Written by Me

Sep. 16, 2014

To continue , the other people we returning from their walk down the beach so I stopped what I was doing. Robin (not her real name, but always wanted to fuck a girl named Robin) had been breathing hard and heavy for the last minute or two and was very close to climaxing. When I stopped manipulating her now very moist pussy she opened her eyes and realized that I had reason to do so. Once the others arrived and sat down we engaged in idle conversation again. After several minutes passed I stood up and asked if anyone would like to go sailing. The others said no and when I turned to Robin I was greeted with a big smiley yess! At that instant my mind raced with images of her and I fucking like animals in many positions some where in the wild which surrounded the immediate area. We got the boat ready to go and pushed off to our adventure for the rest of the afternoon. We had gotten a hundred yards off shore when to my horror the daughter of the freind started clambering from shore that she had changed her mind and now wanted to go. Being the captain of the boat and due to the fact that I did not know these people before today I just said no its too late for that and said maybey later that day when I take the boat out again. I didn't hear a word from Robin regarding my decision so I knew I was going to be licking, sucking and fucking that delisous sopping pussy all afternoon. We sailed around a bit to make it look innocent enough till we were a good distance from shore. I slacked off the sails so we could lay back and relaxe a bit. Robin lay there for a while and then sat up and asked if I would put some lotion on her again? I replyed I thought you'd never ask to which she smiled and laughed while handing me the lotion. She layed back a I started to apply the lotion to her shoulders ,neck,and arms. She lay back in the sun not a cloud in the sky , just a very light breeze and looked absolutely fucking gorgeous ! I massaged her lovingly around her shoulders and sides of her breasts as she sighed with an appreciative sigh. I now moved to her legs and with a patience started with her feet and took my time as I progressed towards her exquisite cunt. Upon reaching my quarry she knew my sex drive was running full tilt and just as I started to slip my fingers under her suite just enough to feel the slippery wetness of her sweet sweet cunt she stopped me!