Written by MelodyToronto

Aug. 12, 2017

It was my last night in London. I often travel alone and like the freedom to explore on my own terms. Especially tonight. The club was in the heart of Whitechapel, but at 10pm the area was busy, modern, evoking little of its notorious history. The club's theme for the evening was Greedy Girls. I was hoping to write my own notorious history.

He arrived moments after I did. We were both first-time visitors and had to complete memberships. We were given a tour together - change room, private play rooms, public play rooms, fetish rooms - and the rules were explained. It wasn't my first visit to a Swingers Club, and the process was familiar and we were made to feel welcome.

I made my way to the change room. Travelling light, I had packed lingerie, a lace tunic and heels. The club did not serve alcohol, guests brought their own and served themselves. I had picked up a small bottle of a nice single malt and poured myself a drink before I made my way to a grouping of couches where several people were sitting and chatting.

Most of the guests were couples. There were several single men scattered around the room but I was a sole, conspicuous unicorn. Shortly after I sat down, he appeared and sat beside me. Conversation amongst the group was relaxed, easy, playful, but soon we were focussed on each other. He was lovely. His accent was lovely, he was funny with a direct gaze, and very charming. We learned closer as we talked over the music. His warm brown eyes were nearly as dark as his skin. I was drowning in chocolate.

He asked what I was drinking and when I told him Whisky, he said that when he drinks whisky, it can take him hours to cum. I asked what he was drinking. He said, Whisky.

We were clicking. To break the ice, we decided to take a walk through the club, familiarize ourselves with the layout, see what was happening. Couples were starting to play in the private rooms, with others watching intently. The fetish room and downstairs playroom were empty. We settled on a couch and his erection was visible through his pants. I straddled him on the couch while we kissed and started to explore each other. I was more aroused than I can remember being - wet, swollen, open, and so ready to be fucked. When he slid his hands over my breasts and squeezed my nipples I gasped, ground down hard on his cock and reached for his zipper.

When his zipper was open, I slid to the floor with his pants and settled between his legs. His cock was beautiful - long, thick, dark and glistening at the tip. I definitely felt greedy. I could feel my pussy dripping as I took him in my mouth for the first time, stretching my lips wide, watching him as the sensations played out on his face. I wrapped my arms around his hips as I sucked, slowly and deeply, swirling my tongue around his shaft, licking his slit and the ridge under the head of his cock, then taking him deep in my throat again. So intense, so arousing.

He finally stopped me and we moved from the couch to the bed across the room. Stretched out on the bed, he stripped me slowly, kissing, licking and biting my breasts, then spreading my legs and going down on me. His tongue was magic. I had warned him that I squirt and he wanted it. He was relentless, using his fingers and tongue and lips and in moments I was screaming and gushing in an endless orgasm. He quickly put on a condom as I rolled onto my stomach. When he took me from behind I gasped as he buried himself to the hilt, then started to fuck me hard and deep and fast. This was what I needed, what I wanted, and I was moaning, writhing on his cock and screaming as he fucked me. I knew we were drawing an audience of our own and I didn't care. I was naked and being fucked hard by a complete stranger and knowing we were being watched made me cum harder than I've ever cum. Every time I would cum, he would slow down and ride out my contractions, then keep going. I lost all sense of time but when I was too exhausted to continue and we collapsed, he was still rock hard.

When I got my breath back, he asked whether I wanted to go upstairs for a drink. I had seen a swing in the fetish room and asked if he was interested. We gathered up our clothes and went to explore. The room was empty. He had started to get soft so I got down on my knees and sucked him until he was hard, then rolled on the condom the he handed me.

I positioned myself in the swing and he stepped between my legs, penetrating me slowly, getting us both used to the angle. Then he fucked me senseless. The sensation was amazing, unbelievable, incredible, intense. Again I was gasping and moaning so loudly that a group stopped to watch. Why was it so empowering to spread my legs for this man's cock and fuck him so wildly in front of these strangers? I came so hard, squirting so heavily, so many times that there was a puddle under the swing. Still, he didn't cum, just kept fucking me and fucking me, so deep and hard. It was the fuck I had needed and been waiting for for so long. I never wanted to stop but eventually had to. I was wrung out and exhausted, as was he.

As he helped me out of the swing, I slid to my knees in front of him, slid off the condom, and took him deep in my mouth. His hands tangled in my hair urging me deeper, and his arousal and pleasure drove me to suck harder, grabbing his shaft tight in my fist as I massaged his balls. I slid my tongue down to lick his balls before sucking them slowly, deeply, one after the other before taking his cock back in my mouth, deep in my throat. I felt him start to swell and he moaned that he was going to cum. Oh, God yes, cum in my mouth. I sucked harder and deeper as his hands held my head, until he started to ejaculate and filled my mouth with spurt after spurt of his semen. I kept sucking gently, deeply, milking as much cum from his cock as he would give me. I love sucking a man right through his orgasm, with my mouth full of his semen, not swallowing until he is finished, tasting him and swallowing every drop.

He helped me to my feet and we held each other up for a minute, both shaky and exhausted and sated. I turned around to pick up my clothes and saw who had been watching, how many men and women. We put on our clothes and went upstairs for another drink.

When I got home 24 hours later and crawled into my own bed for the first time in weeks, I was still smiling.