Jan. 16, 2017

It started off that we didn't really know each other , but there was a attraction I could tell he kept smiling from across the room . It was at a Conference very dry subjects all day , but there was this hot guy who I couldn't stop peeking looks at , he noticed me.The first day I just smiled when we would be in the same room as he would to. The next evening at a restaurant he came over and introduced him self he was tall slim and very handsome white complexion short cleaned cut guy in hot jeans.We talked and laughed then casually asked me if I wanted to fuck him , I smiled and said sure . we went to my room.

He took off my clothes and just rubbed me all over he found my lotion on the night stand then started at my ankles then rubbing up me legs my ass my back kissing my neck . I just about had a orgasm just him doing that. He stared rubbing my pussy till I was all wet then licked everything my clit my juices my ass it was so fucking hot. Of course he made me cum , I had to return the favor and suck him and suck till he was twitching . By then we needed a little break he ran me a bath and soaped me down I never had a man do that before . We fucked after the bath Wow he had stamina gave it to me several ways . After we had so many orgasms he left , he told me he was leaving the next day I never seen him again But Wow we rocked each others Worlds that night . I just might see him again You never know Til then I'll remember that HOT FUCK x0x0