Written by Horny Wifey

Jul. 13, 2016

This time it was a last minute meeting made the afternoon prior. He was working his day shift hours and his lunch was 12-1pm. So i drove up to where he lives (he lives about 35 mins away from me). We met at a secluded spot just near a railroad. I sat and waited for him for about ten minutes. My pussy was already throbbing just thinking of whats about to happen. I decided to play with myself until he arrived so that I could be ready for him. I stopped so I didn't make myself cum. I wanted to save that just for him. To my surprise he pulls up right beside me. I get out of my car and hop on his suv. As soon as I get inside, his cock is peeking out his zipper of his shorts. We immediately started to kiss. His lips tasted so good! His seats in the back were put down sk we could play. We stopped kissing and he ripped his shirt off and climbed in the back and started taking off his shorts (he doesn't wear any boxers or briefs just goes oh naturel-and I love it). I followed him and climbed back there with him. I took my leggings off. As I was about to grab my panties to take them off his started eating my pussy from the outside of my panties (this is always what I had wanted). Oh my God did it ever excite me! He bunched my panties together so my big pussy lips could hang on the outside of them and started sucking on them like crazy. Then he stopped and pushed my panties to the side and started eating my pussy and nibbling on my lips. My pussy was nice and soft for him. I was so wet. I stopped him and ripped my panties off. He dove right into my pussy with his tongue. I grabbed the back of his head and kept him eating my pussy and started grinding my pussy onto his face. He licked and sucked my clit as we kissed and then he took his fingers and shoved them deep in my pussy fucking me hard and fast hitting my gspot. I couldn't hold my moaning in any longer. It felt amazing. He said "I want to make you squirt", I said "I don't think I can!! Sure enough within seconds I was ready to bust! He then said "Don't hold

Back! Let it all out!" And so I did. I squirted all over his hand, the roof of the suv, the windows, my thighs, the back of the seats. Oh my god! That was unbelievable!!! I cannot even explain the feeling! I was very nervous about what just happened. I have never squirted in my life and this man made me squirt for the first time! He then grabbed his cock rubbed it up and down my pussy lips and shoved it deep in my pussy. He fucked me hard and fast with his cock just pumping me and hearing his balls slap against me. Mmm. Then he laid down on his back and i took his cock deep in my mouth and sucked all my juices off of it and then kissed him. Then I grabbed his cock and sat my pussy ontop of it and slid up and down and rode his cock hard and deep then i stopped he grabbed my pelvis and started thrusting his cock pumping me nice and fast and hard just like you see in pornos. Damn that was hot. I couldn't stop moaning. I wanted more. I kept riding him faster and then he pushed me off as he cam. He cam all over his stomach. He had so much cum. I licked his cum up and then I kissed him. He was rock hard still and he wanted to keep pleasuring me. I started to suck his cock leaning over him and then he started finger fucking me and slid one finger in my ass. He fingered me harder and faster hitting my gspot and I squirted yet again all over his hand and arm all over the seats. I was in awe yet another time this man made me squirt. Holy hell that was crazy! I jumprd back on his cock and rode him a little more and then he shifted his body to the side a little bit and all of a sudden I couldn't help but squirt again only this time all over his big cock. My juices dripped all down his shaft and all over his balls. All you could hear as I was bouncing was wetness of my juices. Mmmm oh my gosh that was the best Orgasm I've ever had in my life!! We then got dressed and went upfront kissed a little and we both headed back to work! I had to drive home soaken wet for 35 minutes thinking about what this man had just made me do. To this day I still cannot believe he made me squirt. I can proudly say I am 100% addicted to him and his cock! More meetups are in the works!