Written by Horny Wifey

Jul. 18, 2016

We met again at our usual spot. I got out of my car and hopped into his van. We said our hellos and he grabbed my hair the way I liked and brought me in and kissed me roughly yet so passionately. We kept making out and he kept grabbing my hair nice and roughly just the way I like. We decided to take a drive to a spot he found while he was waiting for me to meet him. We pulled up onto the side of the road to where the secluded spot he found was. We got out and climbed up a steep hill and walked through the patch of woods. We walked for a few minutes and we at the spot he found. It was kinda open with some trees and bushes off to each side of us and the ground was all sand. We set our sandals down and he once again grabbed my hair roughly and we started making out. We stopped, and he took all of his clothes off. His cock was of course rock hard and dripping in precum and was just pointing right at me. We started kissing again and he then hiked up my skirt (I wasn't wearing any panties) he then shoved his fingers deep in my pussy and started fucking my pussy with his fingers deep and fast. Within seconds I was squirting all over his fingers and arm. There was pussy juice dripping down the inside of my legs, all down his hand and arm and all over the ground. He then started kissin my neck getting my pussy drenched in juices even more than it already was. I then proceeded to drop to my knees, I grabbed his cock in my right hand and started to slowly stroke it. As I stroked his cock ever so slowly and gently I licked up and down his shaft. I then shoved his hard dripping cock in my mouth and started sucking him nice and hard. He then grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth with his big thick cock making me gag like the dirty girl I was. He fucked my mouth for a few minutes then i took his cock out and spit on it and started to lick his balls and gently suck on each one. He then pulled me up off my knees bent me over and shoved his wet cock deep in my pussy. Thrusting it hard and fast inside me pumping me deeper and deeper. The sound of his balls slapping against me drove me crazy. He stopped and turned me around and we started making out heavily and I felt his fingers deep in my pussy again, finger fucking my juicy pussy hard and deep. To no surprise I was squirting all over his hand again. He then bent me over again and shoved his cock back into my pussy. Pumping my pussy deep and hard and grabbing my hair. I could feel his cock hitting the top of my cervix as if his cock was going to pound through into my stomach. I love when he fucks me like this. I couldn't stop moaning. If I could fuck this man everyday I would!! He stopped pumping me and I dropped to my knees and sucked my juices off his cock and then I stood up and he began to finger my pussy again. I knew he wanted me to keep squirting for him. He loved making me squirt over and over again. He pumped my pussy with his fingers as if it was his cock fucking me. As he fucked my pussy with his fingers fast and hard hitting my gspot he kissed my neck ever so gently. Within seconds I was squirting everywhere. Oh my God it felt amazing. I pushed nice and hard and kept gushing my juices all over his hand watching it drip down his forearm onto my leg and down onto the sand. I grabbed his hand and I sucked all my pussy juices off of his fingers. Mmmm....We kissed and decided to leave and go back to the van to a different spot. He put his shorts and shirt back on grabbed my hand and we started walking back to where we had parked. We climbed back down the steep hill. We got to his van and he opened my door (such a gentlemen). He said to me " Wouldn't it be hot if we fucked at the side of the road?" I then hiked up my squirt and bent over as the passenger side door was open. He pulled his cock out of his shorts and thrusted his cock in my pussy. I have never done anything like this ever. God it was so hot!! It turned me on even more. He kept fucking my pussy harder and harder as I moaned. I then seen a truck coming and I said "okay there's a truck coming, let's go!" He had nothing to say. He just kept fucking me and I knew he wanted to keep fucking me as the truck drove by so he can put a show on. By him not stopping it turned me on even more!! He finally did end up stopping and we both got into the van and he started to drive to the next spot. His shorts zipper was undone and his cock was peaking out still hard and dripping in precum. I then asked him if his wife has ever given him road head. He replied with "Never." I asked if he has ever gotten road head and he again said "Never." I couldn't believe it! This man has never had road head?? I then told him that "I give my husband road head all the time." His face just lit up! I took my seat belt off bent over the center console and put his cock in my mouth and started sucking his cock as he drove. I looked up at him as I had his big cock in my mouth. Hearing him moan turned me on. I loved pleasing him. I sucked his cock for a few minutes as we drove around to find a different spot to play. We parked in a spot which wasn't that secluded. I didn't care at this point. I just wanted to fuck the shit out of him! He took his shorts off go out of the van and went into the back. I then followed him. Once I got in the back I took my skirt off and my shirt. I brought some zipties with me as I wanted to tie him up and have my way with him. I then a zip tie on each wrist and put zipped them together. Not tight at all as we didn't want to leave marks on each other and both of us failed to bring something to cut them off with haha! I then started to kiss him and kiss down his neck. I climbed on top of him grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down my wet pussy teasing his cock. I then shoved it in my pussy and started sliding my oussy lips up and down his shaft going back and forth side to side bouncing on his big cock. He took my boobs out of my bra and started sucking my nipples and nibbling on each one. Then he lifted his ass off the floor and started thrusting his cock in me as if we were in a porn. I then told him "keep your ass on the floor" and I slapped his cheek of his face (not too hard). The look on his face when I slapped him was priceless. He was in complete awe that I just did that. He liked it and I knew he did. He said to me "I want you to ride me like you rode your husbands cock the other night." (I told him all about how I rode my husbands cock the night before). So I then got off his cock turned around and rode him in reverse and rode him just like I rode my husbands cock the night before. I bounced hard and fast on his cock taking his whole cock deep in my pussy balls deep. I then flipped around and slid his cock in again and rode his cock some more but facing him. Once again he lifted his ass off the floor and started fucking my pussy faster and faster. I told him "I said to keep your ass on the floor!" I slapped his face again. I could see the pleasure in his eyes. He liked me dominating him and being told what to do! I then climbed off him and started kissing him. Mmm his lips were so soft and tastey. I proceeded to kiss his neck and lick up and down onto the other side of his neck gently nibbling. He was so aroused he wanted to just fuck the shit out of me. I licked down his chest to his nipples and started twirling my tongue around each nipple gently nibbling on each one. Making my way down to his cock. I grabbed his cock in my right hand and held it pointing up towards his chest. I dlowly started licking his balls each one at a time moving my back and forth and around and around then started sucking on each one very gently. I then licked up his balls up to the base of his shaft all the way up to the head of his cock and went back and forth. Then kissing up and down his shaft then finally shoved his cock in my mouth. My lips just slid up and down his cock hard and fast. I could taste his precum as I was sucking him off. Oh my gosh he tastes sooo good! He kept starring at me sucking his cock. Him moaning while I sucked him kept driving me crazy. I then stopped and we switched places. I lied on my back and he pushed my legs in the air and he thrusted his thick cock in me. My pussy was so incredibly wet he jusy slid in with no issues. It felt so good having him deep in my pussy. He fucked me harder and faster. He was nice and rough with me. I love it rough. I couldn't stop moaning. I then said to him "I want your cock in my ass! Fuck my ass!" I held my legs up in the air as he put the tip of his cock near the opening of my ass. Just feeling his head at the opening of my ass drove me crazy! I wanted him to give it to me. We both were skeptical about my ass being able to take all of his cock. He then pushed his head of his cock inside my ass. I told him "Don't move, just wait." He did as I asked. The only cock that has ever been in my ass was my husband's so I wasn't use to the thickness of this man's cock. I then started to rub my clit and I started grinding my ass slowly onto his cock. God he was big! It felt amazing! Then I said "Fuck my ass!" He then started fucking my ass faster and to our surprise my ass took his entire cock balls deep! I couldn't help but moan it felt so good! Knowing that I had just fucked my husband the night before and now I'm fucking this man. Having two different cocks within 24 hours was unbelievable to me! He kept fucking me more and more. Then I told him to take his cock out and fuck my pussy. He couldn't believe what I had just asked him to do. He pulled his cock out shoved it back into my juicy pussy. I started shouting out as I moaned "I'm cumming!!!!" I came so hard on his big cock it felt amazing. I whispered in his ear "I want you to cum in my ass." He pulled his cock out of my pussy thrusted it deep inside my ass and pumped my ass so hard and deep. He fucked my ass for a few minutes then grabbed my shoulders and held onto my hair with the other hand and fucked me even deeper and harder as he was cumming. He got off of me and as he got up he looked at my ass and he could see his cum dripping out of my ass. We both got dressed and we headed back to the parking lot where we met up. We both got out and he fixed the back of his van to the way it was so that his wife didn't get suspicious. We kissed and then we both parted ways. That night my husband fucked my pussy doggy style and as he was fucking me I was imagining the man I've been secretly having an affair with was fucking me. Part 5 coming soon! ?