Written by Mikeang01

Oct. 9, 2017

I´ve just turned 61 and she is 47. We meet over 4 years ago and fell in love right away when I first entered her I could feel the walls I could tell she hadn't had much in her past although she had lived with several men she told me they had problems either with premature or just couldn't get it up.... our sex life has been great we play games we pretend that a stranger has is way with her and so on the sex is great. I'm trying to get her to try doing it with another man but she is very hesitant I know if I can get someone to watch us that she has agreed to she might just do it, she admits that a big cock would be to much to handle and only painful, I believe her. She might do a young blue eyed blonde guy that's not pushy & must be respectful first coffee meeting get to know each other and then a one night stand. She loves to fuck hard and deep. Sheś very wet and can squirt. So any young guys around with long hair blue eyes. In good shape drop us a line with picture. This site is kinda slow in meeting with people we just want sex. Nothing more.