Written by tastemenow66

Oct. 23, 2016

He had sent me an innocent "Hi there" on a dating site one evening. I answered it with a not so innocent "im horny". The conversation lasted for no more than 5 minutes and i told him to come to my house. I gave him the rules and he agreed.

Half hour later a knock came to my door. I opened the door wearing a black teddy and black stockings. He came in the door and i closed the door. Neither of us spoke.

I sat down on a bench inside my door and unbuttoned his pants, slide down his zipper, his hard 9 1/2 inches jumped at me. I let his pants fall to the floor as i gobbled up his beautiful cock. He was perfect.

The fact that he was 24 and i was 49 made this even better. i enjoyed sucking his length. He held my head gently as he fucked my mouth and made me gag. The only sound you could hear was me gagging on his length. the more i gagged the harder he got.

Reaching around i played with his ass. This was driving him crazy. he started thrusting harder into my open mouth. The faster i fingered his asshole the deeper he fucked my mouth. I knew he wasnt going to last much longer.

Just a couple more thrusts and i tasted the most delicious cum. It flowed down my throat . I drank down every drop and continued to suck and i drained him completly.

I pulled up his pants. I opened the door and kissed him gently on the lips. He left and we never spoke a word to one another.