Written by Me

Sep. 16, 2014

To continue: she said "are you sure this is a good idea?" I looked at her and replied I have wanted you since the first time we met! She sat up and looked around as if to find somewhere we could beach the boat that was hidden from view. Before she could say anything more I grabbed the tiller and main sheet and headed to a spot I knew was sandy and secluded. After 15 mins of sailing (just enough time to think it over and decide that I can't pass this up)we beached the boat and went ashore to lay in the sand. I layed down beside her as she layed back in anticipation for what was to come. I started to kiss her mouth softly that immediately turned into French kissing in the most succulent feverish tongue twisting sucking make out session in my life! I stopped kissing her only to pull her suit top down to expose her perfectly formed more than ample tits. I gazed in amazement at her now erect brown puckered nipples and with a hunger I've never experience before commenced to suck and chew on these wondrous orbs of desire. Fuck, just writing this takes me back and I have to admit I'm getting a little bit of precome out of the tip of my cock! Ok ok focus! She watched me assaulting her gorgeous tits in appreciation and threw her head back and said "wow I feel like I am on cloud nine". It was then that I could not control my urge to fuck this beautiful women anymore and stood up while helping her to her feet. I guided over to where the boat was beached and pulled her suite down to expose her generous beautiful tits first ,flat toned stomach second and last but certainly not least her sumptuous groomed cunt! While she stood there and perveyed the landscape to make sure no one was near or could see us fornicating i drove my hungry eager tongue into her sopping delectible slit! She fucking gasped at the sensation of being utterly devoured in this manner! I felt like i had transformed into a hungry pup that had just found its first tit to suckle for necessary life giving mothers milk! God heart cunt tasted so fucking good. I licked heavily up and down her slit with such an urgency will sucking up as much of her cunt juice as i could. I felt so wild and insatable while doing this i knew that I was never going to get enough of this women to satisfy my primal attraction to her and her very sensuous body! I pulled her down between the pontoons of the sailboat and looked at her beautiful face as I grabbed my rock hard cock and guided it into her pulsing wet pussy. Fuck Me! Her cunt was so wet and warm and sweet I started to pump my cock in and out of pussy with a relentless whipping action. She then pulled her legs up to give me more access and I fucked her even harder than before because she was just so fucking hot and sexy lying in the sand with my ragging cock pounding in her ready to explode! While I'll tell you I fucking exploded into her pussy so hard I think I sprained my fucking toes. She laid there with me inside her and stroked the back of my head and said "Good Boy , Good Boy" . We stayed in that position for a couple of minutes till my cock naturally slid out of her sperm saturated cunt. When I sat up on my knees I looked at her freshly pounded pussy and witnessed the flow of my sperm as it found its way out of beautiful womanhood and was washed away by the wavelets that caressed the shoreline . She looked up at me and then moved in to suck the remaining sperm off my cock lingering while it was touching the back of her throat. It was some time since we had left and agreed we should return to the group . When we arrived they had left in our absence so we could have had a second round of all that but alas we never did. But the memory of that experience has comforted me for a lot of years. The pure unadulterated passion and hunger for a forbidden taste of a beautiful sexxy hot woman's pussy is very very hard to deny or resist!!!