Written by wanting

Jul. 15, 2013

He pulled me out of the car and whispered to me to not worry it was undercontrol. He told me this would be something I would never forget. I slowly look around and don’t see much of anything… he kisses me and he slides the blindfold over my eyes and whispers to trust him… I do.. as my heart starts to pound and my pussy gets a little wet just thinking what is about to happen….

We start to walk he is guiding me and telling me where to go and to watch my step. I hear branches cracking under our feet and feel a shiver of fear of not knowing what is going to happen next.. we walk somemore. Then I feel him stop me and kiss me and tell me to get down on my knees… I do as he tells me.. and I feel his cock on my lips. I hungrily grap it with my mouth and hand. I love the taste the smell and the feel of his hard cock in my mouth and in my hands. I start to work his cock and I hear some one coming closer to us. This stranger moans softly and I feel his hand on my head as my love steps away from me. I feel a new cock in my mouth. I feel this persons hands on my head as he starts to throat fuck me. I get so wet knowing that I have a strangers hard cock in me. I work it hard my mouth and my hands all over it. I hear my love whisper into my ear he is still there….. and feel him running his hand over my back. I reach out and grab his still hard cock and stroke it as I am sucking this mans huge throbbing cock.

All of sudden I feel someone else standing next to me there hands grabbing my tits…. And asking to share. I hear my man say feel free and the owner of this amazing cock in my throat say that it is so good he hates to have to share. I move around and find a new hard cock. I wrap my hands around it. Both hands side by side and my mouth is still on it working the tip. It had to be at least 9 or ten inches and thick. As I am sucking and licking this cock.. I look up and just say this would feel amazing in my pussy.

My man comes over and asks if I want to get fucked. I begged yes please. I feel him pull off my pants and panties and tell me to get down on all fours… the man with the big cock moves away from my mouth… I feel a tongue slide up and down my dripping wet pussy… and slowly a finger start to rub me. As I open my mouth to moan.. I feel a cock at my mouth and I open my mouth wide for it. This strangers hard 8 inch cock is sliding in and out of my mouth as I start to feel the head of that huge cock run down my ass crack to my pussy. I feel him right there ready to go in….. all of sudden I feel it deep in me. I scream out loving the feeling of this huge hard cock deep in me. I beg for more and hungrly reach out for cock I am devouring with my mouth, only to find a third strange cock being put into my mouth. I realize now I have my man and three cocks all around me. I start to cum just thinking about it as this huge cock is fucking me….. my pussy gushing and squirting all over this huge cock as it pounds me and makes me scream and moan. This new cock fucking my mouth as he pulls my head closer with my hair. I am told by my man to lift one leg up and I feel someone sliding under me so I am straddling him. I am unsure what is about to happen. I have this huge cock fucking my throbbing gushing pussy. And all of sudden I feel this second large cock slding into me. I feel two cocks fucking my pussy stretching it out so wide I cant stop cumming and begging for it harder and harder. I hear the man behind me asking if I will take it in the ass. And my man ask me if that is ok.. yes please god yes I reply……..

I feel this large thick cock slide out of my pussy and slowly start to widen out my ass hole. Little by little opening it wider and wider. Until he is in me fully and he starts to pump my ass. As he is pumping my ass I feel a cock go into my pussy and both this huge cocks pound me. I am being stretched out and fucked and cumming and gushing everywhere. My pussy is soaking both cocks and my ass is cumming. I am moaning and screaming and begging for more and more… as I am I still have this strangers cock in my hand and I am working it and stroking and licking it when I can get my breath from the pleasure of being fucked so amazingly in both holes. I hear the man standing in front start to breath heavy and moan and ask where to cum. I look up and open my mouth and stroke his cock dying to feel his cum cover my face. I feel his hot hot cum shot me all over my mouth and face and I love it. I want more I want both these men to fucking cum deep in my ass and pussy and fill both my holes up. I beg them to cum in me and feel the cocks pounding me harder and harder with every pound my pussy convulsing and squirting and my ass gripping the huge cock tighter. I feel the guy under me thrust into my pussy so hard I know he is filling me up as he is moaning out and then the guy behind me rams deep into my ass three more times and pulls my ass close to him as I feel him dump his hot load in my gapping ass hole. I move over and lay on the blanket my man had laid before and go to take of the blindfold my love tells me to leave it on. I do so. And I hear him saying good bye and getting thank yous. The guys all leave and it is just him and me. He comes over and slowly takes off the blind fold to see how I am . He looks into my eyes so turned on at how much I loved it. He tells me to get dressed. I told him not till he covers my face in cum and I grab his hard cock and start to suck it and working it. Begging for him to cover me in cum. I suck and lick and flick my tongue and stroke my hand back and forth. I see him tensing and moaning as he pulls out of my mouth and cums all over my face. HMM love the feeling of his hot cum over my face. He picks me up off the ground and bends me over and thrusts his cock into my ass filled with another mans hot cum. He starts to fuck me up against a tree plowing his cock into my gapping cum filled ass pulling my hair as he does. He turns me around and pushes me against the tree now and lifts one leg and plunges cock into my cum filled pussy. He tells me how stretched and lose my holes are and he fucks me as I am pined to the tree. Now he is going back and forth fucking me. I see men all over standing and watching him fuck me. I see them stroking there cocks and watching his cock go in and out of me. I stare at them and get fucked wondering if there cock was in me. My man rubs my clit as he is plowing my pussy and sends me into orgasmic over load and has me squirting over his cock and driping my juices onto the ground. He fucks me for 20 minutes letting men jerk off and cum while watching us going back and forth from my pussy and ass making me so wet that there is puddle under me.

He pushes me down on the ground on all fours again and cums on my face again and tells another man who has been watching to cum on my face. They soak me down in cum and as they do I was rubbing my clit and squirting and cumming as the cum covered me…..