Written by Alan Rhodes

Jan. 15, 2020

My wife had been complaining of late about a lot of things, but mainly about her weight. She is 48 years old and she has added a few pounds and weights between 150 and 160. I never complain, I think she look pretty good. However, truth be told, our sex life isn't what it once was. Of course, she blames her weight and that I am no longer attracted to her because of it. I have told her many times that she is beautiful and loooks great just the way she is. But to no avail. I told her that if she were to go to the beach, there would be lots of guys looking at her. As a matter of fact, if we went to a nude beach, every guy would be getting erections looking at her.

She just laughed it off and said I was being silly. A few weeks later, Faye (wife), aid to me 'Do you think they would ?' I had no idea what she was talking about. She on to ask if I really thought guys would look at her at the beach. I said that she would look terrific in a bikini, showing off her assets.

Then she said, 'What about the nude beach ? '

' What about it ?'

'Well, do you think the guys there would even look at me ? "

'Well, how could they not ?'

Again, nothing was said for a few weeks. Then Faye brought it up again, and this time, I decided to push her on it as she seemed to be intrigued by the prospect of being seen by other men. I must admit, I too was intrigued as well. Once I thought about it, I started getting an erection! That rather surprised me. I did mention to her that the nude beach at Port Burwell was only about 45 minutes away from where we lived in Simcoe, and she could wear regular clothes, perhaps shorts and halter top, and check it out. I was my intention to seeing if I could get her naked there. Then I said that at least she could get to look at a bunch of naked men. Faye hummed and hawed around a bit, and then said that she'd think about it.

Next day she says to me 'OK.'

'OK . . ok what ?'

' OK, we could go to the beach . .the weatherman says tomorrow looks like a nice day.'

That was interesting, she had already checked on the weather. Great. I didn't want to seem too excited, but was getting an erection.

So, next day, off we go early, so that we'd get there before too many people, arriving at about 11:00 AM. We parked in parking lot 5, nearest to the nude beach and walked about 1/2 mile up the beach. Along the way, there were numerous women in very skimpy bathing suits. Faye had on the halter top and loose fitting shorts. When we got to the 'nude' section of beach, I quickly removed my shorts and tee shirt and underwear, being completely naked. Faye kept her clothes on. As we walked along, we passed several naked men andFaye took a glance at them in passing.

We found a place to put our blanket down and reclined to enjoy the warmth and to look at anyone who might pass by. A number of men did pass us and some would look, other would wave or say 'Hello'. One such man was about 65 or 70 and when we responded to his 'hello' in similar fashion, he stopped and walked up to us and started talking about the weather and what not. So, now, there was the man of about 15 or 20 years older than my wife, standing about 3 feet away, totally naked. I did introduce us, Alan and Faye, and this was Faye's first time to a nude beach and is a bit shy. His name was Hal. He was quick to respond that she was a lovely looking lady and nothing to be shy about. After a bit more talk, he moved on.

Her spirits seeemed to bouyed by the compliment and when I suggested she remove her shorts and halter, pointing out the ladies at the textile beach were showing more than she would with her bra and panties. Faye stood up, looked around to see if anyone was looking, and removed her halter top and shorts. To my delight, she was wearing a very sexy pair of lacy black panty/bra set. When I suggested we go for a walk along the beach, so quickly got up and was ready. Along the walk we passed numerous men/women/couples who were all naked. We did stop and talk to a few of them and then made our way back to our blanket. After a bit of stretching and looking around Faye was getting ready to settle onto the blanket. Just then, Hal reappeared and seemed delighted that Faye was down to her panties and bra. He asked her if she was ready to take the 'big plunge' and take off the rest of her clothes.

'Well . . I have been thinking about it.' (This was news to me!) And then, much to my surprise and delight, she turned her back to us and asked Hal if he would mind unhooking her bra. I found it quite erotic to watch another man 'undress' my wife. Even if were only her bra. Then she turned around as if nothing had happened. I mean, here was my 'shy' wife, standing 18 inches away from a relative stranger with her big tits pointing out at him. She sat down with her panties still on and I figured that would be as far as she would go. Hal stayed around and talked and keep touching his cock and eyeing Faye's tits. After ten minutes or so, she lifted up her bum and pulled her panties down and off. Now both Hal and I were getting a real eyeful. She seemed quite proud to show off her pussy. A number of people walked past and she was more than happy to wave at them.

After enjoying her nudity for another 10 minutes or so, Hal said that he had to be going.

'Perhaps we'll meet up again.'

I asked him where he lived and told us he lived in Brantford, which is not more than 20 minutes from where we lived. I found a scrap of paper and wrote down our email address and said he should keep in touch . . if he's up aur way to let us know, we'd love for him to drop in for a coffee. He took the paper and read it out loud.

'Let me see if I can read this . . mybackpages55 . . ok got that part . and it . hotmail dot com . .got it.'

Faye and I stood up, I shock his hand, and Faye gave him a hug. It was very exciting for me to see my naked wife hug a naked man !

After Hal left, I mentioned to Faye that he was an interesting man. And Faye agreed saying 'Do you think we will ever see him again ?'

'Well, he does have our email addres.. perhaps he will drop us a line sometime.'

We spent another hour or so a the beach before getting dressed and going home. It was nice to hear her humming a little tune as we drove and she had a pleasant smile on her face. It seemed our little trip to the nude beach lifted her spirits.

A few days later, I had to take a short trip over to St. Thomas and the round trip took me a couple of hours all told. When I got home, Faye was very chipper, and wearing a short housecoat. When I left, I was sure she had on her regular clothes. I had to ask her what had put her in such a good mood.

'Oh, nothing really . . but when you were away, Hal sent us an email saying that he would be down our way this morning and asked if he could stop by for a coffee.'

'Ok- and did you say I was out ?'

'Well, no. He was just stopping for a coffee, figured I could handle that. Besides, he said he could only stay a minute or two. '

'. . and did he just stay a minute or two ?'

'Well, it took me a bit of time to make the coffee . . and he does seem to like to talk . . some interestingh stories to tell.'

' . . . such as .. . '

'Nothing much really . . you know .. idle chit-chat. . . except the story he was telling about visiting a lady who was a home nudist.'

'Ah . . that might have been interesting . . '

'Yes, it did sound interesting really. Have you thought abouty it ?'

'I have but figured you'd never go for it.'

'Well . . . it did seem exciting . . . Hal encouraged us to try it sometime . . . and to show me how it would feel, he thought it might help if he undressed and then if I thought it ws ok to try it, I could take my clothes off too.'

' . . . and was this when you showed him the door ?'

'I couldn't really do that, what with him being naked and all. It is quite chilly out you know.'

' . . and so you let him walk about the house naked ?'

'Oh no, we just sat on the sofa.'

' You weren't bothered by his nudity ?'

'No, not at all. It seemed somewhat natural. It seemed so natural, that . .a . . well, I took off my clothes as well.'

'You did what ! You got bare-assed naked with some old man you just met a few days ago ? And with out me in the house.'

'It was all quite innocent really. We just chatted and had our coffee and about 20 later, he dressed and went on his way.'

'Well, you need to be careful. Don't invite him in unless I am home.'

'Ok. But he did ask about you, wondered where you were.'

'No doubt he was glad I wasn't here. I did notice at the beach he seemed to touch is cock frequently, was he doing that here as well ?'

'I suppose he did a bit . .nothing to it really. He is looking forward to seeing you the next time he drops by.'

'Next time ?'

'Well, he said he comes down this way about once a week and he'd love to drop by for a coffee.'

' . . . and see you naked again no doubt.'

'Don't be silly dear, he has seen both of us naked and we have seen him as well.'

'Yes, but that was at the beach . . at home it seems more . . more . . I don't know . .a . .erotic perhaps.'

Nothing more was said about it for a few days. Then I got an email from Hal seeing if we'd be home tommorrow morning. I wrote back to say we would and invited him to stop in for a coffee. As I ws drifting off to sleep, it seemed that I had a nice dream about watching my wife with another man. I woke up with quite a nice erection. When my wife saw it, she asked what brought this on. I was a bit reluctant to say but eventually did mention the dream to her. She made no comment.

Hal arrived just as scheduled. I didn't really know what we would be doing but I was looking forward to it. I open the door and ushered Hal into the livingroom and showed him the sofa. Faye came in from the shower wearing a bath robe and short nightie under it. It definately is different being with a person naked at the beach as opposed to being at home. It seems much more erotic or personal.

I had decided to see how things might go, so I said that I liked to nude at home and asked Hal he minded at all.

' No no, not at all, care if I join you ?'

We both got up and quickly disrobed. In no time flat, both Hal and I were naked. Meanwhile, Faye was in the kitchen, getting our coffee. Upon returned, she was a bit taken aback. She handed us our coffee and sat down herself, but didn't get undressed. We talked abit and I could see that Faye had parted her legs somewhat. Also noticed that Hal was touching his cock as well, just in a casual way as we talked. I walked around a bit, just to let my cock bounce. . . I wanted the others to notice as well. I asked Faye if she weren't a bit warm with 'all' the clothes on and she said that she was a bit warm. And with that, she took off her bath robe. The nightie was shorter than I remembered it being. When she sat down, it got pulled up around her hips, exposing her pussy for us to enjoy.

I was thinking of what might move things along a bit and came up with an idea. I put on a CD of smooth jazz that was playing a slow song. I asked Faye for a dance and up she came. As we held each other close, I could feel my cock brush her pussy lips. Pretty soon, Hal tapped my shoulder and asked if I minded if he cut in.

'Not at all.'

I went and sat on the sofa as Hal held my wife close. One hand I could see was on her bare ass, and I knew his cock was pressing against her cunt.

When the song had ended, Faye said that she felt quite warm, and pulled her short nightie off, leaving her totally naked. Hal piped up and said

'Too bad you hadn't taken your night off before we danced.' and Faye, not mising a beat replied

'There is another nice slow song playing . . . ' And with that, Hal got up and took my naked wife in his arms and pulled her tight. They were barely moving to the music, more or less just rubbing their naked bodies together. I had quite a hard on watching. Faye looked over at me and smiled, upon seeing my erection. When the 'dance' ended, Faye took hold of Hal's cock and pulled him over to the sofa and we were all seated. I reached over and took her tit in my hand as did Hal. Faye had her head back, seemingly enjoying two men playing/sucking her tits. If moved over abit to allow Faye to lie down on the sofa. In this position, I was hoping that Hal, would be able to slip his cock into my wife's waiting cunt.

It didn't take long for Hal to get into the swing of things as his cock slipped into her wet pussy. We her reclined as she was, I was able to get into a position up at her head, to put my cock in her mouth, and watch as Hal fucked away. I must admit that both Hal and I came rather quickly, leaving Faye panting.

Not really knowing what to do or say next, I just said that was quite enjoyable. Hal quickly agreed, and Faye said that we must do this again!