Nov. 15, 2016

This little story happened to me about three years ago. Since being in the life style I have always loved spur of the moment events. Well this adventure happened at a hotel takeover. Like any takeover, there are all different types of people involved. My night started off like any other, socializing, drinking the odd make out session or even a bit of voyeurism.

I was talking to this ravishing English woman in a red dress. Her name was Rae. She was about five foot six, perky little tits and a cute little bubble butt. We talked for an hour or so, we went from room to room socially and I did not even expect anything to happen. We parted ways early in the night; I went dancing and continued to enjoy myself. Like some events something happens and drama breaks out. Well it was one of Rae’s friends, something occurred and they left. Well as the night went on, I went back to my room to get a drink and I turn around and there is Rae. She says nothing. She just steps forward and kisses me very passionately. I put my drink down and then it begins. I pick her up and put her on the dresser. Our hands are going everywhere. The intensity of our gathering acquired some guests who had been watching, due to the fact that my room door was wide open and we were not hiding anything. I have her dress pulled down to her waste. I am massaging her breasts, squeezing her ass and letting my fingers roam. Our breathing is intensifying and getting really heavy.

I pick her up and carry her to the bed. She stops me for a second, undoes my pants and pulls them down in one stroke. She then rolls me over on to my back and starts to suck me off. I pick up her tiny little frame and place ourselves in a sixty-nine position. God she had the sweets aroma. I devoured her for all I was worth. I love eating pussy. But I wanted to savor her and I did not want to cum right away either. So I turned her over again, only this time I crawled to the edge of the bed to continue my exploration of this woman. In the process someone who I did not know sat on the other bed watching and stroking his dick. Rae started to moan and groan. She was truly enjoying herself. She reached out and grabbed this unknown dick. I looked up and said “you might as well feed it to her because I think she wants it”. So this unknown stranger obliged her. He gently fed it to her. Inch by inch he edged it in teasingly. Taunting her with his dick, until she fully engulfed his member. I then turned her over again, doggy style. I slowly put my dick between those soft lips. Edging forward, ever so slowly. As we progressed our tempo increased. Our breathing became heavier, mixed and inter twined. Then two more men appeared. Both with their dicks out. Stroking themselves, and enjoying the show. Rae stopped for a second looked and smile at all around her. Now I know what it means to be the center of attention she says. She then proceeds to suck on the unknown dick. But then she sticks out her hands. The two gentlemen come over and she starts to jerk them off. In my mind I am thinking wow. This is an unplanned event and it does not get any better than this. God was I wrong. Rae at this point is in heat. The unknown dick starts to cum and Rae swallows it. Now I am getting ready, building up and building up, but I want to try to hold back. Rae wouldn’t have it and she pushed back into me harder and harder. Bang, off I shoot. Now I am lucky that I stay hard after I blow my first load. So I am still raring to go for round two. I can see that the other two there are interested in testing the waters with this woman but I tell that is up to her. She looks at me and smiles. The more the merrier. So gang bang it is. One of them lies down on the bed. Rae straddles him. The other goes to her face to feed her more dick. I move in behind her again, grab a little bottle of lube from the table. I massage her ass, butt crack and sphincter. I rub oil up and down my dick and then proceed to slowly put my dick in her ass. I let her body adjust to all three men, for her to get use to the rhythm of her lovers. We all slowly ease ourselves into a casual flow of our bodies. The slow mix gives Rae her first orgasm. She bucks and shutters, causing her muscles to clench, making my dick even harder. We increase our union a bit. Then I see that the unknown dick is hard again and he wants to feed it Rae a second time. She happily obliges him by trying to take two dicks in her mouth. I guess she was hungry; her true desires were taking over. This woman who I did not truly know was amazing to me. She went with how she felt, non judgemental and very open minded. All in the room put all their attention on pleasing themselves and this woman. Now all five of us are getting ready to cum, I can tell by the breathing and the grunts building. Rae’s moans are escalating and getting louder. Then the man on bottom starts to cum, followed by Rae, which causes me to blow. The other two pull away from Rae’s face and start jerking off. The mess was intense. Rae was still Cumming when the unknown dick stuck three fingers up her snatch and finger banged her until she was gushing. She was spent, and worn out. She then went into a giggling fit and told us all that this was her first gang bang and that she had never experienced anything like this before. That this was the most pleasurable occurrence she has had in a long time.

All the other men got dressed and left, I stayed and chatted with Rae for awhile. We fucked a few more times by ourselves this time and then she had to go. I saw her a few other times at other events, sometimes we played together, other times we watched each other. But every time we spoke she keeps thinking back to that spur of the moment event, where nothing was planned, yet was so memorable.

I think those moments make the life style more enjoyable. To go out, socialize with interesting people of all walks of life. Then bang something occurs and a wild and vivid memory is made, lasting a lifetime. I hope you enjoyed my little walk back into my past. Maybe I will recount another one of my memories farther down the road.