrusts threatened to push her forwards. Silently, I felt her tighten, head back, face to the sky, as with a moan and a thrust back to meet my own , Brooke came in a shuddering orgasm. As her pussy clenched my cock I felt a sudden gush of hot juice glaze my hard, full balls as I squelched deeply into her. She put both hands on her thighs and leant back on to my cock and let out another sharp squeal. I had my hands on her perfect tits and squeezed her nipples and felt her cum again. This was too much for me to take and soon my balls tightened, lifted and released an torrent of cum deep inside the already saturated furnace that burned between her legs.

My cock softened and slid out of Brooke. She again held the bikini open for a moment as we watched a little river of our cum drip down on to the sand. Without a word, Brooke walked to the sea and immersed herself into the deep blue, cleaned herself and walked out looking like a scene from a Bond movie. We sat back down on the warm sand in the shade of a palm tree. No words needed, we were in a blissful state of total satisfaction. That was the start of an incredible, supercharged holiday...

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