Written by Anonymous

Dec. 12, 2018

I met this girl through pof. We met first time at the common market place and she is beautiful with sexy blue eyes, full body and juicy lips,She is big beautiful women. She want to buy lingerie and she ask me if i can go with her. I was like why not. We want for shopping and she take me with her to fitting room, where she change in to sexy lingerie and ask me every time how she is looking in that. She look damn sexy on those sexy lingerie. After shopping she said she have to meet her relative in the afternoon and she would like to meet me again in the evening. We hugged there a little kiss on lips and left to see each other again in the evening.

I got a call from her around 9 pm that if i can come to her place. When i reached at her place she was in one of that sexy lingerie that she showed me earlier. One more time she asked how she look. I went close to her, took her in my arms and give her deep kiss and slowly said in her ear "you look damn hot and would look more sexy without them". She gave a sexy smile to me and lied on her bed. I jumped on her bed and kissed her again while playing with her big boob and than with one hand open her bra from behind. She took no minute to remove her bra straps from her shoulders and through it on the ground. We kissed passionately for around 10-15 minute. While my one hand was playing with her boobs and other hand goes slowly towards her pussy. She was all wet , it feel so nice to touch her there. She took my dick in her hand and start giving it small jerks.

We broke the kiss and I start sucking her boobs like a hungry child. She start giving small moan and I slowly went down to her pussy and remove that small piece of cloth that still on her cover with her juice. I kissed her down and she give take my head in her hands and try to tell me to kiss her more there. I suck her pussy and put my finger in her. She was enjoying her fullest and I love it. After another 15-20 minutes I kiss her on her lips and put my dick on her pussy and we fuck like rabbits. We did it 3 time that night and dont know when we sleep.

In the morning I gave her kiss and left from her house. After that night we have our quality time whenever we both get time without any strings. She move to other province last year but whenever she come to visit we never miss chance to fuck wherever we can.