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"The night I dominated a couple"
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I had been chatting with a couple for a couple months now. We had some cam fun one night but just couldnt get our schedules lined up for a meeting. Then last week came. We set up a meeting for the night time at my place. I already had an idea what they were looking for. They said they wanted me to dominate both of them and order them what to do. I am a switch so I have played both dominate and submissive in the past and love both roles. I think being a switch you can fully understand both roles and enjoy them even more. The whole day I had trouble concentrating as I was excited to meet. The day dragged on and it was finally home time. I asked the couple if we could meet an hour before the time we had previously set and S (the woman) said sure. I went for a beer while I waited and then it was time to go home and get ready. I put on some porn to set the mood. I know they were interested in a sort of cuckold scene so thats what I had on. It was 8PM and they arrived right on time. They knock on the door and I let them in. I shook Js hand at the door and gave S a hug. Earlier she asked if there was anything I would like her to wear and I remembered her looking super hot in a pic wearing a corset and fishnets. She was wearing very sexy stockings and a skirt. She looked even hotter in person.

I let them in and J and I both sat on either side of J on the couch. She commented on the porn I had put on earlier and I asked her if she liked it. She said she loves that kind of porn and I got her to pick which one she wanted. There was a cuckold scene with fucklicking and she chose that one so I put it on. J and I began touching her and she lifted her skirt up showing her white panties. I touched her tits through her corset and kissed her neck. I began touching her pussy through her panties. She seemed to be really enjoying this. Since I knew they wanted to be dominated I ordered S to stand up and told J to undress her and get her pussy ready for my cock. I told S that she was my slut for the night. They seemed to really enjoy this. Not missing a beat J took off S's panties and skirt. She left on her corset but undid it to let out her breasts. J got on his knees and began to lick and finger S while I kissed her neck and licked her nipples. I then pulled out my cock and slid it in her eager mouth. I said suck my cock like a good little slut. She took it all the way in while I held the back of her head. I told her she was a dirty little slut and she sucked me even more enthusiastically. It didnt take long and she was moaning very heavily. J had two fingers inside her fingering her really fast. I could hear the squishy noise of her hot pussy which was drowned out by her heavy moaning and she exploded squirting all over my floor! This was so hot to watch. I have only been with a couple girls that squirt and this was definately a treat! We kept this position for a little while and I think J licked her to another orgasm while I ordered her to suck my cock like a good little slut while her boyfriend gets her pussy ready for my cock. I told her to suck my balls too and she did eagerly. She came again and squirted. I couldnt resist so I told J to get out of the way so I can taste my sluts pussy. He did as told and I licked up some of her juices then sucked her clit while I fucked her with two of my fingers. I rubbed her gspot and could feel it swell. I pushed my fingers in her faster and faster rubbing her g spot harder and harder until she started screaming I think she said oh god oh god and erupted all over my face. I licked it up and then stood up. I told J he was going to watch my cock slide in and out of my sluts pussy while I fuck her from behind. I went and got a condom and came back. J was on his back on the couch and S got on top of him in a 69 position. I wasted no time and slid my cock inside her wet pussy. I stated fucking her hard and pulling her hair. Telling her she is my dirty little slut. I told J to suck her pussy while I fucked her and he did. S seemed to really love this attention. I kept fucking her for a while while she came and came again. I could hear the sound of flesh slapping as I fucked her harder and harder while J sucked her clit. This was so hot it was like a scene right out of porn. I kept fucking her and slapping her ass, pulling her hair while J sucked her clit. I finally felt my balls swelling as I kept fucking her until I erupted inside the condom while my cock was in her pussy. I am pretty sure she came at the same time. We caught our breath as I embraced her and then dismounted her. We all sat down and had a drink while enjoying the afterglow of amazing sex. She sucked Js cock a bit while I sat there and watched. S stood up and I slapped her ass really hard and said I was going to leave a handprint on my sluts ass. She seemed to really like this. J slapped her ass also and it was really red with hand prints all over. I asked what part they liked best and she said having her clit sucked while she was getting fucked and when I called her a dirty little slut. They go up we said out goodbyes and they left. A little while later S messaged me and said thanks for the great night. I texted back and asked if it was ok that I wrote about this and if they want to do it again. She said sure. I cant wait until next time. I have some new ideas that I have seen in porn. It is amazing when you get to live out your favorite porn scenes with a hot woman and her boyfriend! Until next time!

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